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Category: 'Gender'
J. E. Walters
Quantum leap type story except he actually takes over the physical body of the person. At one point becomes the girlfriend of guy he is trying to save
J. Elliot Riley book Dangerous Clay
Female, Gender
Federal agent Ryan Solstice is hunting down the perfect killer: Chris, a shape-shifting assassin who used to do the government's dirty work anywhere in the world. Chris was born a girl, but can change into anyone - male or female - in order to get close to a target. Now, the perfect chameleon has ...more
J. Michael Reaves book Darkworld Detective
One episode has the hero meet brother and sister mindswappers. Brother's body gets killed but he steals the sister's body.
J. Ramsey Campbell
Suicides spirit forces weak willed young woman to exchange places. He takes her body & she's trapped in the house.
J.K. Rowlings book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The best of the Harry Porter Series. WARNING MAJOR SPOILER! It turns out that the amjor ally of the villian is someone whos suspose to be dead. A mother saves her 19 year old son by switching places with him in Prison - each taking on the other's physical body. It's revealed at the end and is ...more
J.T. McIntosh book Transmigration
The consciousness of a man travels from body to body after his death, some of them female.
The Jack Benny Program episode Unknown
Jack does something unusually generous and takes some kid fans of his to the circus (including a young Harry Shearer). While there he runs into an old friend of his (Mr Kitzel?) who shows up doing a number of odd jobs including dressing up as a gorilla. Near the end of the episode they walk past a ...more
Jack Chalker
Gender, Animal, Furry
Many of Mr. Chalker's books have gender changes in form or another.
Jack Chalker book The Cybernetic Walrus
Has some body-switching.
Jack Chalker book The Identity Matrix
Gender, Female
A man, trapped in the body of a prepubscent girl, meets a 21-year old female. They met up with the same aliens who stuck the man in the girl's body, As a result, the man's mind ends up in the young woman's body, and the young woman's mind ends up in the girl's. Alien body-swappers switch main chara ...more
Jack Chalker book The March Hare Network
Has some kind of convoluted gender-bender in it.
Jack Chalker book The Web of the Chozen
A virus turns humans into an artificial alien race. 80% of the men are turned into female aliens, although that doesn't happen to any of the main characters.
Jack Chalker book Echoes of the Well of Souls
A woman is turned into a male alien, and meets a female alien who was originally a girl. Toward the end.
Jack Chalker book Exiles at the Well of Souls
In an experiment, a man is briefly turned into a woman. Later, two men are turned into women as a means of disguise. However, they are turned into male aliens a couple of days later. There's also a race where all individuals are born female, and when get older turn into males.
Jack Chalker book Ghosts of the Well of Souls
2nd book of a continuation of the Well of Souls Saga. Multiple transformations of characters from the 1st volume continued in this. At end they return to the home planetoid of the Villain where it all started and the villain's nephew ends up in a twin of the body of the female cop. The female cop do ...more
Jack Chalker book Gods of the Well of Souls
The male protagonist spends most of this book in a female body, and in the end is stuck in it by mistake. Also, one male villain is turned into a slum girl as punishment.
Jack Chalker book Horror of the Dancing Gods
One of the characters is a girl who, as result of a curse, had her sexual organs transformed into male genitals, but kept the rest of her feminine body.
Jack Chalker book Lords of the Middle Dark
A girl brainwashes herself to believe she is a boy who was turned into a woman.
Jack Chalker book Masks of the Martyrs
More of what happened in previous books. Here, a couple of males are turned into female aliens.
Jack Chalker book Midnight at the Well of Souls
Most of the characters are transformed into different species. A male villain is turned into a female giant cockroach, another male is turned into a mermaid, and a girl is turned into a man.
Jack Chalker book Pirates of the Thunder
There's a character who is a creature that "absorbs" another being, becoming an exact duplicate of it. It appeared in the beggining to be a woman, and later becomes a man. It will change identity and sex a lot of times throughout the series.
Jack Chalker book Quest for the Well of Souls
Toward the end, a bunch of people (including some males) are turned into almost identical beautiful women.
Jack Chalker book Shadow of the Well of Souls
A married couple is transformed into identical twin female centaurs, and the villain is transformed into a female "Daisy Duck"-like alien. Also, one of the protagonists learns to body-switch at will with his girlfriend.
