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Category: 'Male'
Warehouse 13
Age, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male
A SyFy Channel television series about a team of agents who locate and retrieve artifacts that possess powers best defined as mysterious or "magical". The group's goal is to catalog and safely shelve these powerful artifacts, away both from the grasp of those who would abuse the objects powers, ...more
Wet Wer Wet video "Strange"
Age, Gender, Male
UK band Wet Wet Wet, change bodies with a number of different people, including a busty woman, a pregnant woman, a little girl, a bodybuilder and a baby. Quite sketchy effects but not bad for fans of body/head swaps.
Where And When
Female, Male
Myka and Pete go back to 1961 using H.G. Wells time machine. But they can't travel physically in time. So its done Quantum Leap Sty;e. They take over for 22 hours the bodies of earlier agents. They need to recover an artifact that turns people into crystal killing them. No TG, Pete becomes the guy ...more
William Burroughs book Soft Machine
Male, Gender
A short few paragraphs has Carl being molded into a woman by the Comandante. In another chapter, a detective switches bodies with a boy in order to travel through time.
Wingin' It episode Under Her Spell
Gender, Inanimate, Male
Carl arrives back at school with the intention of asking Jane out, but he turns into a blubbering mess every time he tries, admitting to porter "my backpack could make better conversation" so could Porter, for that matter, so he and Carl attempt to perform a body swap. But Dennis the Raccoon turns ...more
Witch Wars
In this episode, Demons have created a new reality game show, entitled Witch Wars. In this, Demons attack witches, and using special athamays, take the power of the slain witch. Gideon gets the hosts to go after the Charmed Ones, and tells them to have the Shape Shifter get close to Phoebe. He ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Three Maxes and a Little Lady"
Age, Male, Gender
In order to get the Wizard's Competition moved so Alex and Justin can study (Max is ahead due to Justin and Alex failing Prof. Crumb's test to determine whether or not the Russos would or would not expose magic to the mortal world), Alex changes herself into her brother, Max. She heads to the Wi ...more
Wolverine: The Best There Is issue 9
Gender, Male
Paradox, a one-off character who appeared in Marvel magazines Marvel Preview and Bizarre Adventures back in the early 1980's, returns in the pages of Wolverine's more "mature" book. The shape-shifting secret agent and his new bounty hunter partner Monark Starstalker crossed over into the mainst ...more
Wolverine: Wendigo!
Female, Male, Gender
In the issue's back-up story, Wolverine awakes after passing out in a bar to see Lady Deathstrike, then some of his other enemies over the years, including Mystique, Mr. Sinister, and his nemesis, Sabretooth. But it turns out... (Spoiler Text) And the person responsible turned out to be... ...more
Wonder Woman 1984
Animal, Male
The sequel to Wonder Woman set in 1984, well after World War I from the first film, Wonder Woman stops a group of criminals that robbed a jewelry store in a shopping mall, which in fact was a front for antiquities. One item that is recovered is the Dreamstone. Reading the Latin inscription, ...more
Wonder Woman #12
Male, Gender, Animal
Diana's Department Of Metahuman Affairs partner Tom (Nemesis) Tresser battles fellow shapeshifter Everyman in order to rescue DOMA leader Sarge Steel. (Spoiler Text)
Inanimate, Furry, Male, Female, Animal
Animated series where evil wizard Bubonic and witch Tirania tries to make a spell which curses City. Their familiars are on good side, so they always break the curse. When this happens, their chief, demon Maggog appears and changes them into something awful, usually inanimate. (So, there are TF in ...more