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Category: 'Gender'
V8 commercial Hot Spicy
Commercial for V8 Hot Spicy drink. Reggae dancer is featured dancing around in a laundry room. In the end he transforms (in a cut scene) to a woman drinking V8. Technically she is only imagining herself as a reggae guy...
Vaam commercial Unknown
A fat 40+ year old guy is rope jumping in women's exercise clothes. He's singing bum-bum--bum-bum-bum--buuum. then his stomach starts shaking like jello and it shrinks into a woman's stomach. Then his legs then his chest then his head changes into a woman's head and he's now a she.
Valerie Atkinson
A slave trader finds himself in the white castle of the mask-maker and discovers he can't return to his caravan without putting on the mask which will open the door back to his world. The mask, however, becomes a punishement well suited to his 'crime'.
Valkyrie Yuuki
Web Comic about a boy gains magical powers to fight evil. Unfortunately he has to do it as a girl.
Valory Gravois book Cherry Single
A realistic novel about a transgendered young guy in San Francisco who's coming out -- to parents, lovers, but not in the workplace or to the underground newspaper he sells photos to. Probably the most energy is devoted to relationships with women, which start out rocky but progress to higher levels ...more
Vampire Vixens from Venus
Three alien drug dealers transform into Penthouse Pets in order to extract the lifeforce from earth men.
Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption
Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines
Gender, Mythical, Were, Animal
A 2004 computer game based in the Vampire: the Masquerade table-top RPG setting. Were-form: Players can choose from seven different clans with special vampiric abilities. One clan gives the player the ability to shapeshift into a monstrous form to fight more efficiently. Various bosses shapeshi ...more
Vampirella issue Off the Beaten Empath
Man Empathizes so greatly he becomes the person. Turns into his wife, kills her in fight and dies from identical injuries.
Vampirella issue Transference
Boxer, Lee Rogers, is losing weight. As this malady progresses he discovers for some inexplicable reason he is changing into a woman.
Vampirella issue Unknown
Killer forced to have victims body and conscience. (Very brief)
Vampirella Quarterly issue Spring 2007
A male ticket seller at a small movie theater turns out to be Vampirella in disguise. Brief one-page morph back to herself before she enters the cinema.
Vance Anndahl
Struggling college professor can turn himself into a martini whenever he wants. A beautiful and wealthy blonde co-ed comes to his quarters for help on an accidently drinks him.
Vandraos episode Unknown
Sometimes uses a magic potion to change men into women, because his mental powers only work on women.
VanDread Stage 2 episode Unknown
One of the Main Characters, (the Second in command of a Female Pirate Ship) Whom needless to say is a vulptous babe is later discovered to be a Male Spy .
Vegas in Space
Male space cops use a sex change pill to transform themselves into women to infiltrate Vegas in Space, a planet of all women. All of the Vegas women are played by men in drag.
Veldhuis & Kemper (te blond)
A Woman has an "extreme makeover". After the operation she looks like (just the head) like the guy at the reception. (
Velocity #1
The villain of the mini-series, Charnel, is a horrific monster who can adopt the genetic patterns of those whose blood he tastes. Near the end of the first issue, he briefly turns himself into Velocity's twin. Charnel's transformation is shown over a few panels.
Venom vs. Wolverine: Tooth and Claw
Animal, Male, Gender
Venom is attacked by the evil mutant Dirt Nap who has the power to absorb people (via swalloing them), gaining their memories, abilities, and the ability to shapeshift into them. Throughout the three issues, he shows up in the forms of a rat (and a monstrous version of it), a young boy (who Wolver ...more
Venture Brothers "The Better Man"
Male, Gender
After seeing the Outrider, the man who stole his wife, pass through the Second World, Dr. Orpheus is determined to do the same. (Spoiler Text) link to the video
Venture Brothers episode Assassiananny 911
In this episode of the Venture Brothers, Brock Sampson is called back into action to kill a rogue agent that went AWOL and took the agency's best plastic surgeon. The agent was Brock's boss and father figure, whom he now has orders to kill. When Brock finally catchs him at some secret lab in the j ...more
Venus Castina
Turned the Scythians at her temple at Ascelon into women.
The Venus Interface issue Unknown
A seven author collaboration on a secret agent able to change form and sex. Each time she changes a new artist takes over the story line.
Verizon commercial with Adrian Peterson
Guy's girlfriend becomes NFL football player Adrian Peterson at the swimming pool, but still speaks with her voice. *Youtube Verizon commerical with Adrian Peterson
YOUTH EXPERIMENTS - WITH CONSEQUENCES! A male and a female teenager swap bodies after an accident. An electric shock in physics class starts the whole catastrophe. When Elizabeth and Frank come to, they have switched bodies! Elizabeth, the classy and beautiful daughter of a wealthy family lies ...more
Verotika issue Changeling
Comic adaptation of the Graham Masterton short story: A man has sex with the mysterious beautiful Anna, which turns him into her and her into him. Turns out she used to be a man too, until HE slept with the previous Anna... and so on and so on... The short story was very sexy but disappointingly ...more
Verotika issue Headturner
Female being trades bodies, in quite gory fashion, with a drag queen, giving the sexy female body he's always wanted.
