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Peter Parker Spider-Man #56-#57
  • Categories:Gender, Age, Male, Comic Book
Peter Parker Spider-Man #56
  • Also listed as Peter Parker Spider-Man 154
  • Title: "Reborn, Part 1"
  • Cover Date: July 2003
Peter Parker Spider-Man #57
  • Also listed as Peter Parker Spider-Man 155
  • Title: "Reborn, Part 2"
  • Cover Date: August 2003
  • Note: Final Issue
Series: Peter Parker: Spider-Man, Vol. 2


Spiderman's foe Sandman is a human made of sand that can move about with the strength of sand (from cement to mud etc. and the ability to reshape his body, like turning his hand into a hammer etc.) Sandman is reformed after being dispersed on a beach for a while as single grains of sand.

When Spidey tries to help him pull himself together it turns out that a part of Sandman is already reformed... as a little boy! After lunch with the two Sandman, they go back to the beach to find another dangerous version of Sandman and meet up with his feminine side!

She is rather attractive, curvy and has waist length long hair and a skirt and appears to be a bit attracted to Spiderman!

Needles to say, there are too many Sandman around. (One is usually more than enough!!!)

The female Sandman appears on the last page of #56 and thru most of #57 and were released in april or may and should still be available in many comic stores!.

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