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The Witches
  • Categories:Animal, Inanimate, Animal, Movie
  • (C) 1990, 120 mins, British, PG, Cast: Anjelica Hoston (Grand High Witch), Mai Zaling (grandmother), Jason Fisher (luke), Rowin Akinson (mr. Stringer), Magic, Fantasy


A boy called Luke lives whith his grandmother after his parents are killed in a car crash. Thay go to the seaside and Luke sees the Grand High witch holding the witches meeting there. The Grand High witch forces Luke to drink a liquid called formula 86 after finding him. It turns him into a mouse! It is based on the book by Roald Dahl and is on sale on D.V.D.(Best to look on!)

At the end of the movie Luke as a mouse is sleeping in a doll house. Then a good witch comes to Luke's grandmother's house and a blue light shoots out of the witch's hand. Luke then wakes up from the light and is turned back into a boy. He then starts growing back to his normal size. As Luke grows his hand and arm goes out through the doll house window. Then at another window we see Luke's face and his hand holding onto the window. He then grows his way out through the roof of the doll house. As the roof is lifted up the rest of the doll house cames apart. Luke then lands on the bedroom floor.

Based Roald Dahl's book. Luke is taken care of by his Grandmother since his parents died in a car accident. The Grandma fills his head with stories of witches. Witches, it seems, hate children, and like to "kill" them. But as the Grandma says, witches "don't use guns or knives", they use magic. While visiting England, Luke stumbles onto a convention of witches. The Grand High Witch ( Anjelica Houston ) has a plan. A plan to turn all the children of England into mice by putting a special potion in chocolate bars to be sold a certain day to be announced. Luke witnesses another boy transformed into a mouse to demonstrate the potion to the assembled witches. Luke is caught and forced to drink the potion turning him into a mouse as well. Luke, Bruno ( the 1st transformed boy ), and his Grandma outwit the witch and foil her plans to transform all of England's children. They steal the potion, put it in the witch's cockaliki soup ( made specially for the witches ironically posing as an advocacy group for abused children ) and all of the witches ( except one, the Grand High Witch's personal secretary fired just before the dinner ) turn into mice. Later on, the "secretary" restores Luke's humanity. Bruno's restoration is not seen but implied.
Rowan Atkinson ( Mr. Bean ) stars as the Hotel's snooty manager. Interesting in that the witches are treated as a whole different species as opposed to humans with magical abilities.
There are another small TF story told by Luke Grandma, about a girl, who changed by witches into a painting.

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