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Category: 'Male'
H.F. Heard
...a couple of professors who wonder if they can exchange bodies simply by willing it. (They can.) is about male professors - it was written in the forties after all ;) I found a review of the book from the Sep. 25, 1944 issue of TIME magazine. Submission edited to remove actual copyrighted ...more
H.P. Lovecraft
Gender, Mythical, Animal, Animal, Male
In "The Festival," Abdul Alhazred writes how sometimes worms and insects that feed on the corpses of dead sorcerers become possessed by their spirits and grow to obscene sizes. In "The Moon Bog," the owner and staff of a manor-house are turned into frogs. In "Shadow Out of Time," ancient al ...more
"The Hair of the Dog" episode of Dresden Files
Were, Male
Very good show. Women are killed around the Country with their lungs full a silver compound. The show is very well acted by the lead. Incidental transformation. Dresden's Ghost friends asumes very briefly the shapes of these he is investigating by touching the bloods left behind, including male ...more
Harlan Ellison
Originally in Omni magazine for October '93. Main character is a telepath who's one friend is a female district attorney. She asks him to look into the mind of an accused serial killer to determine if he's innocent or not. When the main character does, he finds that not only is the accused innoce ...more
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Male, Gender, Female
(Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Haven, The Old Switcheroo Part 1 & 2
Gender, Male
A body swap Trouble affects various people over a two-part episode. The focus is on the bodyswaps between main characters Nathan and Duke, brothers Vince and Dave, and workmates Gloria and Dwight, among other minor switches. (Spoiler Text)
Heart and Souls
Male, Gender
Complicated and meandering film in which four people and a baby die in a San Francisco trolleybus crash. However the adults remain in a sort of half life on earth, staying with the child. Many years later they find out that the reason that they stayed on earth was to enable them to complete one las ...more
Here Comes the Bride
Female, Male, Gender
A Filipino comedy movie about a massive body swap that occurs during a freak accident coinciding with a solar eclipse. Beautiful bride to be (Angelica Panganiban) enters the body of her Auntie (Eugene Domingo), while Auntie ends up in Maid's body (Tuesday Vargas), Maid ends up in Father of Bride's ...more
Female, Male, Race
They thought they were like everyone else....until they woke up with extroadinary powers.
Heroes episode "Turn and Face the Strange"
Gender, Male
Sylar has some fun with his new shapeshifting power. He uses it to impersonate Emile Danko when Danko is not in the room. He then impersonates Sandra Bennet to destroy HRG's life. At one point, HRG pretends to be Sylar impersonating him, but that doesn't really count. But in the last few scenes ...more
Heroes episode Into Asylum
Gender, Male
In this episode, Danko's team of evolved human hunters targets James Martin, an evolved human with the ability of shapeshifting. (Spoiler Text)
Highway To Heaven episode The Banker and the Bum
Jonathan arranges an exchange between a pitiless millionaire and a kind vagrant.
"Holiday" episode of Stargate SG-1
When the SG-1 team stumble upon the chamber of former Goa'uld enemy Ma'chello, they fall victim to his powerful body-swapping invention. Ma'chello takes on Daniel's body and the young archeologist finds himself trapped in the body of an old and dying man. In Daniel's body, Ma'chello flees the SGC a ...more
Holiday Wars
Animal, Male
The second time we get to see April Fools shape shift in "Holiday Wars" *is in this episode, where he transforms from being a zombie dinosaur into a more human form.
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids episode Honey, I'm Haunted
Wayne gets possessed by a ghost and so does nick
Hong Kong Phooey episode Dr. Disguiso
Animal, Male, Gender
Dr. Disguiso - the notorious quick-change artist and master of disguise - is breaking into safes all over the city. He breaks into the Sgt. Flint's safe disguised as the leggy lady of dispatch - "the lovely lady with the classy chassis" - Rosemary - and uses this disguise to enter the Mayor's house ...more
Nerdy computer geek makes a deal with saten and is transformed into "Mr. Hunk Golden". He wakes up and is very happy with his new body. Silly plot but cute guy. This American movie was from the 80's. Has typical lessons about looks not being that important.
I Dream Of Jeannie episode Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?
Its Roger's birthday and Jeannie and Tony throw a small party for him. Instead of a normal gift Jeannie decides to give Roger something he has always wanted, his very own wish. As Roger is leaving the house, Tony mentions the fact that the next day he is going on an important space flight and Roger ...more
Ian McEwan book The Daydreamer
Peter Fortune finds himself transformed into a doll, a cat, a difficult baby and -- perhaps most harrowing of all -- a grown-up. He and his infant cousin, Kenneth, switch bodies: "Tears were pouring down his face, and he was just drawing breath to fill his lungs and bawl out his sorrow when somethin ...more
SPOILERS AHEAD ** This does not have a transformation (it's more psychological) - but what is interesting about this movie are the main characters. We follow a group of characters who seem to be stuck on a severe rainy night, at a grusome hotel out in the middle of no where. People are quickly mu ...more
Identity Theft
Gender, Male, Mechanical
Set on Mars in the future, when people can become Transfers(their minds are transfered to robot bodies, while the originals are killed) to travel, a woman hires the only private investigator on the planet to find her missing husband, who disappeared when they were both transfering from Earth. ...more
Immortel (ad vitam)
A French film (but mostly in English) based on a comic. The Egyptian god Horus is about to be sentenced to death, so he is given seven days of freedom among humans to fulfill his last desires. Wanting to have a child, he attempts to possess human bodies, but all of them reject him until he finds a ...more
The Impatient Patient
A Looney Tunes cartoon. Telegram delivery boy Daffy Duck stops at the castle of Dr. Jerkyl to get his hiccups cured. Jerkyl tried to accomplish that by taking a sinister formula that morphs him into a hulking monster ("Call me Chloe"), who chases Daffy around the castle, stopping only to dance when ...more
In the Forests of Serre book Patricia McKillip
A sorceror takes on the shape of the prince of Serre, to rule in his place. He also changes the prince into a firebird.
Male, Gender
During one segment, the "Forger" (Tom Hardy) (Spoiler Text)
Infinity Inc. #4
Gender, Male
A continuation of the story from Issue 3. There's a longer sequence with Erika and more with the shape-shifter Persona. (Spoiler Text)
Inside Ursula Hitler's Head: SWAP MEAT
Female, Male
Sweetie mischievously hacked into Xtranormal and swapped her genitals with Mr. Meany, only to discover that she really, really liked being a girl with somethin' extra. After spending a few weeks as a man with lady parts, Mr. Meany is fed up with Sweetie's shenanigans. He's going to show Sweetie tha ...more
Invaders issue Unknown
Dr.Basil Frankenstein is a Nazi sympathizer who is carrying on his famous relative's work. Since being paralyzed in an explosion, Basil has required the aid of an assistant, the curvaceous Jaopanese surgeon Dr.Kitagowa. The two have fallen in love, but are unable to enjoy it due to Basil's injuries ...more
"Irish Jug" episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy
The spirits of a couple of 18th century Irish roust-abouts are freed from the jug that had been imprisoning them, and possessed 2 members of the Legacy house.
Iron Man issue Switching Channels
Iron Man and his Russian counterpart, the Crimson Dynamo, are hit by microwave transmissions at the same time which somehow causes them to switch bodies. Iron Man is eager to switch back,d espite the fact Dynamo is dating a Russian cutie named Yelena Brement. The Dynamo, however, has learned Iron Ma ...more