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Category: 'Were'
"Operation: H.O.U.N.D." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
In this episode, A girl from KND's classroom is a werepoodle that eats other people's homework. At the end of the show it is reveal that the school teacher is also a werepoodle. This episode has a couple good transformation sequences.
The Pack
A very active board centering on any and all aspects of werewolf life, appearance, film, legends and lore.
Patricia Briggs book Mooncalled
The main character of the book is a "skin walker" who can turn into a coyote. Most of the book is about her interactions with several groups of werewolves. This is a book with a March 2006 publication date. It is a pretty good book.
Pepeng Agimat (1973)
Size, Were, Animal
Old Philippine fantasy horror movie that contains werewolves and a witch owning a cage full of shrunken men.
Peter is the Wolf
Teen sex comedy in which most of the major characters are werewolves. The series follows the story of an 18-year-old werewolf, Peter Stubbe, who unintentionally infects his human girlfriend with lycanthropy, then has to help her adjust to life as a were. The series has two branches, a 'General A ...more
Peter S. Beagle
A humorous story in which Farrell, a young maqn living in 1970's New York City, learns his girlfriend is a werewolf.
Port Charles episode Unknown
after a couple of months, Jamal discovers his girlfriend Imani's secret. She tells him to look in the sky, he sees nothing but the moon ... a big full moon. He turns back and finds a snarling wolf in her place. This is the last we see of Jamal and Imani, as this was the final episode of the show.
Poul Anderson book Operation Chaos
Gender, Were
In part of the book, Steve and Ginny are on their honeymoon when they meet up with a Succubus, a male demon with lust powers, 'living' in a haunted castle. The incubus turns into a beautiful succubus, or female demon, in order to seduce Steve. This part of the novel was actually first published as ...more
Mythical, Were
This is a European TV ad for the video game "Primal" for the PS2. In the commercial, three girls have their faces morphing in to a bestial appearances and then change back.
Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here!
Yes, this is a real, honest to God movie, which I've seen with my own eyes! Shot to cash in on WILLARD's success, it was too short (and too pathetic), so a family of werewolves was added to spice things up. It remains a really bad bad film, not even up to the mark of most of Andy Milligan's atroci ...more
Rusty Nugent book Moonwarriors
An epic, medieval, gothic, dark fantasy novel. Heroic Werewolves clashing with evil vampires in 8th century Dacia.
Scooby-Doo episode To all the ghouls I've loved before
Scooby and the gang(a new comer named FlimFlam,Daphne,Scrappy,Shaggy)go to a cursed town where everyone is a werewolf they have a new werewolf(Daphne)!!!!!!
Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Creeping Man
Were, Animal
Original Sherlock Holmes short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is called in to investigate the case of a Professor who turns mad every nine days. Holmes reveals that this was due to a medicine designed to reverse the ageing process; unfortunately the maker of the medicine used seru ...more
Silver Bullet
A kid in a wheelchair is stalked by a priest/werewolf.
The Simpsons episode Treehouse Of Horror X
In a parody of the movie 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', Marge runs over Ned Flanders and Homer covers it up.Then the family is threatened by a stalker, who turns out to be the undead Ned, who turns out to be a werewolf, who eats Homer.
Sonic Unleashed
Sega's latest entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Sonic Unleashed is based primarily around an unusual transformation. With the Chaos Emeralds in hand, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic for a final battle with Dr. Eggman. He easily lays waste to the doctor's contraptions, and eventually ...more
Spiderman issue Unknown
There are many beings in the Spiderman universe that could be considered were-creatures. First is Lizard, aka Kurt Connors, who was famous scientist who used reptile DNA to create a serum that regenerates limbs, and tested it on himself (he was missing an arm). He predictably turns into a savage hu ...more
Spring (2015)
Female, Were, Animal
Evan, a twenty-something American who just lost his mother and needs time away from his girlfriend goes to Italy on a whim and somehow falls head over heels for Louise, a local girl. But the morning after they first make love, the audience quite literally sees Louise in a different light. Who, or ...more
Steve Vance book The Hyde Effect
Best damn werewolf novel I ever read, maybe the best horror novel PERIOD. A captured serial killer is on display for the media and doctors in a high tech medical facility in California on the night of the full moon. Killer claims to be a true werewolf but nobody believes him, of course. So, the m ...more
Team Galaxy Season 1 Episode 8 Miss Cosmos
Yoko enters an intergalactic beauty contest run by an evil slug queen that uses it to steal the contestants beauty and intelligence. After being targeted Yoko ends up looking like a cross between humans and the slug race.
Teen Wolf (1985)
It's just about a boy in high school named Scott Howard. He's very unpopular and unsocialble until one day he miraculously turns into a werewolf. This guy named Stiles then helps him become a star and Scott learns he can change into a wolf any time. Before the end he learns not to use it to get ...more
Teen Wolf (2011)
Teen Wolf is a Television Series that is based on the premise of the previous Movies and Television series to carry the same name. In this series, Scott McCall, a 16 year old unpopular kid and his friend Stiles find a body in the woods. Stiles father, the sheriff, interupts them, and Scott is le ...more
The Telescope, the Tanning Bed and the Cadavers net fiction Unknown
College buddies Ted and Mike track a female werewolf, and run into various complications that strain their friendship. Short story of about 10,000 words (or 25 pages).
The Magic of Shapeshifting
Were, Animal
This book is a guide to animal shape shifting and transformations. This book does not have many positive reviews.
The Real Ghostbusters - Episode: "Poultrygeist"
Animal, Were, Monster
Egon Spengler transforms into a giant werechicken after he has been bitten by a little werechicken.
The X-Files episode "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster"
Investigating reports of a strange lizard-man type creature seen during an attack on a man, and the discovery of three dead victims -- Mulder & others cross paths with the strange creature. (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Thirteen Steps
Animal, Female, Were
Semi-pro baseball player Justin Ullrich has a lousy part-time job, was dumped by his girlfriend, and to top it all off, turns into a Lon Chaney-like werewolf during the full moon cycle. He enjoys it but feels guilty about feasting on ordinary humans, so his succubus ex-girlfriend refers him to a se ...more
In the beginning during a scene where Michael's outside with his girlfriend, the full moon comes out and Michael transforms into a vicious werewolf and tries to kill her.
Tiger Stripes commercial Unknown
This is another 15-second clip on the SciFi channel (USA) that identifies the station. A woman before a mirror is dissatisfied with her dress, so instead she grows some tiger stripes and turns her skin into some sort of sinewy bestial covering. (Not sure how to classify it --retains her own head, ...more
Tigra, the Were-Cat issue Unknown
In Marvel Comics' "Giant-Size Creatures" one-shot, Greer Nelson saved her mentor, Dr. Joanne Tumulo, from a kidnapping attempt but was shot with a radiation pistol. Dr. Tumulo then revealed that she was a member of the Cat People, a race of humanoids mystically evolved from housecats. The doctor o ...more
Toon Wolf
This series by McGruffin on deviantart features a cartoonist who after getting stressed over deadlines turns into a toon werewolf.
Trick 'r Treat
Movie with four interwoven stories all happening on Halloween night. One story involves a group of girls going to a party in the woods. (Spoiler Text)