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Category: 'Male'
Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode What's New
Sabrina turnes Miles into Josh for a short time.
The Sarah Silverman Program, episode Batteries
Inanimate, Male
In this episode of this stupid(ly funny), surreal, and somewhat controversial sitcom, Sarah asks help from God (who is black on the show). So she asks Him to get rid of police officers who are chasing her. So God does oblige and He turns them into boxes of Bugles (and I'm talking about the Frito- ...more
Savage Island 2
In order to win this text adventure, you must permanently swap bodies with a caveman.
Cool 1980 David Cronenberg scifi movie about conflicting groups of telepaths that were created accidentally by a pharmaceutical company. In the final telepathic battle the hero can only win by letting the villain destroy his body, but at the last moment transfers his mind to the villain's body. The ...more
Schick: Changing the face of Shaving
In the commercial, trying to show that the razor adjusts to your face, there are several male to male morphs.
Male, Gender
An ancient pestilence parasite called The Scourge has been set free in a small town after being entombed in a church's masonry for a century and a half. It entered its host through the belly and taken over. Think of it as Hidden in a small town.
Sea of Souls, Episode Prayer Tree, part 1 & 2
Female, Male
A couple moved into a new house after their son had died. The suppose haunted house came with a history with string of murder and death, that can traced back to over a hundred years when the owner back then killed his wife and was hang for the crime, and the wife's sister hung herself in the house ...more
Secret of Evermore
Animal, Size, Male
Follows the adventure of a boy and his dog who are transported to a fantastic world, where they must defeat the source of it's evil to return home. Animal: The most notable transformation in this game involves the dog. Depending on your current location, the dog takes on a different form, incl ...more
Plot Summary: The film focuses on a man who, getting on in years and close to death, puts his mind in a younger body. Soon, though, he learns of the means by which his new body was obtained and finds himself on the run from a company trying to silence him.
Sex Machine
Female, Male, Gender
As a result of the chemical experiments she has been involved in, bitch queen Nina can change herself from a beautiful blonde into a well built, muscular stud, or any other person. She also has the power to seduce anyone she desires. First there’s her male pick up who is sent packing after their ...more
She Wolf of London episode What's Got Into Them?
Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the other one ghost is trying to keep another from leaving earth for heaven. They must have living hosts and possess various people and animals via just simple eye contact, with about 8 to 10 possessions/body jumps in this episode. At the end the Hero's Professor is killed and possesses his Aunt ...more
Gender, Male
A psychiatrist, Dr. Harding (played by Jeffrey DeMunn), discovers the multiple personalities of one of his patients (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers). His daughter, Cara Jessup (playded by Julianne Moore) discover more and more about Adam. Cara comes to the conclusion: There's something fishy here! ...more
Shifter (webcomic)
Animal, Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Gender
When Danny Philmore saves an old woman from being run down in the street, she gives him a magic potion which allows him to turn into basically anything that exists. (He can't turn into Santa Claus, for example, but he can become a mall Santa.) He started out trying to use his abilities to save pe ...more
Show Ghouls
Very good show. Some spirts are caught in a time warp. One possesses a friend of the cop who helps the Charmed Ones. The sisters try to help. Drake a demon turned human & Phoebe's spirts go back to the past to help break them free. An evil man who made a dela with a deal comes to the future and ...more
Silver Age #1/Silver Age Justice League of America #1
Agamemno needs the JLA's help to secure a powerful weapon, so he can take over the universe. Knowing the heroes won't help him, he switches their minds with several villains'. In the process, Black Canary and the Catwoman are switched. This was part of a series of one-shots from DC. While the story ...more
Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists
When the powerful wizard, Baraka, switches bodies with the King the brave Princess Serena is the kingdom's only hope of setting things right again. Guided by a stolen page from Baraka's book, Serena enlists the help of the adventurer Sinbad to take her beyond the Veil of Mists. It is there that her ...more
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; The Land of Mist
Gender, Male
Part of the Professor Challenger adventures. Mr. John Turbane, a medium, is possessed by several spirits, including a Chinese man named Mr Chang, a high-society woman, and a sailor, among others. These appear to be true possessions - the woman, for example, expresses surprise at finding herself in ...more
Skeleton Key
Male, Female
Film features a female body swap and a male body swap which has just occurred at the film's start. Two put-upon servants use voodoo to steal the bodies of people they lure to their house. Spoilers (Spoiler Text)
Sky High
Age, Male, Animal
There are a suprising amount of transformations in this movie, and most of these aren't just one shot. Too many to get into, so I'll just list 'em. Most take place first while the testing to see whether the students are heroes or sidekicks is going on. - One student, named Larry, is a stereotypic ...more
Sliders: Dragonslide
Male, Mythical
"On a world of magic and dragons, Quinn is mistaken for a wizard and kidnapped by an evil warlock bent on immortality. Meanwhile, Wade tries to help Rembrandt's love troubles with a love potion, but it backfires and makes Rembrandt fall in love with her." (Spoiler Text)
Slob Evolution
A young male model is transformed into a slob via time lapse photography. A parody of the Dove Soap "Evolution" commercial.
