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Category: 'Male'
O'Melissokomos: The Bee Keeper
Gay male transformation (stories, morphs) and more!
Obvious Changes commercial TV Commercial
This is an older commercial that was aired a while back. It starts off with two women talking while the first's woman's husband is sitting, watching their tiny, old TV. The second woman says, "I See two things that you obviously need to change in your life!" The woman snaps her fingers, and the ol ...more
Odin Sphere
Animal, Gender, Male, Monster, Furry
Cornelius, the young prince of Titania, suddenly wakes up to find himself in a strange and desolate place, and his body has somehow become that of a "beast". He has in fact been transformed into a Pooka, a rabbit-like creature that walks upright and has the ability to speak. (Spoiler Text) Aft ...more
Old Spice Commercial, Motorcycle
Animal, Gender, Male
The ad starts with three men in a sauna. One picks up a bottle of Old Spice Body Wash and begins to smell it. Soon his exterior begins to crack away, revealing another man inside. The sauna begins to crack away as well, revealing that the man is on a motorcycle and the tub that the two other men ar ...more
Once Upon a Time, "Save Henry
(Spoiler Text)
Once Upon a Time, "The Cricket Game"
Male, Female
Cora poses as her daughter, Regina (aka "the Evil Queen") to frame her for the murder of psychiatrist Archie Hopper (aka "Jiminy Cricket"). (Spoiler Text)
One Life to Live episode Unknown
The character Al died and was permitted to possess the recently dead body of Michael months ago. The dearly departed Al had a mission for Valentine's Day 2004, and that was for Marcie to see that even though he looked like Michael McBain, he was really Al. He spent months giving her clues that ...more
The Outer Limits episode The Human Factor
From the description on the box: A snowbound outpost isolated from the world-at-large where a handful of people maintain constant alert against enemy attack ... a crazed Army major haunted by the ice-encrusted ghost of a soldier he left to die ... a machine that swaps minds between two bodies. Th ...more
The Outer Limits episode The Hundred Days of the Dragon
Description taken from video: No one knows, the but the president is not who he appears to be. In a terrifying timely story of genetic engineering and East-West powerplay, "The Hundred Days fo the Dragon" strs Sidney Blackmer as a popular American President who puts into place a master plan t ...more
Outsiders vol. 3 #16
Gender, Male
While Metamorpho is (in his own jokey manner) explaining what aspect of Batman each of the various Outsiders represents, he briefly (or a panel each) turns into Robin and a more cartoonish version Katana. When asked what HE represents, he responds by stating that he's Batman's utility belt... and ...more