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X-Men 2 : X2
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • (C) 2003, Cast: (Mystique) Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Illusion, Possession, Shapeshifter, Action, Sci-Fi


Mystique starts the movie still as U.S. Senator Robert Kelly. But after a conversation with Stryker(a Cruel Anti-Muntant Guy) does some spying as Stryker's Assistant Yuriko, however is disturbed and leaves as a male cleaner.

Then in order for Magneto to escape she seduces one of the guards in a bar as a hot chick. Then jabs this guy with a needle full of iron for the gaurds bloodstream.

Then when the old bad guys team up with the new guys she sees Wolverine being rejected by Jean Grey, so at nite climbs into his tent as her. Wolverine finds out it's her and then she morphs into Storm then Rogue. And then due a thing in Wolverine's past Stryker.

Finally to she impersonates Wolverine to enter a base but is found out. On the run she deceives some guards by becoming Stryker. Finally becomes Stryker again to fool his son.

+There is some mind control with Jean Grey and the Professor.
+Also Stryker's son fools the Professor into hurting mutants by creating illusion's in which he is a little girl.

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originally posted by thearch on 2003-04-28, no edits, entryid=3696