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Category: 'Inanimate'
Victor Milan
Gender, Inanimate
As the title suggests the plot is loosely based on The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe, and the ending is another horrible pun on the priginal ending. In Poe's story Montresor takes revenge on Fortunato by bricking him up in the cellar. In Milan's story, the villain wants to steal a time he ...more
Vivident Blast I am your Mother
Inanimate, Gender
In this Italian commercial, An old man shows his Breast Implants to his son. His son pulls off his skin to reveal he is a puppet.
volume 3 Fantastic Four issue Unknown
Crucible turns reporters Isabel Aguirre and Gordon Clay into stone gargoyles, and threatens to leave them like that unless they agree to serve him.
Vroom Vroom Vroom!
Independant movie about a guy who saves an old gypsy-type who grants him one wish. The problem is he has two, a motorbike and a girlfriend. The woman gives him a present the next day-a bike that has the top riding part turn into a woman at night. Nice TF effects.
In Warcraft the Death Knight unit can bring back dead units only if they're (the units) in the skeleton stage of decay. The units come back as Skeletons that slowly lose health until they die forever. Total Annilation Kingdoms (Inanimate)- In this game, there are some units, like the Basilisk, t ...more
Warehouse 13
Age, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male
A SyFy Channel television series about a team of agents who locate and retrieve artifacts that possess powers best defined as mysterious or "magical". The group's goal is to catalog and safely shelve these powerful artifacts, away both from the grasp of those who would abuse the objects powers, ...more
In this animated video, aliens place pods on the back of people's necks, slowly turning them into trees. The video primarily focuses on one man, who gets "podded" in his sleep, sees the alien, and jumps out his bedroom window. He lands in the bushes and emerges with leaves in his hair. We later d ...more
Werewolf by Night issue Eye of the Beholder
Marlene Blackgar is a mutant whose stare can turn people into stone. She uses it on the Werewolf, who is saved when he reverts to his human state. Later, Marlene accidently stares into a mirror, and turns herself and her father into statues.
Widget the World Watcher (Intro) - Episode: Intergalactic Garage Sale
Inanimate, Animal
This classic cartoon shows that a 4-foot tall purple alien transforms into anything he wants. In the intro (opening theme song), he transforms from a purple horse into a purple rhinoceros (with his two young human friends riding on his back).
William Steig book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
But before he can make all his wishes come true, the young donkey unexpectedly encounters a mean-looking lion. Startled, Sylvester wishes he were a rock, but in mineral form he can no longer hold the pebble, and thus cannot wish himself back to his equine trappings. His parents, thinking he has disa ...more
Wingin' It episode Under Her Spell
Gender, Inanimate, Male
Carl arrives back at school with the intention of asking Jane out, but he turns into a blubbering mess every time he tries, admitting to porter "my backpack could make better conversation" so could Porter, for that matter, so he and Carl attempt to perform a body swap. But Dennis the Raccoon turns ...more
Witch-Girls issue Witch-Girls
Animal, Inanimate
The Witches
Animal, Inanimate, Animal
A boy called Luke lives whith his grandmother after his parents are killed in a car crash. Thay go to the seaside and Luke sees the Grand High witch holding the witches meeting there. The Grand High witch forces Luke to drink a liquid called formula 86 after finding him. It turns him into a mous ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place - "Angels vs. Wizards"
Gender, Inanimate
Maxine, formerly Max, is forced by live in family friend Harper to have a slumber party. His friends at school had ignored him as a little girl. So Harper secretly invited some 4th grade girls overnight so that Max, a teenaged boy stuck in the body of an eleven year old girl will make some friends ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place episode Dude Looks Like Shakira
Inanimate, Gender
When Theresa and Jerry go on vacation and leave Uncle Kelbo to watch the kids. When Uncle Kelbo comes he is not him, he is Shakira. He confesses to them that there is no Shakira and that he made her up years ago. Uncle Kelbo tells them there is a strict law against using magic for fame and fortune, ...more
Wolverine issue Agent of SHIELD Part 6
Wolverine fights the Gorgon, a villain who turns people to stone with his gaze, and in the climax looks at Wolverine who defends himself by reflecting the gaze with his claws, turning the Gorgon to stone, who Wolverine then immediately shatters.
World of Quest
Animal, Size, Inanimate
A young prince Nestor hires (by the magic scroll of obedience) the famous ex-hero Quest to rescue his parents. All quests of Quest happens in a world of high-magic, high-tech and high-humor. TFs include: The party magician could animate all object with undetermineable results. The Quest wash ...more
The Worst Witch episode "Art Wars"
Mildred is turned into a stone (or possibly clay) statue by Ethel who tries to use her to win an art contest. At the end of the episode, Maud casts a reversing spell to free Mildred.
The Worst Witch episode Learning the hard way
This episode features the pupils (all girls) transforming themselves into various objects to show off their skills at making transformation potions. At the begin Drusilla is turned into a tree in potions class. Mildred makes a joke about Drusilla in class and is told to drink the same potion, tr ...more stories
Inanimate, Gender
This is the place to list any transformation related stories that can be found on the interactive, user-created fiction website Link to the main page: ===Animal=== Doggon it! The Shaggy Dog by Yoshi king - Based on the 1959 classic! Mom's A witch! by Yoshi kin ...more
Inanimate, Furry, Male, Female, Animal
Animated series where evil wizard Bubonic and witch Tirania tries to make a spell which curses City. Their familiars are on good side, so they always break the curse. When this happens, their chief, demon Maggog appears and changes them into something awful, usually inanimate. (So, there are TF in ...more
Gender, Female, Inanimate
Mystique appears to briefly take on the shape of a scale model of the Statue of Liberty. It's not a full on-screen tranformation, however - you only see the statue's eyes turn yellow. Mystique tries to fool Wolverine by impersonating Storm. Female shapeshifter Mystique takes on several male shapes ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode The Demon Seed
Xiaolin Warriors as well as Jack Spicer and Vlad are turned into plant-like versions of themselves.