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Johnny Test : Johnny to the Center of the Earth
  • Categories:Gender, Television Episode
  • Series: Johnny Test


Johnny Test is turbo charged kid with a flaming head of hair, a talking dog (that drinks coffee), and genius sisters use him for wild experiments. What else could you want?

In Episode 1, Part A "Johnny to the Center of Earth"
Molemen (Referred to as 'The Thieves of the Earth's Crust' by Jonnhy) steal Johnny's Dad's brand-new camera.
soon after this there is a brief transformation scene where Johnny turns into a Teenage Hottie when his sisters make him eat 'Mirco-Physic-Hottie-Body-Flakes' which he simply calls 'Salt' in exchange for use of a giant drilling machine called the 'Atomic Earth Dozier' to go to the center of the earth to get his Dad's camera back. but things go very wrong short after, good thing it's only temporary!

In the opening there is also a short sequence where Johhny is transformed into the same girl while singing the opening theme.

I know that these scenes are pretty short, but I thought that they were good and worth mentioning.


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originally posted by anonymouso on 2005-08-21, 1 edit, entryid=1372