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Category: 'Gender'
"Observer Effect" episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
Two alien entities possess a number of crew members. While they appear to be 'beyond' physical things like gender, they do seem to possess both male and female crew members, sometimes going back and possessing the other person later, so in a way, they swap bodies with each other. It's just to ...more
Occult Crimes Taskforce issue 1
When demonstrating the 'glamyr' spell to the newest recruit, the captain of the O.C.tT. takes her shape. When she tries it, she ends up looking like him. Very short, a couple of panels each.
Octavia E. Butler book Imago
Young Alian/human hybread discovers that he? is really the third alian sex, form changes to that of young woman while he?'s comforting and healing a wounded human male.
Octavia E. Butler book Wild Seed
A man and woman exchange sex's. Brief, at end.
Odalisque issue Nuggett
Three daughters of the Duke are kidnapped by the Sorcerer and the Duke's First Knight rescues them after bondage adventures. To punish the Knight, well you can guess how he is punished.
Odd Squad
Wizard changes Ninja into a girl
Odin Sphere
Animal, Gender, Male, Monster, Furry
Cornelius, the young prince of Titania, suddenly wakes up to find himself in a strange and desolate place, and his body has somehow become that of a "beast". He has in fact been transformed into a Pooka, a rabbit-like creature that walks upright and has the ability to speak. (Spoiler Text) Aft ...more
Odyssey 5 episode Skin
A new breed of Synthetic lifeform able to jump from host to host, assume the look and new identity of the host as part of the host's skin and act normally, while traps and kills the host within the "skin" in about an hour. The "jump" require skin to skin contact, and the old host it leaves usually a ...more
Off The Hook TV and Aroarah in "SEX CHANGE"!
A short 'video' film at youtube I found. Flex finds an ancient cane made of a bull's private part, & with one perverted wish the cane morphs the all male crew into Aroarah, a female rock band (Currently On Warped Tour), about to go on stage!
Offcentre episode "The Backup"
A guy compeating for a big-screen TV by touching it for an alloted amount of time begins to see things when he envisions his fat competator as a beautiful women.
Offical #Fictionmania Homepage
News and help for using the #fictionmania channel on irc.
Ogenki Clinic
On video (seen in Dutch cult video rental shop). Released on the Doki-Doki label, no. 005. The text on the box is in Italian, and promises Italian subtitles, but the episode description matches the TG/bodyswap Ogenki Clinic episode. Not viewed personally.
Ogenki Clinic episode Unknown
The doctor and nurse switch bodies after sex.
Animal, Gender
Wandering Traveler with his servant girl come across a magical fountain and experience a surprise. Courtesy of
Oh nein! Ich bin ein Mädchen!
This is a webcomic in which the artist tries to depict the consequences of someone like him (22 year old graphics design student called Jan) becoming female over night. As he tries to be realistic, this is no comedy or action loaded story. There is no magic or science fiction apart from the char ...more
Oh! Yes Sir!!
Assassin known as Nine Face Fox disguises himself as a blonde female criminal (who attempts to kill Nine Face Fox) in order to assassinate a crime boss. Interesting masking scene similar to Darkman.
Ois Shibie or something simialar episode Unknown
I missed the last 10 mins it was an anime from japan about a boy who has been changed into a girl as punishment for spying on the girls at school dont know if he got changed back or not was all in japanese my friend translated some of it but very good thre boy hates having boobs and having to wear a ...more
Okashi Blog
A Japanese blog with several transformations from male to female.
Okay Toots!
Charlie and his wife exchange bodies.
Mythical, Gender
Moji Shimeta has fallen in love with the class idol in school. The problem is that he has absolutely nothing to offer in the way of appearance, athleticism, and conversation skills. Desperate, he prays at a local temple for the romance he desires. A kitsune (fox spirit) heard the prayer and offe ...more
Old Norse Law: Insult
It was illegal to insult a man by saying that he became a woman every ninth night and had sex with a troll.
