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Key | Master key
  • Categories:Inanimate, Movie


Old Soviet full-length animated movie about fairies which give a present to the boy - key to the Happy land. In this land all unhappy moments are removed from the life.
When boy's grandfather, who is master of metal working, tried to protest, fairies draw frame and change him into picture. They change into pictures a kitten too, because it's not compartible with furniture.
Later, tools become live, and free the master. He overcomes a spell and start to investigate the Happy land. He discovers, that really, a live without unhappy moments becomes very short and in a minute it's residend becomes gray old. So, actually, fairies steal human lives. He invent a magic lock, which could be opened only by the key, which made by same man who want to enter Happyland. When boy did this, he become uninterested in life without work and refuses to live under magic control.


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1 Comment: Key | Master key
Started by guest (Inry)
209 months
1 Comment: Key | Master key
Started by guest (Inry)
209 months

originally posted by guest (Inry) on 2006-12-08, no edits, entryid=34