VH1 Best Week Ever episode July 29th 2005
On The Best Week Ever for this week two of the regular panelists John and Micheal (who are both rather unattractive) take a tour of the set of the show The Passions. At the end they visit the make up department. The enter the room and and exit a second later. John is an attractive male model typ ...more
VH1 ILL-ustrated episode Episode Number: 6 Season Num: 2
First Aired Wednesday May 19, 2004 Skits include: George Bush and daughter Jenna have a "Freaky Friday" Jenna Bush: I don't get it, you're me, but then..who am I? George W. Bush: You're me! Jenna: This is awful. We switched bodies, and I have an important national security meeting i ...more
Vice Versa
Gender, Age, Male
From 1948 Businessman Paul Bultitude is sending his son Dick to a boarding school. While holding a magic stone from India, he wishes that he could be young again. His wish is immediately fulfiled and the two change bodies with each other. Mr Bultitude becomes a school boy who smokes cigars and ha ...more
Vice Versa
It's a tv series of a boy (thomas) who swich into a girl body (emmanuelle) when he hit his elbow. (The transform is not so good...!) one link to the oficcial website:
IFC independent film: "After being mysteriously kidnapped by a Doctor and his violent henchman, he's held captive in the converted cellar of an old mansion. For reasons unknown, he's forced to endure heinous physical and psychological torture, but slowly realizes the worst is yet to come when the ...more
Victor Farrell
Victor Milan
Gender, Inanimate
As the title suggests the plot is loosely based on The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe, and the ending is another horrible pun on the priginal ending. In Poe's story Montresor takes revenge on Fortunato by bricking him up in the cellar. In Milan's story, the villain wants to steal a time he ...more
Video Jack issue Unknown
In his odyssey through the television channels at one brief point Jack becomes Lucy in a classic "I Love Lucy" episode.
Violent Delight
New music video currently playing on 2 UK music channels, p-rock & mtv2. Is an all male band, features several sudden changes in the mirror of the lead singer and the occasional quick morph. There are female versions of all four band members. The video is also available for download at their webs ...more
VIP episode Unknown
The assasin known as the "Owl" disguises himself as a Dental receptionist in an attempt to assasinate a Dentist.
Virginia Woolf book Orlando
Young man suddenly changes into woman, for no particular reason.
Virtual Encounters
To loosen up his inhibited girl friend, the bf buys her a deluxe ticket to a virtual sex parlor. In one of her many interesting scenarios, she acquires a hunky male body and makes good use of it.
Virtual Encounters 2
Kid uses Virtual Reality device to hop inside the body of stripper Kara Styler
Virtual Reality
A woman uses a virtual reality device to become a man and make love to a woman.
Virtual Sexuality
Chloe Rayban's teen novel virtual sexual reality has been made into a british film set to be releases this summer in britain. Surprise! Who should suddenly turn up but Justine! Turns out she's still herself and has been herself all along. Jake is, therefore, a totally new person who just REMEMBERS ...more
Virtual Voodoo
found this description on the net. havn't seen it but it is for sale so it appears to be the real deal. Check out the URL for the original site and as picture of the video box. "The story revolves aroud a girl named Rebecca who shares an office with a young couple - John and Stacy. Problem is, ...more
"Vis-a-Vis" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
An Alien, who calls himself Steth, visits Voyager and swaps forms with Tom Paris against his will. Tom is sent off in the aliens ship and encounters the real Steth, now in the body of a female alien. The faux Tom meanwhile is having difficulty maintaining his character and swaps forms with Janewa ...more
The Vision of Escaflowne episode Unknown
There's some TG in there, near the end of the series (but it effects the whole series.) I can't really say much more, because it's a major spoiler, but it's in there.
Vision On episode Unknown
Male and female comedy duo get into a battle of the sorcerers. At the end a spell is cast which switches their bodies, but not their clothes or voices. (And "he" doesn't wear a bra) Brief
Vivident Blast I am your Mother
Inanimate, Gender
In this Italian commercial, An old man shows his Breast Implants to his son. His son pulls off his skin to reveal he is a puppet.
Viz: the Bag of Slugs issue Billy no mates
for those of you unfamiliar with viz its an adult comic filled with obscene nasty comics which are usually non-pc anyway in this collection theres a Billy no mates comic where billy (an antisocial geek) is worried about his penis size. at school he finds that hormones can increase penis size so he ...more
A Voice in the Night
A anime/hentai game in which you control who interacts with whom. Depending on how you play these interaction match-ups depends on a number of possible endings through out the game. One of the characters, (a young boy), will be feminized through the game. One of the possible endings (paths) is that ...more
Vol. 2 issue Lupin III
Chapter 16; "Behind the Manga" Long time fans of the series are familiar with Lupin's exceptional skill at disguising himself. This particular story appears to have his first female disguise. Covering several pages, the story even has Monkey Punch himself (deliberately obscured) trying to get t ...more
Voodoo #4
Animal, Female, Gender
Voodoo does multiple brief transformations in this issue, where she infiltrates the federal installation where the people hunting her are. (Spoiler Text)
Voodoo issue 1
A "New 52" retelling of the origin of original WildStorm character Voodoo. In the revamp, Priscilla Kitaen, aka Voodoo, appears to have the same background as the original Voodoo (a stripper from New Orleans), but it's probably just a cover as she appears to actually be 100% alien (or at least chan ...more
Voodoo issue 2
Female, Gender
At the beginning of the issue, Voodoo is still in the form of the male federal agent she killed and impersonated at the end of the previous issue... (Spoiler Text)
Vy JsteVdova Pane
Precognitive man's brain transplanted into female android who looks like woman he foresaw killing the king.
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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