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Ginger Snaps II: Unleased
  • Categories:Were, Movie


"Ginger Snaps- The Sequel" picks up almost immediately where the first installment ends, where Brigitte is cradling her dying older sister, who had become a werewolf. With Ginger now dead, Brigitte Fitzgerald (played by Emily Perkins in the original) is on the run from the Canadian suburb of Bailey Downs. Beginning the transformation herself, she has managed to stave off becoming a werewolf by injecting herself with a calculated dose of monkshood daily.

Becoming ill, Brigitte passes out on the street, waking up in a drug rehab for young women. Assuming her monkshood is a drug, the rehab center's supervisors have taken it away from her; without the daily doses, she starts going through the changes that had happened to her sister. Full of young addicts and kooky staff, she is befriended by a peculiar girl named Ghost at the hospital.

Like Brigitte in the first film, Ghost is a bright and nervous teenager, often shy around others. She appears to be a "normal" girl, but Ghost is holding a great deal of pain inside, as her grandmother is being treated in the adult side of the hospital for fifth degree burns. Unlike the other girls, Ghost is able to move freely within the center, a plot device that is central to the latter two acts' scenes.

While Ghost is barely tolerated by most of the girls because of her eccentricities (she often speaks in comic book narrative form), the pair of Brigitte and Ghost quickly forms a close bond. With the transformation beginning to develop itself fully in Brigitte, Ghost manages to figure out her new friend's secret and tries to help her from the full transformation. However, things don't go exactly as planned, of course

originally posted by thesaint137 on 2004-12-08, no edits, entryid=2155