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Category: 'Size'
The Daibijin
In this game a beautiful bikini model gets stung by an alien lifeform and turns into a giant destroying everything in her path. The object of the game is to stop her before she destroys Tokyo under the influence of some sort of brainsucking parasite. The game is absolute crap and completely in jap ...more
Danni Minogue
Can't remember the name of it,but a few of the scenes have Her spinning around on a giant record player.(either that or Danni has just been shrunk)
Dav Pilkey book Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants
Unable to take the constant laughing at his name, Professor Pipi P. Poopypants shrinks Jerome Horowitz Elementary school down to the size of an ant and forces the students to adopt...SILLY NAMES! Can our hero save the day?
A fairy takes the form of a human (pretty blond woman) and visits a widowed father and his daugther. Good movie for kids and family.
Demon Eater
Monster, Mythical, Furry, Size
Webcomic about a demon that eats other demons to grow bigger and stronger. Starts out as a spawn. Evolves into a lizard, bird and later a human-like form. Seems to be slowing changing into a human as the story goes on.
Der Räuber Hotzenplotz
(transl. The robber Hotzenplotz) The robber hOtZenPlotZ is a thief of the very evil grade. And now he has stolen Grandma's coffee mill. What a nasty act of a crime. Can Kasperl and Sepperl bring back the stolen coffee mill? SPOILER: Later, nearly at the end of the movie, Fee ...more
Descendants 2 (Disney)
Size, Mythical
Ursula's daughter, Uma, turns herself into a giant sea monster (half-human/sea witch and half- octopus) to attack the people on the ship. Maleficent's daughter, Mal, turns herself into a dragon to battle uma in order to protect the people on the ship.
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Groups of artists that feature transformations in their Art.
The Devil Doll
Lavond, a wrongfully convicted man (played by of all people Lionel Barrymore) and a scientist escape from Devil's Island. Lavond decides to get revenge by using an invention of this friend and follow escapee the mad scientist, which turns out to be a shinking machine. The only problem is that it's ...more
The Devil Doll (1936)
Not to be confused with the later British pic of the same title (dealing with a soul swapping ventriloquist), this sci-fi/fantasy effort gives us another somewhat mad scientist who discovers a way to shrink human beings to around six inches in height. A disgruntled colleague uses the process to cre ...more
The Devil Lady episode Unknown
Anime were a sexy model finds out she is a demon and has to save the human race by fighting other demons that gave up their humanity for power. Heres were it gets cool thoue. When she tranforms she gets sharp teeth and pionty claws and grows. How much she grows depends on how much she tranforms. and ...more
Dexter's Laboratory episode Dollhouse Drama
Dexter shrinks himself with a shrinking machine and goes into Dee's bedroom to see what she is up to. He then climbs some building blocks and then is thrown off the blocks by a jack in a box. Dee finds him on the floor and puts Dexter into a dollhouse. She then puts him into a toy car and drives it ...more
Dexter's Laboratory episode The Big Sister
Dee Dee eats one of Dexter's experimental cookies and gets turned into a giant. Dexter gives her another cookie at the end, that shrinks her back to normal. Also, one of Dexter's rats who tests the cookies gets shrunk.
Dexter's Laboratory episode Things That Go Bonk In The Night
Krunk is watching the puppet pals marathon on tv and he falls asleep. In Krunk's dream he ends up at the Puppet Palace and tells a bad joke to the puppet pals. Then puppet pal Mitch takes the bonk stick and hits Krunk on the head. As he gets bonked on the head Krunk shrinks after each hit. Krunk th ...more
Dick Gackenbach book Tiny for a Day
Young inventor Sydney is at it again! This time he invents a shrinking machine and shrinks everything he can, even his baby sister. When his mother tells him to restore everything and not to shrink them again, Sydney decides to shrink himself. At two inches tall, he sees the upsides and downsides of ...more
Dinosaur King
This new anime is into it's second season, with new episodes on Youtube, and The main protagonist, Max Taylor, son of Dr. Spike Taylor, a Paleontologist, and his friends, Rex Owen and Zoe Drake, get new Dinosaurs: a Triceratops named Chompf for Max, a Carnotaurus named Ace fort Rex, ...more
Doctor Huguet
Race, Size, Male
Published in 1891, a southern gentleman in the 1890's exchanges bodies with a black chicken thief. It is shown by the author that skin color determines social position and treatment by others; effectively attacking racist attitudes of the time period.
