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During the quest "Merlin's Crystal", you have to obtain the sword Excalibur. the Lady of the Lake tells you to go to Port Sarim, where you will have your test. the Lady of the Lake tests you by transforming into a male homeless beggar. If you give "him" the loaf of bread, he/she transforms into the Lady of the Lake.

During the quest called "Wanted!" (members only quest), in the Dogreshuun mines, you come across Solus, but he is in the form of a woman, and tries to trick you into believing "she" was trapped by Solus.

In game, there are three shops in which to change aspect of your character: the clothes shop, the barber and the Make-over Mage.

The Make-over Mage will change pretty much everything about your character, including the character's sex. Also, just stand around in the Mage's house long enough and eventally you will see the Mage himself (or herself) change sex. As a man, the Mage has a beard and wears a blue hat and robe with a ying-yang amulet (the mage can sell you an identical amulet); as a woman, she wears the same clothing, but looks much more feminine (and of course doesn't have a beard).


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