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Dragon Warrior III
  • Categories:Gender, Male, Female, Animal, Magical, Monster, Video Game
  • Dragon Quest III Soshite Densetsu e� (And into the Legend...) in Japan
  • Original Game Console: NES
  • Original Release Date: June 12, 1991
  • Enhanced Remake Released for Super Famicom: December 6, 1996 (Japan only)
  • Enhanced Remake Released for Game Boy Color: July 7, 2001
  • Enhanced Remake Release coming for iOS and Android as Dragon Quest III: Seeds Of Salvation: December 4, 2014.
  • � Square-Enix
  • Series: Dragon Quest



The King of Samano is been acting very strange. He killed many people, and imprisoned the rest. After you sneak into his room at night and use the Mirror of Ra on him, it is revealed that he is a Boss Troll in disguise. The actual king was imprisoned long ago, but is freed when you beat the monster. Once you defeat the Boss Troll, you gain the Staff of Change.


There is an item called the Staff of Change that you must use at several points in this game. This item when used in the field will change the party into a different character sprite, in essence they appear to look like someone else.

But the changes it produces are random, the characters do occasionally become a princess, woman elf, elf princess, various other female characters appearing in the game, as well as male characters, monsters and animals. Not a long lasting change, but it does change what people say to you occasionally. This item is needed to purchase from the tool shop in the Elf Village if you take on an Elf or Dwarf form.

If you change into a monster, you will scare towns people.


This is not so much a gender transformation, as it is an expectation that the Hero of the game was supposed to be a man. If you select a female hero in the GameBoy Color Re-make, some people will not recognize you as the hero, while others will just make rude comments


At the Shrine of Dharma, there is an old man that tells you he wishes to be transformed to a sly little vixen. This transformation does not occur, but seems to be a joke that is again explored in Dragon Warrior/Quest VI and VII at the same location.


The wizards and sages learn the spell "Transform." This spell allows the character to assume the form of one of your characters. This is really helpful when turning your weak male wizard into your strong Amazonian warrior. This game has other mentions of Gender transformation, and focuses a lot on personality.


There are two times that the game creates gender mistakes in the NES version:

At one point in the game, the Hero is told to go to help an old man in a field on the Western Continent. There, the old man requests the Aid of a Merchant. Go to Aliahan and recruit a female merchant. As soon as she starts her shop, she changes into one of the standard town Merchants, which happens to be a plump guy with a red beard.

The other mistake is if you make the Hero female at the beginning of the game. She is the same as the male hero (same sprite even), with no extra female abilities, such as she cannot equip the Swimsuit Reveling, Magic Bikini, Dresses, nor the Hairpin (which are female only armor). (The SNES version and beyond changes this, the hero looks different based on gender and has different equipment as each).

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