Doctor Who
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Size
British science-fiction television program about the adventures of a Time Lord and his companions, who travel through space and time in what appears outwardly to be an old, blue, police call-box called a TARDIS. ===Actors who have played the Doctor=== First Doctor - William Hartnell (1963&#821 ...more
Doctor Who Adventures issue Number 1
In this first issue of the Doctor Who adventures, Rose and the Doctor accidently press the wrong button in the tardis and end up shrinking themselves down, then soon find the button and go back to normal. Very short, lol
Doctor Who episode Planet Of Fire
The Doctor's arch-enemy the Master has a device called a Tissue Compression Eliminator that shrinks people to doll-size ... and kills them. In this story, the Master is shrunk by the device but survives. He uses the restorative gas found on the planet Sarn to restore himself to normal size. (Althoug ...more
"Don't Go To Asleep" by R. L. Stine
Animal, Age, Male, Monster, Size
In this book, Matt (the main character) decides that it is high time that he moved out of his tiny bedroom an into the larger guest room. Against his parents wishes, he sneaks out of his room and into the empty guest room to sleep for the night. When he wakes up, he finds that he is in a totally ...more
Dot and Keeto
Dot is an Australian girl who loves all animals regardless of size. She has discovered that eating a magical green root will allow her to communicate with animals and understand their speech. But when she eats a magical red root by mistake, she momentarily grows to about 50 feet, then shrinks to ab ...more
Dr Shrinker episode Unknown
Three tennagers are shrunk by doctor on a island after thier plane crashes.
Dr. Cyclops
In this classic sci-fi/horror flick, a somewhat mad scientist discovers an element in the Amazon jungles which can reduce the sizes of living organisms. He tests this on a visiting party of scientists (plus local guide) and zaps them down to under a foot in height. The shrinkees face many obstacle ...more
Dragon Kingdoms
Comic strip about some kids and a giant. Growing / Shrinking is a major element in most story arcs.
Dragon Tales episode One Big Wish
Emmy and Max goes to dragonland and they play softball with the dragons. During the game the softball lands into a wishing well. As Max reaches over to get the ball his coin falls out of his pocket and into the well. Max then wishs he was bigger and he grows bigger in size. He then keeps growing bi ...more
Dragonball Z episode Unknown
One of the villains, Garlic Jr., usually appears as a dwarfish green imp. Whenever he reaches his full power, he becomes gigantic(and very very very muscular).
SPOILERS! At the end of one of the many multiple endings in the game, a young girl grows to a MASSIVE size. (somewhere between six to sevenhundred feet tall) and you must battle the giant brat to unlock the first ending.
Duke Nukem
There's one weapon that causes minor enemies/dancers, and sometimes Duke himself, to be shrunk. Sometimes this same weapon is fired out of walls, allowing Duke to move through small passages nearby. (you HAVE to shrink sometimes to get through the game w/o cheating) Anything that's shrunken in this ...more
Dungeon Siege
In the game Dungeon Siege, there is a code that allows you to grow the selected members of the team and/or other members. The max you grow is about 12 feet tall or so, and max you shrink is about 2 feet. I believe the code entered is "minjooky" for shrink and "maxjooky" for growth.
Earth Girls Are Easy
Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans portray three furry aliens whose ship crashes to earth -- in Geena Davis' pool. Geena's character stares in disbelief, and decides that she must be hallucinating or something. A spaceship can't possibly have landed in her pool! She decides to prove it to h ...more
Edd, & Eddy Ed episode The Incredible Shrinking Day
Ed's sister Sarah gives the boys glasses of lemonade spiked with a potion that shrinks them to doll-size. She then imprisons them in her dollhouse. They escape, then the formula wears off suddenly. (Not part of the series, but a short that airs on Cartoon Network occasionally between shows. I think ...more
Eerie Magazine issue The Doll Collector
Miriam Hollis is a cold-hearted but beautiful gold-digger. Her hobby is collecting dolls. One night, she attends Mr.Fantocci's Theatre Of Living Dolls, a marionette show that uses life-like dolls. She tries to buy one of Fantocci's dolls, but he refuses. So, she decides to steal one instead.This is ...more
Eggo Blueberry Pancake Commercial
The cartoon series of Eggo brand breakfast products continues with the father trying (once again) to steal his daughter's breakfast. This time, he dresses himself in a giant blueberry costume and uses a shrink ray to shrink himself down to the size of a blueberry to sneak onto the table and steal ...more
Elvira Woodruff book Awfully Short For The Fourth Grade
Nine year old Noah makes a wish on magic powder and shrinks to the size of his plastic toy men and aliens who came alive. They then go on an adventure together at his school.
Elvira Woodruff book Back In Action
Noah and his friend Nate use magic powder to shrink themselves down to the size of Noah's toy men.
The film is described as a "battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and evil", and tells a story of a teenage girl who finds herself in a secret world, where she must help a team of fun and whimsical characters to save their world, which also saves the real world. Release date: ...more
Epic (2013)
A teenage girl named MK is shrunken to tiny size by a group of forest guardians.
