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Dirty Work
  • Categories:Gender, Age, Movie
  • (C) 1933, 20 mins, Cast: (Stan) Stan Laurel, (Ollie) Oliver Hardy,, (Prof. Noodle) Lucien Littlefield, Comedy, On Video


A Laurel & Hardy comedy short. Stan and Ollie are chimney sweeps hired to work at the home of the mad Prof. Noodle, who has just perfected a rejuvenation formula that works by immersion in a tank. Noodle first uses the formula to reduce a duck to a duckling. Then he shows Stan and Ollie his using the formula to turn the duckling back into an age. While Noodle searches for his butler to be the first human to be rejuvenated, Stan and Ollie decide to try their own experiment with the formula. But Stan knocks Ollie into the tank holding the entire jug of rejuvenation formula, and Ollie is apparently rejuvenated through so many past lives, he emerges from the tank a chimpanze.

A man hallucinates that his boss turns is a sexy woman. Also, Norm MacDonald sees his friend as Gary Coleman. This movie is not worth watching.


As Travis Cole (Christopher McDonald)

is hustled off to jail, he desperately

calls to his assistant Jenkins to cancel

a cheque for a large sum that he was

forced to write. "You got that, Jenkins?"

he calls, unaware that Jenkins is


Jenkins hallucinates that his boss

Travis is really a sexy woman in

lingerie asking, "You ready for

some rough and wild sex?" So he

enthusiastically answers, "Absolutely!"

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