Smackdown vs Raw 2009
Male, Gender
In the commercial for the new wrestling game. A tag team is introduced with Triple H and John Cena. Cena then transforms into Batista, then into The Big Show and then into Hornswoggle all because a player cant decide who to play as. The player finally decides to pick WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. Trail ...more
Smallville episode Finale (Part 2)
Darkseid makes a deal with Lionel from the alternate universe, (Spoiler Text)
Smallville episode Persona
Clark Kent seeks out help from Lionel Luthor to learn how to find a Kryptonian Scientist to help beat Bizarro. (Spoiler Text)
Smallville episode Transference
A strange glowing stone causes Clark and Lionel to switch bodies, and when Lionel discovers his new body has superpowers, he immediately begins wreaking havoc on Smallville.
"Snakedance" episode of Doctor Who
Male, Gender
Fifth Doctor, Season 20, 1983 The Mara, returns and possessed Tegan again, then transferred to a prince's body.
So Weird episode Will O' the Wisp
A male Will'o Wisp posseses Jack.
Sometimes They Come Back... Again
Male, Gender
Based on Stephen King's book. Very brief, three evil guys came back to life and two of them transformed and pretended to be the male and female cops in order to lure one of the girls into their car. Near the end of the movie, one of the evil guys had used the girl's voice to lure another girl out o ...more
Sonic Boom episode "The Meteor"
Animal, Male
When Sonic and Dr. Eggman touch the purple meteor at the same time, they both switched Bodies.
Soul Nomad and the World Eaters
Male, Female, Gender, Animal
An item in the game called "Switch" (or the better version called "Change") Allows you to "Trade bodies with the target squad". It gives you control of an enemy squad while giving the enemy control of your squad that used the item. The animation after using the item shows the souls of the squad lea ...more
Source Code
A US helicopter pilot is sent on a mission with a twist. He must prevent an explosion on a Chicago bound commuter train and uncover the bomber responsible. In order to do this he is transported into the body of a school teacher called Sean. A pretty good film with a rather predictable twist at the ...more
South Park episode Unknown
The boys buy ninja weapons. They use these powers to transform (well make pretend to) into street fighter look alikes of themselves, this occurs three time in the episode, once to Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, once to Butters where he transforms into Proffessor Chaos and again to Craig, Clyde, Ji ...more
Age, Female, Male, Gender
Ian Sparks goes from masked superhero to most wanted criminal in this 2013 graphic novel, which was also made into a 2014 movie. One of the supers who tries to help him to clear his name is Dawn, a shape-shifting prostitute. In the graphic novel, Dawn changes into Sparks' ex-girlfriend and forme ...more
Spawn episode Unknown
In insane priest armed with granades holds a boy hostage. When the priest is blown up by his own granades and the boy is saved by Spawn, the priest is still alive, standing on a rooftop. He laughs wickedly as he molts out of his skin(a rather disgusting scene), revealing it to be Clown in "disguise" ...more
The Spectacular Spider-Man #242-#243
Male, Gender
Chameleon takes on the appearance of Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, and Marylin Monroe while talking to Dr. Kafka. Chameleon later disguises himself as Dr. Kafka (slender and busty female with long black hair, wearing a skirt) in order to trick Spiderman into losing his identity. He takes this ...more
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
Prince Tutankhamen aka the mummy has a brother, Akhenaten. It turns out that Akhenaten is actually the evil god Set. There is an offscreen transformation between the two forms.
