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Sky High
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There are a suprising amount of transformations in this movie, and most of these aren't just one shot. Too many to get into, so I'll just list 'em.
Most take place first while the testing to see whether the students are heroes or sidekicks is going on.
- One student, named Larry, is a stereotypical nerd with huge glasses, curly red hair, acne and a frail looking body. He transforms into a giant golem made of rocks that weighs two tons. He transforms twice in differents parts of the movie. Great S.P.'s especially in the transformation.
- An un-named student in a cheerleader-like costume transforms (with a nice morph) into a human sized toy ball. The gym teacher deems her a sidekick and kicks her across the room.
- One of the main characters friends can transform into a guinea pig at will. Nice morph and the guinea pig has fur died like the girl's hair. This happens a few times in the movie.
- Another of the main character's friends can melt at will. This tranformations also happen all throughout the movie.
- An unnamed character, a red-haired boy, have an amazing shapeshifting hability, so in the "power placement" part, he transform in an exact copy of the coach. A few minutes later in the movie, when the main character and his friends are in the dining hall, one of his them starts complaining about the coach. Just to find out that the couch was sitting nearby. But in the end, it was the same morphing boy, that was bothering him. A cool transformation in both cases, specially the hair (from very short to almost shoulder-length) and the clothes.
- At the end of the movie the villain changes the main character's parents, the school faculty, and about 3/4 the student body into babies. They are turned back at the end.

The sources that tipped off the organized age change community were indeed correct.

The movie Sky High includes a segment where the principle antagonist transforms both student and faculty members into babies and transports them away from the school in order to raise them as villains in some new academy.

It is up to the uneffected to rescue their peers and teachers.

This information was comfirmed through the junior novelization of the movie, where such scenes describing a "pacifier gun" inparted the transformations.

Unfortunately, the AR seems to be of the instantaneous variety without much of a transition in between, though it occurs on a massive scale.


In a world where the super heros of tomorrow have to hone their skills at high school, Kelly Vitz's character demonstrates to the coach (Bruce Campbell) that she is a shape shifter by changing into a hamster.


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