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The Collector episode "The Ufologist"
  • Categories:Female, Male, Gender, Television Episode
  • Season 2, Episode 2
  • First Air Date: 1/16/2005
  • Originally Aired in Canada
  • Has not been aired in US


The Collector has been doing a lot of original wishes for people that sell their souls to the devil. The Premise is Morgan Pym, is a guy who used to be a Monk 600 years ago but then sold his soul to the Devil to spend 10 years of his life with the woman he loved, Katrina. Now Morgan works for the Devil collecting souls. Recently to amuse himself, the Devil has offered Morgan, if his client can find redemption with-in 48 hours they can save their soul. Morgan doesn't always find redemption, so it is interesting.

Their is one transformation aspects to the series as a whole:

The devil appears as a different person in every episode. He has been a college cheerleader, a little girl, a female telemarketer, an old Chinese lady, a business woman, a transvestite, and of course several men. Always interesting to see who the devil is each episode.

This episode though Maya Kandinski, the woman he is in love with as she reminds him of a long lost love (who actually may be her soul) kills herself with a drug overdose. The Devil appeared and said "So you took the easy way out....well I am not done with you yet" Then he is in hell looking at a line up of women and finds one he likes and sucks the soul out of the dead body and puts it in the new one. Same life but a totally different body. She was a brunette (Carly Pope in Season 1) and now is a blond (Sonya Salomaa). The picture of her as a child changed to her new appearance.

It is unknown if Morgan noticed the changes. she is now having visions of being someone else (her old life) and said she doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin. I don't know where its going but its kinda interesting.

I am just waiting for a Transformation wish in any event so this is just gravy.

originally posted by ROBO on 2005-02-09, 1 edit, entryid=1965