Old Spice Commercial, Motorcycle
Animal, Gender, Male
The ad starts with three men in a sauna. One picks up a bottle of Old Spice Body Wash and begins to smell it. Soon his exterior begins to crack away, revealing another man inside. The sauna begins to crack away as well, revealing that the man is on a motorcycle and the tub that the two other men ar ...more
Olivia Evans book The Charm of Byxocol #41
Exploring the ruins of Byxocol Mark and Linda Harrison, archaeologists, find a crystal figure resting in the dust of a Mayan dead for five centuries. Could this strange crystal carved into the form of a half-man half-woman be the cause of Mark's transformation into Jennifer?
Olivia Evans book Changing Partners
Tim and Sally were husband and wife. But, Tim was strangely unhappy about Sally's unwillingness to have children. In search for a change in his life he circled an ad in the paper for Surrogate Sex, Inc. But, it was Sally who wanted to learn all about a humorous novel called Turnabout and a modern wa ...more
Olivia Evans book License for Skirts
A very good Reluctant Press book. A young man applies for a licence and ends up as the beautiful girl he met at the bureau do to a computer 'foul up'. It turns out to be a plot for the girl who prefers being a man to become him and she does love him and they are married. He ends up liking to be her ...more
Omega Doom
Its a world full of droids and robots. The TF is this: A male teacher drone is constantly being beheaded, and so has to have a new body provided each time. He attaches his head to this body and uses it as his own. The leader of a group of goodlooking female killer androids gets head head whacked ...more
Omikron: The Nomad Soul
Omikron is an excellent combination adventure/shooter/fighter game set in a parallel universe. The player initially controls a male police officer, but later gains the ability to possess other characters, including eleven (or more?) female characters (with one being based on the model Iman.) Femal ...more
Once Upon A Time 3x16 "It's Not Easy Being Green"
In a flashback, a jealous Zalena tries to kill a young Regina so that she remains Rumplestiltskin's only student. However, "Regina" is actually Rumple who was testing her.
Once Upon A Time S306 "Ariel"
In the six episode of the current season, we discover that Peter Pan's shadow has been posing as Belle since the beginning of the season in order to convince Mr. Gold to abandon his search for his grandson and leave Neverland. Until now, he had assumed that Belle had been a manifestation of his con ...more
Once Upon a Time, "In the Name of the Brother"
Cora disguises herself as Regina's adopted son, Henry, to have a conversation with her daughter.
Once Upon a Time, "Lady of the Lake"
Cora poses as Sir Lancelot.
One and the Same
A troubled young woman finds out about a secret lab that is doing research into reincarnation. She discovers she is the reincarnation of a murdered boy and seeks revenge.
One Girl Guy Army
A young unemployed college student, is captured and sent to an unknown continent that is hidden in the skies beyond earths surface. Upon arrival, he is transformed into girl by a psychotic woman claiming to be a God. Found and taken care of by Amelia Airhearts son Icarus Airheart, he/she needs to ...more
One On One episode Manic Monday
Characters: Actors Flex/Breanna Washington: Flex Alexander Breanna/Flex Barnes: Kyla Pratt A dad and daughter swap bodies. He's a sports writer and she's a high school girl. In her body he dresses in business-type clothes including tie and unbelievably he c ...more
One Piece episode Today's Grand Performance! Mane Mane Montage!
In this episode of One Piece (a very popular anime in Japan), there is a villain named Bon Clay who is able to turn into anyone he has seen or touched in the past. While battling with one of the main characters, Sanji, Bon Clay decides to turn into another main character, Usopp, because he does not ...more
One Piece episodes 438-439
These One Piece Season 13 episodes are the anime adaptation of One Piece manga chapters 536-537, in which ex-Baroque Works shapeshifter Mr. 2, a.k.a. Bon Clay, seeks out the help of "Miracle Worker" and "Okama Queen" Emporio Ivankov. (Spoiler Text) A preview of episode 439 with the transforma ...more
One Piece, Chapter 537
In chapter 537 is a short gender change. (Spoiler Text)
One Shinohou Jou (?)
Iga ninja has the power of transformation through the use of a transformation powder and the act of sucking the essence out of his victim. He uses the power to transform first into the enemy leader's consort (as an example) and then later to transform into a maiden (to enter the heroine's military ...more
Onegai! Samia Don episode Sid Has a Date with a Boy
In this animation, Samed is a sand magician that can grant children's desires and these desires only have effect during the light of the sun. In this episode, Sid is jealous because Ann has date with a boy. Sid wishes to be turned into Ann to ruin things for her.
