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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  • Categories:Animal, Male, Female, Size, Shapeshifter, Possession, disembodied, Video Game
  • Original Game Console: Nintendo Gamecube
  • Original Release Date: October 11, 2004
  • Also Known As: Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door


One of the bosses has a unique power

Spoiler -

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Uvf erny anzr vf Qbbcyvff, naq ur unf gur cbjre gb gnxr ba gur sbez bs Znevb, be uvf cnegare. Jura lbh svefg svtug uvz, ur gnxrf ba n funqbj sbez bs Znevb. Lbh yrnea gung ur npghnyyl unf gnxra lbhe obql naq lbhe anzr, yrnivat lbh nf n funqbj jvgu ab anzr.Jura lbh orng uvz, lbh trg lbhe anzr naq obql onpx. Lbh qb snpr uvz frireny gvzrf, naq yngre ur gnxrf ba lbhe cnegaref sbezf zber bsgra.


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Fve Tebqhf xvqancf Cevaprff Crnpu naq njnxraf gur Funqbj Dhrra, jub jnf frnyrq njnl nsgre qrfgeblvat n gbja 100 lrnef ntb. Crnpu jnf xvqanccrq jvgu gur checbfr bs orvat n irffry sbe gur Funqbj Dhrra. Gur Funqbj Dhrra cbffrffrf Crnpu'f obql naq hfrf vg gb svtug Znevb. Unysjnl guebhtu gur svtug, gur Pelfgny Fgnef erynl nyy gur fhccbeg bs gur crbcyr npebff gur jbeyq, juvpu grzcbenevyl jrnxraf gur Funqbj Dhrra'f pbageby bire Crnpu. Crnpu hfrf jung cbjre fur unf gb urny Znevb orsber gur Funqbj Dhrra nffhzrf pbzcyrgr pbageby bire ure obql ntnva.

The fourth chapter of the game revolves around a town where the inhabitants are being turned into pigs (interestingly said swines are 3D while every other character is flat).

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Vg gheaf bhg gur obff bs gung puncgre unf orra genafsbezvat gur crbcyr jvgu n fcryy. Gur genafsbezngvbaf ner frra ba fperra nf n fvzcyr "cbbs". Ivpgvzf vapyhqr gur gbjaf znlbe, n tngrxrrcre naq gur svefg crefba lbh zrrg jura lbh ragre gur gbja.

In the Act 6 prologue, the computer called TEC, asks Princess Peach to make an invisibility potion, but if you combine the potion incorrectly, the princess could change several ways including growing to twice her size or shrinking to half her size.

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