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The Legend of Tarzan episode Tarzan and the Return of La
  • Categories:Animal, Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "Tarzan and the Return of La", Episode: Production Code 1C21-022 Episode Number 27 , (C) Oct 3, 2001, Body Thief, Magic, Possession, Action, Drama, Fantasy


The disembodied spirit of a villainess, Queen La, first possessed Jane. Later on, she possessed Tarzan and said his body was far better than Jane's body whom she possessed for a while before switching over into Tarzan. At the end, she is beaten and transfers into a rat to escape, but is caught.

So there are multiple transfers of identity and gender and even species in the episode.

here is a Synopsis I found:

Jane is possessed by the disembodied spirit of Queen La. She dupes Dumont into escorting her to the ruined City of Opar to find her staff, and then she uses magic to rebuild it. Tarzan, with the help of elderly Usula, sets out to stop her evil plans.

When she finds her magic staff, she turns Dumont into a monkey.

How will Tarzan save his beloved? Well, I don't know, but I bet two-fisted antics play a big part.

Michael T. Weiss ... Tarzan (voice)
Olivia d'Abo ... Jane (voice)

Guest Star (voices):
Diahann Carroll (as Queen La)
Brock Peters (as Usula)
Rene Auberjonois (as Renard Dumont)
Frank Welker (as Gibbon Dumont/Dumont as Gibbon)
Dave Thomas (as Hugo)
Joe Flaherty (as Hooft)

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