Spider-Man And Fantastic Four
Released early July 2010, set in the early days of the characters, Doctor Doom switches bodies once again, this time with the Human Torch! Having no trouble with Johnny's flame powers, its up to Spider-Man to figure out how to get Doom to make the swap back into his own body!
Spider-Man Unlimited #11 (vol. 1)
Gender, Male
Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) must team up with Black Cat to clear her of the murder of a wealthy socialite despite all evidence seemingly pointing towards her. (Spoiler Text)
"Splitting Images" episode of Danny Phantom
Danny uses his ghost powers to get revenge on Dash once again. But once a ghost nerd finds out that Danny is exploiting his ghost powers for bullying, the ghost nerd discovers Danny's ghost powers, jumps inside Danny's body causing Danny to be the ghost nerd.
Spy Kids 3D: Game Over
In this third installment Juni is 'retired' from the OS when he is called on a mission by Devlin the president to save his sister who is trapped inside a video game created by the Toymaker (Sly Stallone). The Toymaker has three alternate versions of himself who he talks to and during the final ...more
Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic
Gender, Male, Female, Animal
A new animated film (straight-to-DVD) from Stan Lee. During a lightning storm, the heroine - a teen stage actress - gains the ability to shape-shift into other people and animals by copying their DNA (as well as invisibility, super-strength and... climbing walls). She soon uncovers a plot invol ...more
Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Power Play"
Gender, Male
An away team is possessed by the disembodied members of a 200 year old ship that crashed there. An entity claiming to be Captain Bryce Shumar possesses Troi (Marina Sirtis), and two other male officers also possess Data and O'Brian, who then stage a mutiny. Eventually it turns out that the entities ...more
Stargate Infinity episode Decision
A shapeshifter disguised as a doctor(male) on the team while on a off world mission return to Earth and later managed to infiltrate the base and uses team commander's form(male) gain access to the Stargate control room to open the Stargate. But in order to operate the control the shapeshifter chang ...more
Stargate Universe Episode: Air, Part 2 & 3
Female, Male
In the pilot episode of the third Stargate show. A group of humans are on an another planet trying to figure more about the Stargate and how to activate the 9th and final symbol that would take them to an unknown locaction. They are then attacked by an unknown alien race and they figure the 9th sym ...more
State Bank All in One Australian TV Commercial
Male, Gender
Various men and women morph into each other. *State Bank All in One
Stephen Elliott
This collection of fiction reflects the post-9/11 political situation in America, with a satirical tale about George W. Bush switching bodies with a boy in Minnesota among the other stories.
Summer in Transylvania episode "It Lived in a Brain Jar"
Male, Gender
A dad accidentally swaps places with a brain in a jar, then gets placed inside his daughter's body.
Summer Switch
Stumbled across this one at IMDB - "Most people don't realize that this movie predated the father/son body swap movies such as Like Father Like Son and Vice Versa."
Super Mario Sunshine
In the game Mario gets framed by another version of himself, "Shadow Mario", and later on you find out it is really (Spoiler Text)
Superboy (the TV Series) episode Body Swap. 3x16
Lex Luthor and Superboy switched bodies, and Lex Luthor(with Superboy's mind in it) was sentenced to death..... They switched back via tricking Superboy(with Lex's mind in it), using the same mind switching machine.