Jack Chalker book Songs of the Dancing Gods
Besides the changes that ocurred in previous books, in the end of this book the hero is turned permanently into a wood nymph and his wife is turned into a man.
Jack Chalker book Spirits of Flux and Anchor
A young man has his sexual organs turned into a woman's, keeping the rest of his masculine body. Later, the reverse happens to a girl.
Jack Chalker book Twilight at the Well of Souls
Some minor, mostly off-camera sex changes.
Jack Chalker book Vengeance of the Dancing Gods
The male protagonist temporarily swap bodies with a wood nymph. Later, the villain moves his mind into a female body as a disguise.
Jack Chalker book Warriors of the Storm
Various people get transformed into different species, and sometimes change sex. One woman become a male alien, and a bunch of others become members of an all-female race where the leader of the tribe becomes male.
Jack Chalker book When the Changewinds Blow
There's a part of the book where a girl uses an illusion to appear to be a young man.
Jack Chalker book Wonderland Gambit
This is a series of books by Jack L. Chalker that deal with alternate realities and the people in them and who control them. These stories predate the "Matrix" movies but bear some similarity. The central charaters continually find themselves in different realities as different people, most often of ...more
Jack of Fables #34
Gender, Animal
Kevin Thorne had the power to rewrite reality. Bixby the Big Bad Wolf is his target, and is forced to undergo a series of transformations.
Jack Starjumper issue Summer of 92 One Shot
A conanesque man, a red sonja type companion, a star ship captain Jack and his female Lt. wind up on a mission together on a planet and after much macho bravado and superior attitudes to their female companions and a mystical wish granting device, the red sonja character Bruta is now female captain ...more
Jack Vance book Rhialto the Marvellous
Although written and published as a novel, this book is actually composed of three shorter works put together. In the first of these, "The Murthe", an ancient sorceress (the female leader in a war between Witches and Wizards) returns to the Dying Earth after Aeons in hiding. In order to solidify h ...more
Jack Williamson book The Reign of Wizardry
Wonderful book. A middle-aged man claiming to be minor wizard has transformed himself into a beautiful woman to avoid death from pirates. He teams up with Thesus to overthrough the evil, immortal King Minos on Crete. Many transformation in book. Very clever plot. Nothing is as it seems.
Jack Wodhams
Gender, Gender, Gender
I can't do this story justice. The TG changes, one of each, occur before it begins, but that doesn't hurt the story. A judge must decide a divorce case that involves not the above transformations, but international espionage, infidelity, the inheritance of a large estate, and MURDER! Humorous yet t ...more
Jackie Chan Adventures
Animal, Mythical, Gender
Jaclyn the Ripper
Publication Date: November 10, 2009, Forge Books ISBN: 978-0-7653-1894-7, ISBN10: 0-7653-1894-6 Book Sequel to the movie (and novel) Time After Time by the original screenwriter/author, Karl Alexander. Synopsis: In Time After Time, H.G. Wells used his time machine to chase after Jack the Ripp ...more
Jacqueline Hyde
Gender, Female
Jacqueline works in telephone sales, but she is not very successful at that, or in her love life. When a rich grandfather dies and leaves her a mansion, she moves in and discovers that he was working on an experimental potion. When she drinks some, she discovers that she can reshape her body at wil ...more
Jade Empire
Mythical, Gender
When you get to Lord Lao's Furnace (By side quest once you get to chapter three) you can activate (in any order) the water wheel, cranking cauldron, and the clapper chimney. Then by pressing the Tiger button, your character will briefly change into one of the starter character models of the opposite ...more
Jak Koke book Dead Air
At start of story female elf is using special sensory equipment to get blackmail tape on lover. Her AV engineer accomplice plugs in and experiences her body.
James Alan Gardner book Commitment Hour
Future community has children switch genders yearly until they reach the age of 20 when they must choose a permanent gender.
James Bond Jr. episode "The Chameleon"
A villain named The Chameleon briefly takes the form of a old lady along with a few male disguises. *James Bond Jr. Ep. 3 "The Chameleon" Part 1 *James Bond Jr. Ep. 3 "The Chameleon" Part 2
James E. Gun
At a witches convention opposing view points clash, the founders vs those who think magic comes from the devil & want to force the issue oposing them are the founders, who use it like a science and know it is natural forces. To keep from being kidnapped and destroyed one of the founders shapes shift ...more
James H. Schmitz book Telsey Toy
SF A collection of short stories about a telephatic teenager, In one of them she has to swap bodies with two brothers ( one good and the other evil) in order to save the good ones life.
