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Category: 'Inanimate'
Game Over
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
A mini-TF short created by the makers of "Wand Of Change" and "The Last Piece Standing", Three Degrees off Center and Mako Pictures. Jay & Bob decide to square off playing a popular computer game, and reveal that a certain spell (curse of the skin) in the game can go beyond just transforming the ...more
Man gets turned into a potted flower.
Inanimate, Animal
This is the site of Gammatelier, also known as Gamera, an very prolifient artist. Although most of his work is of conjoinment and otherwise, he has galleries containing an increasing amount inaminate and animal transformations.
Gargoyles episode City of Stone (parts 1-4)
Demona casts a magic spell turning the entire population of Manhattan to stone during the night.
Gene Shaft episode Episode 5
A minature ring disguises itself as various members of the Bilkis crew to infect the ship's computer.
Gil Lamont
A male mannequin witnesses a strange encounter in a store mirror one evening. It's never clear whether he has been turned INTO a mannequin or whether he is a real mannequin that has become self-aware, but one thing is certain: he can't move.
Girls Bravo issue Volume 2 Chapter 7
In this chapter a doll is transformed into an duplicate of the main female character but with a different personality.
GITrial Commercial
A commercial soliciting people into a drug testing trial to prevent "opiate pain relievers from bringing your life to a standstill" shows a man on a park bench slowly turning to stone and becoming a perch for pigeons.
Gorgon Art
Gorgon Art is a website that contains the inanimate transformation artwork of many poser and pen/paper artists. The site notably contains an extensive array of the works of ArgoForg, the moderator of the site, JMD, and CMQ. The site also has a sister Yahoo Group, which is closely tied with the ...more
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child episode "Hansel and Gretel"
A mysterious woman turned into a wicked witch in disguise just so she can capture the two young children named "Hanselito" and "Gretelita". Just like in the story about "Hansel and Gretel". At one point the witch used magic to turn beans into musicians, and back.
Happy Tree Friends TV Show episode In a Jam
I missed the name of this episode. Russell (the sea otter), Lumpy (the moose), and Handy (the beaver) form a rock band with Sniffles (the anteater) as the band's technician. When Russell dies because of a electrical problem, They need a new guitarist. Cuddles (the bunny) wants to step up and be ...more
Harvest Moon: Mystical Melody
At the beginning of the game, the Harvest Goddess is turned to stone due to everyone forgetting how to be nice and kind to each other.
Hazel Heald
Animal, Inanimate
A evil wizard turns his wife's lover (and her dog) to stone with a potion. He tries to do the same to his wife, but she forces him to drink the potion and he becomes stone. Despondent over her lover, she turns herself to stone. A biting fly has the ability to absorb the soul of whoever it bite ...more
Head Automatic
In the music video the band is playing infront of an audience held back by a velvet rope, several girls break though and rush up to the band, as each groupie gets to a band member they suddenly freeze in place and their skin turns gold. They continue playing with the girls frozen in place around the ...more
Hipp Hipp episode Fat man transform
A swedish sketch show which featured an odd skit where a massively obese man lies down to sunbathe on a beach. The sun is making him sweat heavily and he keeps pouring something over himself to stop it - looks like oil. After a while the heat gets even more intense and he pops into a giant popcorn. ...more
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
According to reviews I've read the Infinite Improbability Drive causes the crew of the Heart of Gold to turn into sofas and knitted puppets. Replicas of the knitted puppets are available at
Holden Astra
This recent Aussie ad shows cars transforming into people.
Hollywood Off-Ramp episode Unknown
In one episode, it is revealed that when supermodels die, their spirits end up in the bodies of mannequins. Two of these models return to life and turn a mannequin designer into a pinata.
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids episode From Honey, with Love
Wayne uses his Fezmerizer(pat. pending) to distract two guards by becoming a beautiful woman. He then tricks the guards again by putting the Fezmerizer on a mop making it look like the woman so he can escape.
Hostess Presents Captain America issue Cut On The Dotted Line
Not really a story, but an add for Hostess Fruit Pies. An evil tailor is running a garment sweatshop. When a seamstress complains, he uses magic chalk to turn her into a two-dimensional dress pattern. Captain America bursts in, and distracts the villain with a delicious Hostess Fruit Pie, causing th ...more
House Of Mystery issue The Burning
Adam Strat is an amnesiac who can't remember anything before waking up dressed in ratty clothes in the house of Meg, an ugly and lonely old witch. Meg claims she saved him from the fire in the fields the men of the village started to burn straw. Adam hates Meg, even though she protects him from supe ...more
How to Drown Dr. M. or the End of Water Spirits in Bohemia
Inanimate, Size
Gender, Inanimate, Female
I.L. is a two-volume 1960's manga from Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka, which was translated into French (unfortunately not into English, yet). Filmmaker Imari Daisaku is given a gift by the mysterious Count Alucard: a woman who, by spending a few minutes inside a special coffin, can transform hers ...more
Incredible Hulk issue Unknown
Bruce Banner is befriended by a strange but lovely woman named Glazier. Glazier is a sculptress whose medium is glass.She makes glass statues of men, several with horrified looks on their faces. Glazier has a horrible secret.Three guesses what it is.Guess what she tries to do to Bruce? Guess what ha ...more
The Incredibles
Don't worry, this contains no spoilers. As you may or not know, "The Incredibles" Elastigirl can stretch her body to amazing lengths. This also gives her the power to do coarse forms of transformations. She, in the movie, turns into a parachute, rubber speedboat, bouncing ball, and a flat version o ...more
Invader ZIM episode Balognius Maximus
ZIM injects a virus of some sort into Dib that slowly turns him into a balogna. Dib pays ZIM back by injecting the virus into him as well. The two end up joining forces to try and cure themselves, but fail and wind up as a pair of sausage-shaped balogna, in a house surrounded by hungry dogs
Iron Man Annual issue The More-or-Less Return of the Molecule Man
Inanimate, Gender
When anyone touches the wand that holds the spirit of the Molecule Man, the villain overwhelms the victim's mind and takes over his body; that body also reforms to the muscular, jagged-tooth form of Molecule Man. When a little girl picks up the wand, her body becomes muscular and jagged-toothed, but ...more
Iron Man issue Epitagh In Gray
The Grey Gargoyle wants to become revered as an artist. To this end, he uses his ability to turn things into stone to turn women into statues, which he sells as sculptures. One of these women is Marcy Pierson,who is investigating a friend's disappearance. Marcy's boyfriend, Jim Rhodes, and his emplo ...more
Iron Man issue In The End... And
Evil businessman Mordecai Midas has gained a device that gives him a true Midas touch, i.e. everything he touches turns to gold ... including people! One of his victims is his former partner, and Iron Man's current lover, Madame Masque. He has his victims placed on display as living statues.