Superboy (The TV Series) episode Neila and the Beast. 3x13
Near the end of the episode, the beast that everyone thought to be trying to kill Neila, a princess from another world and also possessed superpowers, turned out to be in love with Neila. The person that Neila fell in love for the whole episode, Mitch, turned out to be the one sent to kill her. The ...more
Superboy(the TV Series) episode Part 1&2. 1x13, 1x14 The Revenge of the Alien
The alien from "Alien Solution" escaped, possessed a male cop, but when the cop was killed by the Superboy, the alien tried to take over him, but was ejected. It took the closest body, Superboy/Clark Kent's father, Jonathan Kent. When Superboy finally realized that his father was been possessed by t ...more
Supergirl #10
Gender, Male
At the end of the issue we see the villain of the next issue(who may be one of the people Kara fought when she first arrived on Earth). They're testing the camouflage abilities of the device that will allow him to fight Supergirl(there is no explaination in the dialogue). The camouflage transform ...more
Supergirl #21
Gender, Male, Age
Everything on the planet I'noxia - all buildings and life forms - are made from a substance called N-10, which can be re-shaped into anything imaginable. The I'noxian Delacore first appears in the issue in his natural form, a bipedal alien cyborg. He and the other I'noxians later assume a more hu ...more
Supergirl #44
Female, Gender, Male
Flamebird and Nightwing are seen in Los Angles on a rampage stating their actions are "For Krypton". Supergirl and Mon-El are sent to investigate where it is revealed that (Spoiler Text) This story continues in Superman 691
Superman #691
Female, Gender, Male
The identities of all of Flamebird, Nightwing and Supergirl are revealed to Mon-El. (Spoiler Text)
Superman Adventures #28
While Superman is rescuing Jimmy and Lois from Intergang, Kalibak appears and announces he plans to switch bodies with the Man Of Steel. When Kalibak is about to make the mind transfer, Jimmy Olsen interferes and Superman and Jimmy get their minds switched! In a quick retreat, Kalibak grabs Jimmy - ...more
Superman/Batman #15
In this crossover comic, in an alternate time-line, Batman and Superman have been raised by tyrannical super-beings and rule the Earth with an iron fist. Having eliminated most of the heroes, the remaining ones attempt to fight back and Deadman possesses Superman's body and attempts to throttle Bat ...more
Superman/Batman #28-#33
Female, Male, Gender
A mysterious shape-shifter has been attacking Batman and Superman and appearing in various guises... male, female, and alien. (Spoiler Text)
Supernatural episode Night Shifter
Gender, Male
A sort of sequel to the first season episode "Skin." Another shapeshifter has been committing robberies in the Milwaukee area, taking the shape of people who work at banks and jewelry stores and then making it look like they committed suicide. (Spoiler Text)
Supernatural, After School Special
Gender, Male
A dead teenager from Sam's past started to possess people in the school. The ghost was confined on a school bus, where he's only able to possess those riding the bus. Mostly male possessions, but at least 2 female possession did took place.
Supernatural: The Animated Series "Alter Ego"
Gender, Male
An animated version of Supernatural, based on the first two seasons of the show. This episode is based on "Skin". (Spoiler Text)
Female, Gender, Male, Mechanical
This movie is based on a Graphic Novel. The main plot of the movie involves people using a neural interface to control robot bodies, or Surrogates, that can be made to look like who you want to be. ===Gender=== *In the begining of the film, a man meets a woman in the bar, when they are attac ...more
Swap Nation
Gender, Male, Female
The pseudonymous web-journalist Alex Manson returns with this blog, arranged as a series of news articles (with occasional interviews and guest-columns.) According to this site, an unknown worldwide phenomenon is swapping peoples' minds at random.
Gender, Male
Switchers is a series of shorts telling the story of a teenager named Amine. One day Amine receives a cellphone that causes him to change into somebody when he selects their picture from a Facebook account. He uses this in order to get closer to a girl he likes (Anissa) by taking a turning into a v ...more
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Share-a-Lair
Animal, Male, Gender
T.U.F.F. and their evil counterparts at D.O.O.M. keep blowing up each other's secret bases with missile strikes, thanks in part to intel from their new field agents. Eventually, a real estate agent finds a new office for T.U.F.F., one they have to share with current renters D.O.O.M.! In the end, b ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode The Switch
Age, Male
An elderly millionaire asks a plastic surgeon to give him the body of a younger man to win the girl of his dreams. An old man is in love with a young woman. He pays a young man millions of dollars for his body parts (one piece at a time) until they have switched bodies. Ironic twist? The girl i ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode Unknown
A guy is being tormented by his imaginary friend. He almost banishes the friend, only to have him take over his body for good.
Tales From the Darkside episode The Swap
Young wife team up with a pretty boy to kill her old and ugly husband to get the wealth. The husband saw through all of the plots and managed to get potion to swap body with the pretty boy before murdered. All was revealed after the two young lovers got married.
Tales From the Loop
"A discovery in the woods gives two teenaged boys an opportunity to step outside their lives and learn everything is not as it seems." In an alternate timeline where (apparent) alien technology has crashed in a small Ohio town and is being studied in an underground laboratory known as The Loop, ...more
Teen Titans #45
Jericho briefly possesses Inertia in order to stop Deathstroke from attacking Batgirl.
