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Category: 'Gender'
A guy named Al takes a ride in a Taxi cab named Gene, and with his powers he even briefly changes Al into a girl. *UBER GENIE
UEFA 'Respect' TV Ad- Evaline 'There There'
Female, Gender, Male
The TV ad spot for the UEFA 'Swap your Jersey - show Respect' campaign, with 'There There' by Evaline as the soundtrack, running over the EURO 2012 Football Tournament through June - July 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.
Ugly Americans episode Better off Undead
Age, Gender
Foolishly taking Leonard's advice Mark allows himself to be transformed into a duplicate of Randall's ex-girlfriend Krystal in order to save him from a zombie cult. Unfortunately the spell is actually a curse and Mark would visibly age into an old woman for the next week only to die of old age. . ...more
Ugly Americans episode So you want to Be a Vampire?
Gender, Male
Frank and dozens of other people are afflicted witha new disease called "Mad Larry" which turns them, including women and children, into duplicates of Larry King.
Ugly Americans, episode Wet Hot Demonic Summer
Age, Gender
In this episode, the wizards gather at Mt. Magic with their apprentices and get them circumcised before they become full-fledged wizards. This is demonstrated when a naked wizard boy with a turban gets circumcised and ages rapidly. Later, Satan's demons invade the mountain and the Wizard of Copyr ...more
Ugly Betty
Character Alex Meade fakes his death in a ski accident and returns as a woman, Alexis, played by Rebecca Romijn.
UK Commercial commercial Unknown
Several years ago there were a series of commercials for the floation of a Power company on the stock market. One of these featured Bill Shatner and James Doohan. I can't recall if they were actually playing Kirk and Scotty, but the implication was that they were. Anyway Bill Shatner and a you ...more
Ultima Online
Ultima Online is a old online rpg (I think you can play it for free now), and one with many magic spells. One spell under the "Seventh circle spells" of your spellbook (if you have magic skills) is Polymorph. Polymorph is a spell which changes the caster's appearance into a chosen form. From the cho ...more
Ultiman Giant Annual issue The Curse of King's Tut Tomb!
Ultiman, Big Bang Comics' version of Superman, is cursed by the spell of King Tut, causing him to transform into anything he touches. Ultiman was transformed into, among other things, a woman, an old man, a mummy, and an infant.
The Ultimate Attraction
Female, Gender
A couple working at a health club discover a device which can increase sexual arousal AND change bodies/body parts. In a scene toward the end of the film the device is caught in an electrical outlet and at one point a man who walks into a tanning both walks out changed into a female body builder. ...more
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14
Along with the female Chameleon still wearing Peter's face(but with her own body) for a chunk of the issue, there's a single panel of the male Chameleon turning into Carol Danvers in an attempt to unnerve her(it doesn't work in the slightest).
Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins
Animal, Gender, Size
Arthur can be changed into different forms: Small Fry, Beanpole, Skeleton, Chicken, Grasshopper, Moth, and an XL Woman *XL Woman- Arthur is turned into a portly female villager where he is unable to uses his magic powers, shields, double jump and pickup items. Also, the agility is reduced and t ...more
Ultimate Spider-Man #102
Spider-Man meets the Ultimate version of Spider Woman, and discovers that she gaining super powers wasn't the biggest change her life. (Spoiler Text)
Ultimate Spider-Man #91
The Ultimate universe version of Deadpool invades the X-Men's mansion, and knocks out Kitty Pryde. When her boyfriend, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, shows up to see her(she had sent the X-plane for him on remote before she was knocked out), Deadpool pretends to be her in order to get close to Spidey an ...more
Ultimate X-Men issue Unknown
Professor Xavier's son David possesses body of Betsey Braddock in order to trap X-Men. Seen in issue 18 & continued in 19. May have also been in issue 17.
Ultra Maniac episode Changeover
Ayu Tatehishi is the coolest girl in school who has a crush on a boy named Kaji. She has to beat him in tennis but she dosn't want to fight, so she reasoned to her friend Nina Sakura that she has a disadvantage fighting. Nina misread the situation so she turned her friend Ayu into a boy.
Ultra Relax
In Ultra Relax the main character, Kay, accedently wishes to meet a girl just like him and suddenly a copy of him as a girl appears. The comic deals with how to deal with her, her experiences and various other problems. Ultra Relax stopped updating 3 years ago and has now only recently started up a ...more
Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers
Alien Zarab has the ability to shapeshift and disguises himself as a female to poison one of the heroes
Una Senora Llamada Andres
Cupid switches bodies of quarreling lovers.
