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Robin Schone book Awaken, My Love
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haven't read it but its listed at amazon!

From Literary Times
Stuck in a marriage that lacks passion, thirty-nine year old Elaine Metcliffe wakes up one morning in a different country, a different time and a different body. At first, she assumes she must be dreaming, but when she awakens the next morning in the same place, she realizes something terrible has happened. She is in the body of Morrigan, wife of Charles Mortimer, Lord Arlcotte. Elaine is afraid to speak and give away her true identity, but after being bullied by both an abusive maid and her own husband, Elaine fights back. Where is she? And what has happened to her own body in the twentieth century? Elaine can only wonder why the pious young Morrigan remained a virgin through her first year of marriage to Charles. She desperately needs time alone to find a way back to her own body, but Charles is determined to awaken the passion in his young bride.

But when the real Morrigan pops up again in a different body and threatens to expose her as a mad woman, Elaine fears for the happiness-- and sensual pleasure-- she is only just beginning to discover with Charles. The sensual nature of Awaken, My Love makes it unique. The language is a little more explicit and the love scenes are more graphic than most romance novels.

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