This is another Hentai Japanese game. It has something to do with a magice "hot spring." The main storyline is not TG, but there is a TG sequence. It appears to me (i have only google translated the page) that if two characters go into the hot spring, and think the same thought, they switch bodies ...more
Oohlala Couple
"After twelve years of marriage with Na Yeo Ok (Kim Jung Eun), hotelier Go See Nam (Shin Hyun Joon) gets into major trouble after Na Yeo discovers his...more philandering ways. What was supposed to be happily-ever-after has turned into a bitter divorce battle between the 40-something couple. But ca ...more
Operacja Koza
This is classical body swap comedy. Chemist created serum who can swap personalities, when 2 people drink that and have sex:) He change with Russian agent, beauty blond woman. At the end, they swap back. There is also minor plot, where alcoholic grave-digger swap with female goat... Film is rat ...more
"Operation Date" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
In an attempt to con a football/soccer jersey from a classmate, Josh enlists Brian his alien foster dad, to pose as teenaged daughter Mel. Brian then scars Josh for life when he gets a little too much into character during a pretend practice date.
"Operation S.L.U.M.B.E.R." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
The traitor Chad disguises himself as Number 86's mother during her slumber party. This is done by using his Battle Ready Armor, or BRA for short. Also, Numbah 4 poorly disuises himself as a girl to sneak into the slumber party.
"Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
It seems from this and the commercial that all boys are being turned into girly girls. From the commercial male Numbah 1 walks into a room and along with he female members of KND in pink dresses are what appears to be the male members of KND as girls. It did not look like a cross dressing affair, m ...more
Opposite Again
Set a year after the end of Opposite Sex. Michael Chanders is having problems caused by the last blast from the professors machine. A routine medial test starts the transformation process once again.
The Opposite Sex
A online comic about a boy that has an accident at school with a radiation gun. After being blasted he turns in a girl. frequently updated
The Opposite Sex
Michael Chandler is an 11th grade, introverted chemistry whiz kid who has made education his personal pastime. A former little league all-american, Michael volunteers no explanation for his sudden abandonment of the sport he excelled at so well. In the four years since his decision, he has disappear ...more
Orange Chocolate
Next-door neighbors Chiro and Ritsu have been best friends since childhood. Ritsu, the eldest son of a family of traditional nichibu dancers, is thrust into the public eye as his career takes off, and his growing fame begins to test the pair’s friendship. (Spoiler Text)
The Order of the Stick
A Webcomic based on D&D. Roy, the leader of the party, puts on a girdle of gender change to disguise himself. Change lasts about 15 strips.
Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de
A 1980 novel by Yamanaka Hisashi. A boy and girl switch bodies. It has been the basis of the 1982 film Tenkousei (written by Yamanaka), a 2002 TV drama, and a 2007 film Tenkousei: Sayonara Anata.
Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de
Saito Kazumi is a transfer student from Sapporo. On the first day at her new school, she is almost run over by a car, and would have been hit if she had not been shoved out of the way by Saito Kazuo. She, however, doesn't see him, and mistakes her savior for Yamamoto, for whom she falls almost imme ...more
Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu
Souji is a fan of twintails. When one day a strange woman called Thuearle tells him that all twintails on earth will vanish, he agrees to help her. He is given a bracelet that transforms him into a twintailed girl with super powers and from then on fights monsters that rob girls of their twintails. ...more
Film of Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel in which the main character becomes a woman, and lives for centuries.
Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon
There is a very brief sceen where the evil wizard changes back from pretending to be the hero's mother.
Orphen episode Unknown
There is two gender changes. One is implied in which one of the second characters is stated to have changed himself from a man into a woman when he was badily ingured. The other (and main one) is where Azalie (the female stuck in a dragon's body after being transformed into one) changes bodies t ...more
Orrisroot no Gen no Koeda issue Unknown
A young prince is periodically "blessed" by the soul of a dead noblewoman, and changes sex when under her influence. He goes undercover as a girl on several ocassions -- once in a girl's school and another time as a lady-in-waiting for a noblewoman.
