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Witch Girls Tales issue Various
  • Categories:Animal, Comic Book
  • Title "Various", Issue: 1, (C) 2003, Manga Graphix, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy


I�m working at a comic shop and I get a promotional copy of Witch Girls Tales #1
This an anthology comic with three stories. All pretty good. I have to say they use a lot of TF�s in the stories but it never gets old because in the context it seems very common place.
The First Story is about a boy who father marry a lady with a witch for a daughter. She gets jealous of him and extracts revenge. I won�t tell you any more details other than the boys friend gets zapped into a mouse.

The Second Story is really great. The Witch Girls School is having a Mothers day thing. And One Witch is telling a story of her days at the school. There is a really cool seen were two girls get turned into a worm and other cool things.

The last story is short on TF with only one animal Tf at the end.

I would like to nominate Witch Girls Tales as so far the TF comic of the year.

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