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  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode
  • Title "(see in the description)", (C) 1981, Series, Germany, Magic, Fantasy


This is a kind of a fairy tale in 13 episodes (made in Czechoslowakia and Germany, 1979-1981). It tells about several figures from fairy tales who visit the "human realm" and cause a lot of trouble there.
In several episodes there are people being changed into an animal by a wishing ring from the fairy realm. The wishing ring grants every wish by turning the ring around.
The magicians in this series also are able to turn themselves into ravens without using the ring.

Episode 2 : Rumburaks Rache (Rumburaks revenge)
In the beginning of this episode, Rumburak a mage apprentice is being punished by the king of the "fairy realm" and turned into a wolf. He runs to one of the several witches in this realm who can change him back to normal.
Rumburak wants revenge for his treatment and flies with the witch to an old castle, where he finds two more wishing rings.
To proove if they're working, he turns a habitant of the castle into a goat.

Episode 3 : Liebe auf den ersten Blick (Love in first sight)
At the end of this episode, Mr Mayer, one of the main charakters in the "human realm" is turned into a dog and is stuck there the whole 4th and 5th episode.
For a short time, Vigo (the magician), Arabela and Xenia (the two princesses) from the fairy realm turn themselves into dogs and later on into doves.

Episode 6 : Wunschring und Zaubermantel (wishing ring and magic cloak)
At the end of this episode, Arabela and Peter Mayer (the son of Mr Mayer) turning themselves into doves to get into a hotel room.

Episode 8 : H�nsel und Gretel
Hansi and Gretel, the kids from Mr Mayer, stole the wishing ring from Arabela and brought it to school.
Unfortunatly the ring is stolen by two boys of their class, who change the whole class into poultry and later on their teacher into Mickey Mouse.
The school director is changed into a caterpillar.
They changed themselves into a lion and a tiger to force the rest of the school to let them go outside.
(But they lose the ring again and in the 9th episode evrything is back to normal.)

Episode 12 : Im Verlie� der Geisterburg (In the cavern of the spooky castle)
Rumburak is changing himself and the witch into a fly to get into the room from the Mayer family where Arabela lives too.

Episode 13 : Gl�ckliches Ende (Happy End with bells)
Rumburak wants to prevent the marriage between Arabela and Peter and is changing Arabela into a sheep.
But he is discovered by Vigo who can push him down and get the wishing ring back. So the story has a "happy ending".

There are several other wishes granted by the ring in this story - I just listed the animal transformations here... ;)


originally posted by redox on 2002-08-05, no edits, entryid=4230