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Superman Adventures #28
  • Categories:Male, Comic Book
  • Title: "Jimmy Olsen vs. Darkseid"
  • Cover Date: February 1999
  • Writer Mark Millar, Penciller Mike Manley, Inker Terry Austin
  • (c) DC Comics


While Superman is rescuing Jimmy and Lois from Intergang, Kalibak appears and announces he plans to switch bodies with the Man Of Steel. When Kalibak is about to make the mind transfer, Jimmy Olsen interferes and Superman and Jimmy get their minds switched! In a quick retreat, Kalibak grabs Jimmy - who has Superman's mind - and takes him to Apokolips, leaving Superman - who has Jimmy's mind - on Earth. Confused?

Superman - in Jimmy's body - is stuck in Apokolips, and is getting threatened by Darkseid. Superman , though, is able to grab the mind transfer device and hide it (this plot is later discarded in one line from Desaad). Darkseid then orders Desaad to take him away, for torture. Jimmy is left on Earth to deal with these powers. He's scared stiff. He flies close to the ground and tries to avoid by hit by bullets because he's not 'used' to being Superman. Professor Hamilton tells Jimmy that's there no way (yet) for him to get to Apokolips to switch back bodies. Jimmy then hears police sirens and heads out to do the good work.

While trying to stop the robbery, Jimmy is confronted with Kalibak, and pushes Kalibak and himself back through the Boom Tube in which he came. He finds Superman (because of Jimmy's signal watch) and switches back their bodies. Darkseid permits him to go, since there was no real transgression against Earth. Jimmy is able to get a pic of Darkseid before they vanish back to Earth. The pic runs in the Daily Planet the next day, with praises to Jimmy.

originally posted by anonymous CJ on 2004-02-26, 1 edit, entryid=2973