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Category: 'Male'
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, episode "Ghostly Stare"
Female, Male
Older sister and younger brother were left home alone, they went to nearby cemetery to copy headstones. The younger brother fell into a fresh dug grave site, and a male ghost took over his body and replaced his soul. The older sister figured it out when the younger brother keep saying he's cold, an ...more
Rachel's Haven
Age, Female, Furry, Gender, Male
A website developed by the captioner Rachel, devoted to various topics on transformations related to Gender, Furry, Age, Male and Female. Includes many captioned images, as well as various Role-Play Topics. Also, as of Oct 2008, it now includes a story archive. *** Registration required to ac ...more
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) episode Whatever Possessed You?
Female, Gender, Male
Towards the end of the episode, Jeannie Hopkirk (Emily Fox) is shown entering a room. She then talks in Marty Hopkirk's (Vic Reeves') voice. Apparently Jeannie's soul was placed in a dying man's body whilst Marty possessed Jeannie's body to protect it. You briefly see the "depossession", where J ...more
Rave Master chaper 96: The search for Alice!
Male, Gender, Animal
In this chapter, a female character wearing a skirt named Ellie (Resha Valentine) has broken her arm, so she, two guys named Haru Glory and Hamrio Musica, and their creature (dog/bug?) Plue (Rave Bearer) search for a healer named Alice to fix it. While searching in the woods, (Spoiler Text) Not ...more
Red Drawf episode Unknown
The Gang, (lister, the cat, and the hologram,) all male, have swapped bodies in various episodes, including one called Bodyswap, I think. (They also have become other people on occasion during their adventures, tho usually looking like the original, in journeys home or through time or parrellel un ...more
Red Dwarf episode Body Swap
Male, Gender
Rimmer convinces Lister to loan him his body for two weeks. A female officer's memory record is downloaded into Lister's body. Brief.
Red Mist
Gender, Male
Synopsis from imdb: A young doctor in a US hospital administers a powerful and untested cocktail of drugs to a coma victim. But instead of curing him, it triggers a powerful "out-of-body" experience and enables the patient - a depraved and dangerous loner - to inhabit other people's bodies and, th ...more
Red Vs Blue Episode 14
Church posesses Sarge to sneak into the Red Base and rescue Tex.
Gender, Male, Female
Jericho Way, an architect-turned-burglar, is The Maker. Thousands of years ago, he was Tao, whose job was to build tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs. When he was betrayed, Tao joined a group of grave-robbers known as The Resurrectionists. The members of the group have been reincarnated throughout h ...more
Richard Morgan book Altered Carbon
Gender, Male
Personalities are resleeved into other bodies. paperback has been out since march 2003 In this book, a male soldier investigator is placed in another man's body to investigate a murder of a wealthy old woman. This is an excellent sci-fi murder mystery. The book is set in a future where people ...more
Richard Morgan book Broken Angels
Thirty years later, our super-soldier hero Takeshi Kovacs is wearing yet another body (swapping is easy in this future), and fighting a war.
Robert Bloch
Gender, Size, Male, Size, Animal, Male, Gender
First person narrative. In the 40s a census taker comes to a house. meets an orginary lookng woman who says her occupation is a witch and she is 700 plus years old. he tries to leave, but the door has disappered! Its written very hard boiled detective syle. He is forced by her to go to a sabbath ...more
Robert E. Howard
Puritan adventurer/monster slayer Solomon Kane encounters a race of vampires in Africa. His blood-brother, the sorcerer N'Longa, possesses the body of young warrior Kran in order to help Kane destroy the vampires.
Robert Rodi book "When You Were Me"
Rich but middle aged Harry McGann regrets the missed opportunities of youth he bypassed on his way to success. Attractive twentysomething Corey Szaslow is barely getting by after kicking a meth habit. After Harry literally runs into Corey, the two men enter into an agreement to switch bodies and ...more
Romance of the Three Kingdoms book Unknown
SPOILERS After being captured by the Wu general Lu Meng (after a failed attack on Fan Castle) and executed (along with his son), Shu's greatest general, Guan Yu, possesses Lu Meng at a banquet honoring Meng. He insults the emperor of Wu, Sun Quan, and then Lu Meng falls over and dies, blood po ...more
Roswell episode Chant Down Babylon
Max was forced to use his power of healing to rejuvenate a dying old man, which caused Max to age and turn to dust. The old man was turned young all right, but he ended up looking like Max. The man's younger wife didn't mind the change, until Max's personality started to take over. Max and the old m ...more
Roswell episode Unknown
In a number of episodes, in the 1st 2 seasons, an alien who aided Tess and kept a covert eye on the Roswell aliens and their safety, shapeshifted into a number of other identities, most noticably An FBI agent who he masqueraded as for quite some time after killing the man as a threat to his charges. ...more
Rowling, J.K. 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'
Female, Male
Several characters magically transform into other people, though no cross gender/species transformations.
"Rules of Engagement" episode of Dresden Files
In order to fool the demon into believing he had killed his client's boyfriend, Harry had to get Bob, Harry's dead friend that's able to emerge back in spirit form, to pretend to be the boyfriend, and get fried. After the demon left, Bob, still in the client's boyfriend's form, turned back to himse ...more