Unaji issue Unknown
Hideo Hyakumura, a middle-aged salaryman weary with life, awakens one morning to discover he's become a cute teen-aged girl. Since she shows no signs of regaining her natural form, she decides to begin a new life as a high school student.
Uncanny X-men #425
Female, Gender
An unnamed female stripper shapeshifter morphs between several forms while at a Polaris’s bachelorettes party, and Havok’s bachelor party; (Spoiler Text)
Uncanny X-men #454
Female, Gender
Selene morphs two times while in a fight with Rachel Grey. She first assumes the form of Red Lotus(Paul Hark) to trick her, and then into a duplicate of herself – seemingly to play mind games with her. Lasts only a few panels.
The Uncanny X-Men issue Early Frost
Emma Frost takes control of Iceman's body. And it turns out she has better control of his powers than he does.
Uncanny X-Men issue To Slay A Queen
The X-Man Sage, thought to be dead after being shot in the head at the end of the previous issue, is revealed to have been Wolverine. He used an image inducer to appear as her and reveals it when his healing factor pops the bullet back out of his head.
Under the Skin
In this game you play as an alien named Cosmi who needs to prank as many people on earth as possible in order to return to his home planet. The concept of the game is to scan a human, then turn into them so that you wont be chased down. Many of the people you can turn into are women. One of which is ...more
Under a Killing Moon
Male, Gender
It is revealed that the Countess Renier, who sends Tex Murphy on the main mystery of the game, is really a male shapeshifting Native American agent/assassin called the Chameleon. The Chameleon also takes a few other male guises, including a mob hitman and Tex himself.
The Understudy: Graveyard Shift II
The filming of a new movie awakens the vampire Baisez (from the first movie). Unfortunately for him, he is just a spirit - he needs a new body before he can start feeding again. He seduces the leading lady, Camilla, who allows him to borrow her body.
Une Femme Dans La Peau issue Unknown
The humorous adventures of a Autoine Aubert who's brain is transplanted into the body of a beautiful young blonde woman.
Unending BE Addventure
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Mythical, Size, Gender
This site features an unending story with characters who often find themselves being transformed in many ways. The most common stories feature men becoming women in awkward situations. All of the stories are written by people who visit the site. I'm afraid my description doesn't do this site any ...more
A vial of Chinese aphrodisiac causes a woman and her boyfriend to switch bodies.
"Unknown" episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Dax symbiont is currently a young woman. But Commander Cisco originally became good friends with her when she was a man.
A story about the first woman being made by the creator throwing a piece of fruit to a group of brothers. The one that caught it, turned into a woman.
Unknown Author
Gender, Gender
Magic spring changes men into women. A prince has his rival led to the spring so he can marry the princess they both want. Vizier immerses himself in a cauldron of water only to surface in the ocean as a beautiful woman. A local fisherman nabs her, makes her his wife, and they have several childr ...more
Unknown book The Children's Treasury of Fairy Tales
The play "Sing a Song of Christmas"is about a boy scout and his friend who catch a group of thieving imps in the act. The imps are given "a little Goodwill Spirit" and then Santa Claus casts a spell, transforming the imps into three very beautiful fairies. This was the first work I ever read in th ...more
Unknown Book book I Was A Girl For The Cia
A man with a incurable condition has his brain transplanted into a woman's body to go undercover.
Unknown Book book Mafia Sorority Girl
After getting romantically involved with a Mafia Princess, Sidney wakes up in a hospital transformed into a college girl.
Unknown Book book Making Of Pamela
The odyssey of a British boy sent to a special school where he was transformed into a girl.
Unknown Book book Name Not Known
A CIA man has his mind transplanted into a prostitute's body, to investigate a rogue diplomat.
Unknown Book book The Maid's Metamorphosis
To discourage lecherous Greek god, woman tricks him into turning her into man. Changes back at end.
Unknown Book book Tristan de Nanteuil
Subplot features Tristan's wife disguising herself as a man and marrying a princess. Becomes a man through a miracle.
Unknown Book book TV Cop Stevie
A cop who dresses up as a woman to bait a rapist and ends up liking it, being kidnapped and sex-changed and married overseas.
Unknown Book book TV Stewardess
Amber's new boyfriend has developed a technique that allows the genetic change of one human into another. Glen becomes a her duplicate.
