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We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
  • Categories:Animal, Movie


Midway through this animated flick, the two main kid characters, Louie and Cecilia, find their way to a sinister-looking circus. Once there, they meet up with the main antagonist, Screweyes, and then sign a contract binding them to the circus. Shortly afterwards, the main protagonists, a quartet of dinosaurs that have turned friendly and anthropomorphic thanks to Screweyes' brother Neweyes and his "Brain Grain" cereal, catch up to the kids and demand them back, knowing that Screweyes is bad news. Screweyes then attempts to entice them to joining his freakshow under their original, more dino-like states via some "Brain Drain" pills, but they decline.

Screweyes then uses the pills to turns the kids into monkeys (although the actual TF isn't shown, their shadows are seen shifting their shapes), and then blackmails the dinos; the deal is that if they don't join the freakshow, the monkey-kids will instead. Since they have fond feelings for the kids, they reluctantly accept to join Screweyes' crew so that the kids change back to their regular selves. The deal is kept, and the kids are changed back.

In the end, Screweyes is eventually thwarted, and the dinos return to their antropomorphic states. That shouldn't be all that surprising since not only are these kinds of movies ludicrously predictable, the actual film starts out with one of the dinos, the not-so-creatively-named Rex, in their anthro state telling a bird the story of how he and his pals came from the age of the dinosaurs to present day, which includes the above incident involving Screweyes' circus. Actually, it would be more shocking (not to mention plot-holey) if the dinos actually stayed in their original, fierce states!

originally posted by guest (Redhead64) on 2006-07-13, no edits, entryid=424