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Another Heaven
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • (C) 2000, 134 mins, Japanese, R, Body Thief, Possession, Action, Sci-Fi, On Video, In Japanese with subtitles


Major Spoilers Included. Another Heaven is a Japanese version of The Hidden. When dead people start showing up with their brains missing, a pair of tough cops are assigned to the case. The villain of the piece is sort of a sentient virus from the future which passes from person to person as a liquid which enters the body through the ear canals. It/he is looking for kicks, just like in THE HIDDEN, but in this case the excitement comes almost entirely from murder. At first the killer inhabits a cute girl who seduces victims (with her cooking skills) before killing them and making stews with their brains. From there the creature takes over a slender, fey-looking young man who continues the murder rampage while making sexual advances to the younger male cop pursuing him and performing spectacular physical stunts like leaping two hundred feet from the top of one skyscraper to another. Finally, the thing returns to a female form, a cute former felon who is desperately in love with the younger cop. She manages to outsmart the virus, however, by immersing herself in a tub of water and introducing a live electrical wire. This causes the creature to escape her body, even though it also severely injures her. The liquid intelligence tries to enter the forms of the two cops, but the older one uses liquor and a broken lamp to set it on fire. It perishes when the entire building goes up in flames. The cops escape, but the last inhabited victim (the gal in the bathtub) dies in the younger guy's arms (all non-Godzilla Japanese movies have to end with some sort of tragedy -- it's a law over there). The intelligence is identified as the coalescence of pure human evil from the future. Not bad, but way too long.

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