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Totally Rad
  • Categories:Furry, Computer Game
  • Japanese: Magic John


"Totally Rad" is a platformer NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game with a... truly interesting script. :) You take the role of Jake, a teenager with an afro who's training to become a magician. By pressing Start while in-game, you can call up Jake's spell list. Then, select a spell icon, and press A to make it your active spell. Finally, hold Up + B at any time to cast the spell. Amoung his spells are healing spells, invicibility spells, elemental attack spells, and some transformation spells. The three transformation spells are:

Paw Icon - Jake becomes an anthropomorphic cat with electrical powers.
Wing Icon - Jake becomes a bird-man wearing a helmet who can fly.
Fish Icon - Jake becomes a anthropomorphic fish person who can fire projectiles.

The thing that might bother some gamers about this game is the script.. or, rather, the "slang" the script uses... Here's part of the opening dialogue:

"Most excellent, dude!"
"So, like, Jake, is this Zeb dude for real? Will he teach you his totally rad magic?"
"Yup. He thinks I have gnarly potential. And I think he's totally decent."

Personally, I find the script hilarious and really adds to the enjoyment of the game, but if you can't stand the script or don't like Jake's appearance [namely, the afro. :), the Japanese version of the game, "Magic John" instead features a young boy with a winged cap, scarf and very short-shorts.

originally posted by Meko on 2004-07-19, no edits, entryid=2522