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Poul Anderson book Operation Chaos
  • Categories:Were, Gender, Book
  • Title "Operation Chaos", (C) 1971, Magic, Shapeshifter, Fantasy, Horror


In part of the book, Steve and Ginny are on their honeymoon when they meet up with a Succubus, a male demon with lust powers, 'living' in a haunted castle. The incubus turns into a beautiful succubus, or female demon, in order to seduce Steve. This part of the novel was actually first published as the short story "Operation Incubus", but was re-written to fit into the novel.

Set in an alternate universe where magic exists. Thje main character, Steve Matuchek, is a horror film actor who can truly become the werewolf he portrays on screen. He quits acting to join the military, where he meets his future wife, Ginny. The book is actually four short stories featuring the two characters re-edited into novel format.

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