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Witch-Girls issue Witch-Girls
  • Categories:Animal, Inanimate, Comic Book
  • Title "Witch-Girls", Issue: 1, (C) 2002, Manga Graphix, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy


I order a copy of Witch-Girls # 1 online.

It�s a two part story. Part 1 is basically the main character Janette going over her �Origin� and introduction of her friend including her wicked cousin Annabelle. Annabelle gets made when on other girl says how evil she is. Annabelle turns her into a pile of ash and in another scene Annabelle turns someone into a small piece of chocolate.

In another part two A Evil Witch Named Denora is trying to become the Halloween Witch and has to go against Janette�s and Annabelle�s Aunt. The Evil witch who reminds me of �Jessica Rabbit� uses every dirt trick in the book. She turns a person into a tea cup and his wife into the saucer to extort their son into helping her with her plot to defeat Helena. Later on Helena�s boyfriend shows up and she turns him into a cigar and smokes him. The Evil Witch�s daughter gets in on the act and turns a kid into a doll.

I work for a comic book distributor and had a chance to see a pre-press copy of Witch Girls. I expected a few TF�s but not as many as was present in this book. One of the pin-ups has over 10 Tf�s in it alone.

The first issue covers the story of a girl who discovers she�s a witch. Done in flash backs you see her discover her powers in this story A man is turned into a donkey, a boy into a frog. Someone (a bit hard to make out) is turned into chocolate and a guy is turned into a frog. I�m sure I�m missing a few more. All the Tf�s are done well but not as good as part 2.

Part 2 offers more Tf�s and a great merging scene. I�ll try not to spoil it but this merging is really cool. A kid gets merged with a critter of some sort.

Overall Witch-Girls is really funny and really good. It reminds me of a lot for a very good TV series or anime. Two thumbs up


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