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Your and My Secret issue Unknown
  • Categories:Gender, Female To Male, Male To Female, Comic Book


vol 1 of a new ADV manga series just released!

Totally translated into english, but retaining the right to left orientation of the original.

In vol 1, the petite, cute looking, but crude and obnoxious Nanako Momoi and Akira, a 'dainty' almost feminine boy have their minds switched by her relative's mad experiment.

The machinery is destroyed, and they have to pretend to be who they now look like until the machine can be rebuilt. (It took 10 years the first time!)

Nanako orders him to respect her body but enjoys her new male body and her new life as a guy, while Akira is afraid to even take a shower at first since Nanako might consider that grounds to call off her relative's attempt to repair the machine. But there is no reason for him not to attend gym classes in her place and enjoy the sights of the women's locker room.

And that is just a part of the first chapter after the exchange. Most of the 174 pages in the first book take place after! It's mostly from the point of view of the female body. It includes 'her' first period, her first part time job, her attempts to adjust to reorienting her sexuality by considering dating her old body (ultimately too weird!)

Very affordable at $10!

Order one now from your comic book dealer so the book will be a big hit! You won't regret getting this!



Known as Boku to Kanojo no XXX In Japan

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originally posted by anonymous cj on 2004-06-24, 1 edit, entryid=2589