Teen Titans Annual #1 2009
Gender, Male
===Female to Male=== Miss Martian comments that when she looks at Eddie Bloomberg, she expects to see him as his old Red Devil form. She morphs into his body to show him what she means, and changes back. One pannel shows her in between forms. Brief. ===Male/Possession=== Cyborg tells Static ...more
Teen Titans episode "Titans Together"
With nearly all the Teen Titans captured, only a few remain, one of which being Jericho, a possessor, he looks someone right in the eye then possesses him or her. In the final episode he Possesses Cinderblock briefly, then possesses numerous other enemies during the final battle
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Male, Mythical, Age, Female, Animal
This is the sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament and the storylines for the following characters have transformations involved: Heichachi - The opening story has him drink a serum that makes him younger and also stronger and the ending has him drink a serum that transforms him into a bear. Jun - ...more
Terminal Invasion
Female, Male
Low budget TV movie with Bruce Campbell playing an escaped murder. Sort of like The Thing set in a very small out of the way Air Port Terminal. Alien invaders have taken on the shape of various human beings there, including a woman, a man, etc. Campbell gives his usual good performance. The Mov ...more
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Gender
The T-1000, (Spoiler Text) takes on both male and female shapes. (Spoiler Text)
The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Job"
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the episode The Job the dad gets a job and it upsets the universe so much a bunch of things get changed around town as he goes by. (Spoiler Text)
The Borrower
In this sci-fi effort, an alien serial killer is exiled to Earth, which is considered to be the worst place in the universe. It's given a human body, though it loses its head during a last-ditch escape attempt (I think). Since its brain is somewhere in its torso, it manages to survive, but it mus ...more
The Boys episode Nothing Like It in the World
Male, Gender
Homelander (Antony Starr) flies to a house where Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) is waiting for him. After a while together, Madelyn (Spoiler Text)
The Change Up
Dave is a married man with two kids and a loving wife , and Mitch is a single man who is at the prime of his sexual life. One fateful night while Mitch and Dave are peeing in a fountain when lightning strikes and they switch bodies.
The Cobbler
Gender, Male
Anytime Adam Sandler wears someones shoes, he turns into them. Has several MtM and a sort of MtF transformation. No actual transformation, just an illusion that is convincing enough to those around him that he actually is the person whose shoes he's wearing.
The Covenant
One of the Witches of Ipswitch turns himself into mist to spy on a Caleb's girlfriend Sarah in the dorm bathroom. (Spoiler Text) Also, (Spoiler Text)
The Day of the Doctor
Animal, Gender, Male
The shape-shifting Zygons play an important role in the primary subplot of the episode. Though technically hermaphroditic, they are all portrayed in their natural forms by male actors. The Zygons end up mimicking: (Spoiler Text)
The End of Time: Part One
Male, Gender
At the end of the episode... (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode Don't Run
Male, Race
In this episode Clifford DeVoe / Thinker (Neil Sandilands) uses his chair (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode Lose Yourself
Gender, Male
Team Flash finds the last bus Meta, Edwin Gauss. They bring him to Star Labs, and using his powers they are able to break into DeVoe's pocket dimension. Doing so is exactly what the Thinker wants as he sneaks into Star Labs to take the powers of the final 3 bus Metas. Clifford DeVoe is still in ...more
The Flash episode The Trap
Age, Male
Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe form a plan to confront Dr. Harrison Wells, and to force a confession. The plan is going well, as Dr. Wells shows up and Cisco is able to activate the shield to protect himself, but then it falls apart because Dr. Wells is able to walk through the shield. (Spoiler ...more
The Flash episode Tricksters
In flashbacks in this episode, more is shown of the night that Barry's mother was killed by the man in Yellow. It is revealed that after the attack, the man in yellow ran off. (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode True Colors
Gender, Male, Race
===Male/Race=== In this episode Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), aka in the comics the Elongated Man, has a run in with an old friend. While relating the encounter to Team Flash, he changes his form into that of the friend, and learns he now can use his powers to shape-shift. He later uses this power ...more
The Flash episode Who Is Harrison Wells?