Just thought I would mention, since I don't see it here, in the online game Everquest the character class of Shaman has spells to shrink and grow people. The minimum and maximum height are still set at about the same as the shortest and tallest player races, so the shrink spell is most dramatic w ...more
Ewoks issue The Incredible Shrinking Princess
The Fleebogs (ant-sized creatures on the Ewok planet) present Princess Kneesaa with a Damsel Flower. When she breathes its pollen, she begins to shrink; when she is ant-sized herself (happens pretty quickly) the Fleebogs capture her. Ewoks Wicket and Teebo get their Shaman to give them some growing ...more
Extra Cool Chewing Gum
Series of three print ads for Extra Cool Chewing Gum by J&J of Shanghai China Ads depict two men and one woman shrunk down doll size, standing in oversized clothing. They are each titled based on the clothing: Casual, Business, and Party
Fairly Odd Parents episode Tiny Timmy
Timmy gets in a shrinky suit and shrinks down doew insize to a few inches tall. He then goes down stairs and shrinks again on top of a candy bar. While the fairly oddparents get eaten by Vicky and go on a tour through out her body. Vicky then brakes a vase and Timmy then goes into Vicky's mouth to f ...more
Family Guy episode Lethal Weapons
Peter Griffin tries to take advantage of his wife Lois' fighting abilities by challenging people to fight her. Lois objects by saying that she is not a sideshow least not anymore. We then see a flashback of a midget-sized Lois jumping on a trampoline saying "Me likey bouncy ... me l ...more
Family Matters episode Little Big Guy
Steve Erchal brings in his transmorpantion chamber which is equipped with an expando ray which makes things bigger in size and it also can shrink things in size. As Steve is messing with the controls the machine turns its self on. Big Guy and Steve are then bit by the machines ray. After it turns of ...more
Fantastic Four (2006 Animated series) episode Worlds Tiniest Heroes
An experiment of Mr. Fantastic's goes wrong but nothing seems to have happened. The next morning they awaken to find that they are only half their size and getting smaller. Their attempts to get to Reed's lab are thwarted by the buildings computer that thinks that they are first Children then Rats t ...more
Fantastic Voyage
A scientist is in an accident and the only way to operate on his brain is from with inside his body. So a team of 5 scientists are miniaturized to a size of a micron. They travel by way of a nuclear powered sub and they only have 60 minutes to do the operation. After 60 minutes is up they will begin ...more
Farscape episode Therefore I Am I Shrink
The Moya's crew, except John Crichton, are captured by bounty hunters, who shrink them to tiny size and imprison them in containers built into their armor. Crichton manages to take out the bounty hunters without hurting his friends, and gives the head bounty hunter a taste of his own medicine. Every ...more
Femforce #52
Size, Gender
Demonic creatures attacking buxom Yankee Girl are transformed into tiny versions of her, then attack each other.
Early in the movie, a human (Zach) is shrank to the size of a fairy. He wanders the forest in his miniature state until the fairies restore his size at the end.
Final Fantasy III
Size, Animal
There's a frustrating section early on in the game where you are stranded on an island and need to use the Size spell to cross through a town of pygmies. Not too much later than this, you have to shrink again to find a jeweled eye stolen by an awkwardly intelligent rat. In another dungeon, you n ...more
Final Fantasy IV
Age, Animal, Gender, Monster, Size, Inanimate
===Age=== One of your characters, Rydia, is only 7 when she joins your party, however, when she gets accidentally swallowed by the monster Leviathan and taken to the Land of summoned monsters, She begins to age rapidly due to the difference in the flow of time there, By the time she returns to y ...more
Final Fantasy Series
Inanimate, Monster, Size, Animal
===Size=== Characters can be shrunk as part of a status change or magic spell, mini. ===Animal=== Status changes include characters being turned into: #Frogs in Final Fantasy III #Pigs in Final Fantasy IV ===Monster=== Status changes include characters being turned into: #Imps in Fi ...more
The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas
When Wilma is invited back home for her Father's Birthday Party, Fred goes out back to chat. Some of the men ask him his job, and he says he's a crane operator. The other guys take it as a joke, and then he repeats his job. They all find out he's serious, and then they burst their heads off. Fred, e ...more
The Flintstones episode The Drive-In
At the end of the episode Fred and Barney are sitting at a table and watching their wives sing. When they are done singing Fred and Barney shrink to a few inches tall. We see them sitting on their chairs.
Food of the Gods part 2
This is a Canadian made sequel in which a scientist at a college resercher tries to find an antidote for a growth hormone that has made a young boy 20 feet tall and psychotic, the hormone gets feed to rats and they get loose on campus. In one scene the researcher seems to inject himself with the ...more
Gender, Mythical, Size
In one storyline, the main characters are slowly being turned into manga art. One of the characters turns into a fairy, and is able to switch genders of people with magic powder. One of the characters is turned into a girl that looks suspiciously like the girl ranma. Also, near the end of the story ...more
Frankenstein Conquers the World
A daikaiju film in where, during World War 2 the heart of frankenstein is sent from the germans to a Japanese research plant in Hirashima for safe keeping. However, hirashima is nuked and the few survivors ramble around the city eating anything they can to stay alive. (pets, rats, anything) When a y ...more
The Funny Company episode Unknown
The Funny Company was a series of short (5-6 minute) films about a group of enterprising kids. One of the Company members was a shy girl named Shrinkin' Violette, who tended to shrink to about an inch in height whenever she was frightened or embarrassed. (In some episodes she was also able to shrink ...more