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Die Another Day

  • Categories:Male, Movie
  • PG-13, Cast: (Colonel Tan-San Moon) Will Yun Lee, (Sir Gustav Graves) Toby Stephens, Trivial, Action, On Video


For the 20th Bond film, this is the first time DNA replacement therapy has been introduced. The mastermind villan is rogue North Korean, Colonel Moon who is involved in the smuggling of African conflict diamonds and illegal weapons trading which will be used in the invasion of South Korea and other Oriental countries. After a spectacular hovercraft chase, Bond is sure he had sent Colonel Moon to his death over a waterfall.When he escaped death at the hands of 007, Moon headed to Cuba and Dr. Alveraz's clinic. He emerged a month later with a new face, new DNA and a new identity - Gustav Graves.

For the chief henchman of the film, Zao was undergoing genetic reconstruction. James Bond interrupted the procedure and left the Korean only half-transformed, with a ghostly, pale appearance. Striking and eerie, Zao has piercing blue eyes, reptilian, translucent skin and a bald head. He also has diamond shrapnel embedded in his face from his first encounter with 007 in the Pre-Titles Sequence. At the Cuban clinic, we see Jinx go through Dr Alveraz's computer files and see a shot-by-shot sequence of Zao appearance from Korean to his would-be new Caucasian DNA identity.



This is Colonel Moon played by Will Yun Lee. Bond believes he has sent the rogue Korean to his death down a waterfall but he actually survives and goes to clinic for DNA replacement therapy. (Picture taken from the Die Another Day DVD)

Sir Gustav Graves played by Toby Stephens. After the therapy, this is now Colonel Moon in his new identity and also new life.

The central henchman, Zao, played by Rick Yune. Here this is what Zao looks like in the Pre-Titles Sequence. (Picture from the Die Another Day DVD).

Thanks to an explosive encounter with 007, Zao gets a blast of diamond shrapnel on the right side of his face. And after another fight with Bond, Zao permenantly stays with his new reptilian and haunting identity after the Cuban clinic is destroyed. (Picture from Bond fansite)

originally posted by Ace on 2003-05-16, no edits, entryid=3644