Orson Scott Card book A Planet Called Treason
The hero is mutating, he develops breasts and secondary female characteristics, but does not go all the way.
Otis Bigelow
The world's richest woman, seems to be elderly but we don't know how old, steals the body of a young handsome man - the son of her lawyer (he could care less what happens to his son). The young man ends up in her body. Also, a handsome Frankenstein monster with the brain of a scientist ends up in ...more
Otome no Iroha!
Iroha, a masculine girl, and Hifumi, a feminine boy, are siblings who have transferred to a different middle school and moved to their grandparents' house. However, after the first night, much to their surprise they both change bodies: Iroha into a boy and Hifumi into a girl. Link: The man ...more
Our Little Science Story
The past wed 1/11/06 in Starz Kids and Fantasy channel A lab accident results in the spirit of a young chemist possessing a girl's body. Good movie
Out of the Blue episode Double Jeopardy
One of the twin boys wants to be different from his brother, and the angel asks if he wants blonde hair, freckles and a little button for a nose. The boy says yes, and the angel changes him into a girl. When the boy objects, the angel says, "Well, it's different." This episode aired in December 16 ...more
Out Of This World episode Evie / Stevie
Her best friend can't get a date to the prom so Evie turns herself into Stevie.
Out Of This World episode Man of Granite Cowboy Kyle
Evie turns her mother into a man so she can go to a reunion party for someone she turned into a statue.
Out There
A pulitzer prize winning photographer takes a picture of a ufo and winds up running in to all of these ufo freaks, in one scene, the photographer is waiting to talk to a tabloid guy, while he is waiting he talks to a marylin monroe dressed girl, the girl says all the aliens are drag queens because t ...more
Gender, Furry
"A story of inconvenient changes". Imagine having your gender changed, pretty inconvenient right? Now imagine having your species changed at the same time, becoming a small, vulnerable bird-rat type thing. This is Kassen's life. Not only does he have to cope with a new diet, cravings and urge ...more
Outer Limits episode Free Spirit
The Spirit of a murdered man comes back to haunt the scientists responsible for his and other test subjects death. He frequently possessed a very plain looking female patient and very briefly one of the female doctors. The story is very poorly written, although well directed and well acted. There ...more
Outer Limits episode Human Trial
Recap show. Very Interestingly done. Several Military men are plugged into virtual reality machines, as part of a psych test and evaluation, and made to experience the past episodes as the main characters including female characters. This could also fit into male/male. They show the soldier then swi ...more
The Outer Limits episode Stranded
T'rnar - an alien criminal possessing shape-shifting abilities - is the only survivor of a prison-ship which has crashed on Earth. He befriends a young boy named Kevin hoping to use him to gain his freedom. In one scene, Kevin's friend Brad comes looking for him and stumbles across the damaged ship ...more
The Outsiders #21
Gender, Female
New female Clayface (Lady Clayface) assumes the identity of one of the Heroines (Looker) estranged husband so she can overcome the character and take her place.
Outsiders #37
Metamorpho briefly (for one panel) assumes the form of Thunder (a black, female superhero), in order to trick the dictator of a small, African nation.
Outsiders #38
A black businesswoman trying to buy a metahuman from the Brotherhood of Evil at the beginning of the issue is revealed to be Metamorpho, in disguise.
Outsiders vol. 3 #16
Gender, Male
While Metamorpho is (in his own jokey manner) explaining what aspect of Batman each of the various Outsiders represents, he briefly (or a panel each) turns into Robin and a more cartoonish version Katana. When asked what HE represents, he responds by stating that he's Batman's utility belt... and ...more
Ova Hamlet
Heavy-handed Gor parody, with some type of transformion. breif at end.
Ozzy & Drix episode An Out of Body Experience (1&2)
I know this entry was already but I cannot find it, so I will resubmit it... An Out of Body Experience 1: Ozzy gets transfered into a girl named Christine's body when she gives Hector mouth-to-mouth when he jumps off the high dive to impress her, while there Ozzy starts changing colors and actin ...more
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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