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Do You Remember the First Time? book Jenny Colgan
  • Categories:Age, Book


Flora Scurrison is 32 years old and unhappy with how her life is turning out. Even though she is in a stable relationship with Olly and has a good, if boring, career as an accountant, she still feels that there is something she has missed out on.

At her best friend Tashy's wedding she comes face to face with John Clelland her first boyfriend who had left her to go to University and who she has not seen for sixteen years. He is the boy who broke her heart and she knows that even though Olly is ready to propose to her now she has never gotten over the broken heart that Clelland left her with.

As the cake is cut Flora makes a wish that she was sixteen years old again. The next morning she finds that she is.

At first she thinks that she has gone back in time but things are not right. The boy band posters on her wall are modern groups and not the ones that she remembers having. She soon realises that she has gone back in time to just one month before the wedding and that things are very confusing.

originally posted by anonymous on 2005-09-12, no edits, entryid=1311