Unknown Book book Unknown
A novel where a vietnam soldier is kidnapped by gods, transported to another dimension and turned into a 13-year old elfen girl.
Unknown Book book You Are Spider-Man: The Sinister Six
In this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type book, you play Spidey, and are forced to deal with a crime spree by the Sinister Six while Mary Jane is starring in a movie(where many accidents are happening). A few scenes in the book(provided you make the right choices) feature the Chameleon impersonating M ...more
Unknown Comic issue Unknown
Two men on opposites ends of a small desert island are finding genie lamps in the water at the same time. A genie appears to each and in the third panel they seem to be pondering their wish. In the fourth they have both changed into voluptuous women.
Unknown Short Story
Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender, Gender
A dying warrior from the planet Tzarhee, transferred her powers to a successor, an earth man. He has adventures with Tzarhee cadet Jhuu-Uhee in female form. A prejudiced man who wakes up in the hospital as everything he hates. A gay black man who's gotten a sex change. An accidental transgender ...more
Unknown Television episode Unknown
A man is turned into a woman and his younger brother into a grown man. This was part of a chinese TV series.
Unknown Television episode Unknown
there was a spanish show where a young boy who has a weight problem, who finds a magical coin in an old house and decides to keep it. Later his beatiful teenage sister was making fun of her brother's weight. And durning the arguement they both wish that they were in each other's shoes. Then mirac ...more
Unnatural Phenomenon
Character changes sex every 28 days. Good transformation scenes.
Unnatural Phenomenon II
Character changes sex every 28 days.
Upload S01E05 "The Grey Market"
Age, Gender
A series where people can choose to have their minds uploaded to a virtual reality "Heaven" after they die. One character is Dylan, an 18 year old who died when he was a child, and still retains his child's body. He desperately wants to grow up, mainly so he can hook up with women. (Spoile ...more
The Urban Samurai commercial Episode 4
Urban Samurai flirts with a Japanese schoolgirl. The schoolgirl is unmasked at the end to reveal a gun toting assassin.
Ursula K. LeGuin book The Left Hand of Darkness
About a man who spends time on a planet where the locals are asexual, except once a month they assume a gender. Its somewhat random which gender they become.
Urusei Yatsura episode The Groom's name is Ryunosuke
A sex-change gun switches the gender of a boy and a girl. The only problem is there's only one charge left in the gun.
Urusei Yatsura Episode 120 Duel! Benten vs. the Three Daughters
One of Lum's rivals in her alien school is another alien called Pepper, who has the ability to shed her skin. When Ataru tries to chase her down, at one point, her skin comes off when he tackles her, so Ataru decides to try on her skin and take for a joy ride Of course, while wearing Pepper's skin ...more
Urusei Yatsura Episode 134
Furry, Male, Gender
In "Return of the Pure-Hearted Fox", Shinobu's little fox-friend briefly disguises himself as fox-versions of Shinobu, Lum, and Ataru. Later, after consuming some gingko nuts, everyone in town grows fox ears and a tail and becomes half-fox for one night.
Urusei Yatsura episode 82
Animal, Gender
At the beach, Lum meets a talking dolphin named Mr. Dolphin who wants to go out with girls. Lum agrees to go out with him but only after giving him an earring that morphs him into an attractive, dark-skinned boy in a scheme to make Ataru jealous. Mr. Dolphin enjoys all the attention he's receiving ...more
Urusei Yatsura episode Attack of the Protozoa
Two boys get stuck in a garden of Eden. Lum tries to rescue them, but ends up with that worlds Adam and Eve. So the world makes a new couple by changing Mendo into a girl. The changes happens at the end of the episode.
Urusei Yatsura episode Beware the Earmuffs!
A bunch body switching as a result of mind exchange earmuffs.
Urusei Yatsura episode Hardselling Happiness!
One person gets the power to change anyone he touches into a girl, another get the power to change anyone he touches into a boy.
Urusei Yatsura issue Chapter 220
Ataru gets a can of spray that allows him to turn himself into anything he can think of. He turns himself into Lum, Shinobu, Rynuosuke, and other characters. At the end, the spray can explodes and his classmates are turned into whatever they were thinking about at the time. You can read this epis ...more
User #1
This was an interesting find. A young professional woman goes to online roleplaying chat rooms and pretends to be a young male Paladin to escape her real life problems. It was an interesting read and the art is pretty cool and the TG is a major part of the story line so it gets a lot of 'screen tim ...more
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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