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Johnny Bravo episode Island of Dr. Morceau
  • Categories:Furry, Television Episode


In this episode Johnny see a commerical for bizzare genetic experiments and "everyone knows that bizzare genetic experiments is code for hot sexy doctor seeks wonderful stud-muffin", to quote Johnny. He goes to the Island of Dr. Morceau (refences to Dr. Moreau is purely intentional). Dr. Morceau's island is inhabited by her subjects which she has turned into animal-people by a de-evolution ray. She then goes and transforms Johnny into a hamster man. Johnny is too stupid to realize the transformation until a duckman has to spell it out. Johnny then rallies all the animal-people to overthrow Dr. Morceau. Upon her defeat at the hands of Johnny, Johnny then tries to turn everyone back to normal by pressing the button on the gun. Which of course backfires and changes Johnny back to human and everyone in the world into an animal person. The episode overall was one of there better ones and the transformation is half-bad either.

Favorite quotes from the show:
Woman: Please fill out these medical forms.
Johnny: Thanks foxy-mama
  • camera turns and reveals that she is, in fact, a fox.
Woman: Thank you.

  • Johnny about to be zapped by ray.
Johnny (to Dr. M): You know we're not so different, you want to manipulate my genes and I want to manipulate your-
(you can guess what he was about to say)

originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2005-04-16, no edits, entryid=1773