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Karen Haber book Crossing Infinity
  • Categories:Gender, Book


Corilanus, a fugitive from a civil war on another planet, comes to Earth to try and hide out among typical American teenagers sometime in the near future. Like all of the people on his home world, Cory has the ability to Phase - change between male and female at will. Can he build a new life on Earth, elude the enemies of his clan and survive in the social jungle that is high school?

My Review: The fact that Cory can change genders has some impact on the plot, but not a lot. In this novel, Cory does not spend a lot of time "phased" into female form... rather, he is trying as much as possible to resist the urge to phase that so that he can "blend" into Earth society.

It should be also noted that Haber wrote this book for a young adult audience, and that most of the main characters are teenagers. So while there are certainly "adult themes" in the book, there is no sex at all. Furthermore, because most of the action in the story revolves around Cory's awkward social interactions in a high school, the book generally reads more like a teen angst drama than science fiction.

All that being said, however, there is some exploration on Cory's part of some of the differences in perceptions and feelings of males and females, and some commentary on the male and female roles in society.

originally posted by DaveS on 2005-11-22, no edits, entryid=1099