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Love's A Witch
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode
  • Series: Charmed


Two witch familys ( good witches actually) are feuding Ala Romeo & Juliet. A male witch tells Paige that his lover was killed in the cross fire ( actually not true someone did it deliberately) Unknown to anyone she becomes an evil spirt seeking vengence on both houses. She also plans on posessing Paige's body( I hope she gets some sun!) She does. I like it that she does a good job off impersonating Paige & no one guesses unlike a lot of shows when the possessing spirtis give the show away delierately or by stupidly. Unfortunate the possessed part doesn't last too long. In one scene she as Paige kisses her lover & its rather implied they go to bed! Rushed & weak ending.

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originally posted by Eric on 2003-10-19, 1 edit, entryid=3321