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Category: 'Male'
X-Men #28 (2012)
Male, Gender
Three Skrulls left over from the Secret Invasion disguise themselves as Storm, Warpath and Domino to take both a captured comrade and the X-Man Pixie from the Fantastic Four.
X-Men episode Night of the Sentinels
Jubilee is wandering through the HQ wondering how to get out and she comes across Morph who is watching TV. Morph changes himself into Senetor Kelly and says "My fellow Americans, I am an idiot." Then transforms into a buff guy in the commercial. Lastly he sees Jubilee on TV and changes into her.
X-Men Legacy #232
Male, Gender
Proteus has returned, possessing deceased mutant Destiny and then the young mutant Blindfold. In this issue he learns that he can possess multiple people at once and by the end has possessed five people: four female (Destiny, Husk, Psylocke and Blindfold) and one male (Nightcrawler). He also brie ...more
X-Men: Dark Mirror
Female, Male, Gender
Jean Grey wakes up to discover that she's now in a mental hospital in the body of a man. She finds that Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler are also trapped in the hospital, and in other bodies. Now they have to escape, and regain their rightful bodies. Meanwhile, at the X-mansion, Jubi ...more
Male, Gender
In the future people can travel quickly by exchanging bodies with a person at the destination point. In the movie the main character has his body stolen so he is now in the body of a clone. A woman he believes can help him wants to have sex with him as the clone. She also states that her friends hav ...more
Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears becomes Id when he's asleep or unconcious. Id is a gathering of his hatred and sorrow in which he refuses to acknowledge.
Yahoo Groups
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Yahoo Groups hosts a large amount of groups, many of which feature transformation as their modus operandi. ===Age=== ===Animal=== Animal Transformation Centre Animal Transformation World/ Male Pig TF Club Men Transformed Into Animals Men Transformed Into Animals - Art Annex Men Transfor ...more
Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches
Female, Gender, Male
Yamada, a troublemaker, learns that he is able to swap bodies with people by kissing them, there is a F2M, M2M, and F2F throughout episode 1 and 2.
You Wish episode A Real Don Juan
the male genie sets his female mistress up with Don Juan to get her dating again, but when 'D.J.' returns to his book, the genie turns himself into an exact duplicate. There is a morph onscreen of Don Juan changing back into his usual shape!
Young Avengers
Size, Male
I have only read the first issue but heres whats going on so far Hulking,who was suppost to resemble Hulk,is a shapeshifter and made himself look like young kang in the first issue Also there is a girl who is Ant Man's daughter and have shrinking/growing powers
Young Justice #13
Male, Gender
In the previous issue the team encountered Clayface in a sewer in Gotham City. In this issue, after escaping the team eventually tracks him down. Superboy encounteres Miss Martian who turns out to be Clayface and absorbs him. Afterwards he impersonates the other members in order to do the same. Thr ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Enter the Shadow Realm episode "So Close Yet So Far"
After being killed, Noah's mind is transfered into a virtual world by his father. Noah lures Yugi and his friends to his virtual world to steal their bodies. Noah later steals Kaiba's little brother Mokuba's body to escape to the real world.