Age, Female, Gender, Male
A woman robs a bank, but swears she was with her husband at the time it happened. Later, a man is seen trying to sell the jewelry that was stolen from the bank. On his way out, he touches a woman, and (Spoiler Text) A new metahuman is on the loose. (Spoiler Text)
The Highwayman episode The Hitchhiker
Male, Gender
Alien possesses a series of male and female bodies in an attempt to contact its home world. It possessed a female reporter first, then the general, the Highwayman, female scientist at the radio telescope, male doctor, and the major, mostly through touch. Can see this on youtube, in 5 parts Hi ...more
The Magic Order, Vol. 1
Gender, Male
Lord Cornwall is a shape-shifting wizard, one of a group attempting to assassinate the Inner Circle of the Magic Order in order to make Madame Albany its new head. Cornwall changes shape in three issues. In the first issue, he transforms into a naked version of a recently-murdered Inner Circle wi ...more
The Mephisto Waltz
Female, Male
Alan Alda's character is a music journalist whose career as a piano player came to an end when his debut concert received undeservedly scathing reviews. Spoilers Duncan Ely is a older, rich man who befriends Myles (Alan Alda). Duncan Ely is a former famous piano player. He has a daughter, Ro ...more
The Planet Closest to Heaven
Male, Mythical, Furry
Macho 19 year old man gets turned into a cat-dog by his partner for abusing his powers. Becomes the pet of a brother and sister with strange abilities. (Spoiler Text)
The Reluctant Swordsman by Dave Duncan
The consciousness of Wallie Smith, a dying man, is transferred into the body of the otherdimensional barbarian swordsman Shonsu.
The Sarah Silverman Program: Episode "A Fairly Attractive Mind"
Gender, Male
Sarah's friends Steve and Gary accidentally bump heads answering a mysterious dragon phone and end up switching bodies just before Gary's father is due to visit. Gary's father realizes that they're body-swapped because he's actually a Chinese prostitute who switched bodies years ago in a similar a ...more
The Simpsons, Episode 'Holidays of Future Passed'
Gender, Male
In an episode set thirty years in the future, Carl and Lenny have had brain swap surgery. Also, when Lisa is looking at her Facebook friend requests, she realizes that Martin Prince is now Martha Princess.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Female, Gender, Male
Several brief TFs in this movie — The most notable of which are: (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
The Succubus and Other Stories
Female, Male
a short story anthology In the 16th story a man testing a personality splitting experiment winds up in several bodies, most notably his wife. But someone is out to get rid of him... here is a brief sample Water flowing over his thighs, his flanks, his breasts. An interesting dream, this ...more
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 09
Gender, Male
While admiring the Von Doom painting he took from Boomerang, Chameleon shifts between faces he calls "Roger" and "Donna' while acting out a declaration of love scene straight out of a soap opera or romance novel..complete with kissing noises...just as an associate walks in.
The Umbrella Academy
Animal, Gender, Male, Age
Number Five travels through time and grows about fifty years younger, returning as a pre-teen boy. Luther was injected with a serum that saved his life, but gave him the body of an ape. Ben possesses his brother Klaus, and later his sister Vanya.
Thomas Mann book Die vertauschten Köpfe Eine indische Legende
Thor Volume 3 (2007-)
The Gods and other allies of Thor have been placed into human bodies and spread around the world. So far Thor has found Heimdall (a homeless man in New Orleans), the Warriors Three (as 3 guards at an african refugee aid camp), and Loki (Thor's brother) who comes back in the form of a beautiful woma ...more
Thor: The Dark World
Gender, Male
In Thor: The Dark World, there is a scene where Thor is speaking with Loki where Loki uses his powers to make himself look like an Asgardian solider. He then (Spoiler Text) After which, he also (Spoiler Text).
Three 6 Mafia video "Doe Boy Fresh"
Gender, Male
At the beginning of the three 6 mafia music video people are waiting in line paying money to look through a viewing portal of the three 6 mafia members. While the rappers are singing they change into the people who are looking through the portal.
Tiger Beer (Malaysia)
Animal, Gender, Male, Mechanical
Two guys want the last Tiger Beer, so one of them proposes they arm-wrestle for it. That's when things start to get weird. (Spoiler Text) Tiger Beer ad on Youtube
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Episode Cats
Male, Animal
Tim learned how to change himself into an orange house cat. But sadly, Tim really can't control it. He randomly changes between his cat form and a small, screaming, naked version of himself.
Tim Powers book The Anubis Gates
NOTE: This is taken directly from the back-of-the-book description. I can't spell out the tf sequence without doing it justice (short but critical to the storyline). I suggest you read the book! :) The Anubis Gates is the classic, Philipp K. Dick Award-winning time travel novel that took the fant ...more
Titans #24-#25
Male, Gender
At the end of Issue 24, Deathstroke shoots Lex Luthor's assistant, a woman named Nava Mendelssohn, in the head just as she's about to shoot Luthor. But she's not what she seems to be, nor is she dead. (Spoiler Text)
Tom and Jerry Kids episode Droopy and dripple: the curse of Dr Wolfenstien.
In this episode of Droopy and Dripple- the mad doctor Wolfenstein tries to impress the heroine of the story who rejects him because he's ugly, so he invents a potion that makes him gorgeous- but there is a catch- if hit by moonlight he turns back into himself again, the things he turns into are Elv ...more
Female, Male, Race, Age
Movie about an elderly German couple that transfers (hence the title) their minds into two young African bodies. Not only has the couple to cope with going from white to black, but they are also not in full control of these new bodies. Because each night when they go to sleep, the minds of the orig ...more
The Triangle episode Part 2
In part 2 of the mini series, we begin to realize what on earth is happening. As it turns out the triangle or something ir creating alternat universes for a short period of time around the main characters. Like a man has two sons instead of one. But the one with transformation was there was one wher ...more
True Blood episode I Wish I Was the Moon
Tommy is asked by Sam to open up the bar as Sam is dealing with a fire that took out his houses. As Tommy is looking at the mirror (Spoiler Text) In this same episode, Marnie is once again possessed by (Spoiler Text) Also, to save his boyfriend Jesus, Lafayette is able to heal him when he is ...more
TurboTax Live Super Bowl 2022 TV Spot, 'What If?' Featuring Jason Sudeikis
Male, Gender
During Super Bowl LVI, a TurboTax Live user poses a suspiciously specific "hypothetical" to her matched tax expert: Can she help a freelancer who just bought a new home-slash-office? "That's Right." Encouraged to keep asking questions, the user takes off her mask to reveal a man who invests in cryp ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Four of Us are Dying
A guy has the power to take the form of anyone at will. He's a con artist who reads the obituaries and then empties the bank accounts and seduces the girlfriends of recently killed men (seeing is believing). All too soon, he realizes that some of those people had enemies...
Twilight Zone episode The Pharoh's Curse
Harry, a retiring magician (Xander Berkeley) shares a famous trick with a colleague Mario Devlin(Shawn Hatosy) but the trick, where two magicians exchange cages, is not just stage magic, it is REAL magic! The two men exchange bodies, but not souls, leaving youthful Mario trapped in the aging ...more
Twilight Zone episode A Quality of Mercy
A bloodthirsty World War II officer suddenly takes over the body of his Japanese counterpart, putting a human face on the enemy.
Twilight Zone episode Time Lapse
A hospital orderly is tending a patient being guarded by the Secret Service. The orderly begins to have blackouts, during which he seems to be planning the assassination of the President's daughter. It turns out he's being possessed by the man in the coma, who is actually a Secret Service agent out ...more
The Twilight Zone (2002 Series)
A black man being chased by three thugs asks a white man to let him into his car. The white man drives away for a little, then stops for awhile, watching the beating in his mirror, then drives off again. While wracked with guilt, the man slowly starts to turn into the man whom he refused to help, b ...more
Twilight Zone episode Unknown
A guy finds a genie who will grant him four wishes. Of course everything backfires. He wishes to be a powerful man, a twentieth century leader. He is turned into Adolf Hitler, about to kill himself in a bunker below Berlin.
Twisted episode Bonus Mileage
"Twisted" is a "Twilight Zone"/"Way Out"-like series from Australia which is now being run in the U.S. on the Mystery Channel. In the episode "Bonus Mileage", a nervous and boorish air passenger portrayed by Geoffrey Rush is drawn into a conversation with a smooth-talking fellow flyer from first cl ...more
Twisted Sister?
I don't know why this is not in here yet although I like average women transforming into attractive women, this is an old 80s early 90s video for Twisted Sister where Chet from Weird Science starts yelling at his little brother on his bed asking him if that is a pledge pin on his shirt. Little broth ...more