James Herbert book Nobody True
Story told from the viewpoint of a the recently deceased protagonist as he investigates his own murder. A little too predictable for my tastes but I'm more of a Stephen King fan myself. SPOILER!!!! The villian is only capable of possesing deceased bodies which does remove the sense of vi ...more
James Hogan
In the future, you can have your consciousness operate a body in a different location (cuts down on air travel). Guy uses a female body to follow his wife who he thinks is being unfaithful.
James Joyce book Ulysses
Has a dream sequence in the Circe section which seems to have Leopold Bloom change into a woman (hard to tell, because it's VERY surreal).
James Kahn
A psychedelic "Big Chill" has a magic mirror, witchcraft and a personality transfer.
James Patterson book The Lake House
An evil doctor attaches electrodes to patients' heads, and they experience their ultimate fantasy. One teenage boy experiences being a sexy female singer in Las Vegas.
Jamie the Trickster
Jamie the Trickster is a webcomic about a person who has the ability to shift from male to female at will. Link to webcomic
Jane Doe: Androgyne Anger issue Extreme
In a twisted future where a ruthless Republican regime rules supreme, a gender-bending drug allows people to experiment with androgynous sexuality. Unfornately for them, they chose Maimi as their new social center and Jane Doe just won't have that!
Jane Lindskold book Changer
Sven Trout, aka Loki, briefly turns into a Hispanic nurse in an attempt to assassinate Arthur Pendragon's right-hand man, Eddie, in the hospital. Also, there are hints in the book that Sven posed as another immortal named Lil Prima. While this book is full of shapeshifters and transformations, Sv ...more
Japanese TV show episode Unknown
Found something very special: I did never believe that a mask can be so realistic as seen on this Japanese TV show. A man becomes disguised as "Megumi" (maybe an actress or famous idol singer). At the end it seems as if they want to surprise the real Megumi in a restaurant with her copy, but the cli ...more
Jaye Lawrence
Crossdreser answers add from frog. spoiler after kissing frog and returning home he finds that reason his padded bra has become so uncomfortable is that he now posseses real breasts.
Jealous - Part 1 net fiction Unknown
"Take a beautiful girl, her boyfriend and a jealous, socially inept bookworm who stumbles upon a tome of magic, mixt them together and watch the strange story unfold." The bookworm uses the tome to transform the boyfriend into a girl, on whom he then uses mind control as part of a convoluted plan ...more
Jealous 2 net fiction Unknown
"This is the second part of Jealous. Will Andy regain his identity, will Gerald get his just deserts?" (Note to Admin: This should probably be part of the entry now identified as "Jealous - Part 1". It's a continuation/conclusion to the same story, which s ...more
Jean Paiva book The Lilith Factor
Adam had another wife. Her name was Lilith and she was pure evil. Her spirit has returned in several people, one of whom is a man.
Jeanne C. Stein book, Legacy
(Spoiler Text)
Jeannie aur Juju
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Size, Age
Modern version of "I Dream of Jeannie" from indian television. Episodes with tiny genie appearances: tiny female genie(s): 7,8,12,15,22,23,26,28,29,31,32,41,55,56,59,60,65handheld,71,73,75,85,86,89, 111,114,115,121,122,124,125,128,130,133,135,136,145,147,148,155,161,164,168,174,184,185,189, ...more
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Almost at the end of game(only if you play on Light Side) soul of Sith Lord, Ragnos is possesing body of female Dark Jedi Tavion. Afetr defeating he leaving this body...
Jennifer Archer book Blame it on the Baby
I got this one a while back and it was excellent! About a 3rd of the book, with great descriptions that are quite believable and often humorous! I guess no one added it to the list! So here, courtesy of TG collector's message, is a fine story to add to your collection! NEW YEARS BABY'S 3 st ...more
Jennifer Jane Pope book Slave Genesis
First of at least five adult novels about a strange island devoted to SM power games and pony-girls. Turns out its run by aliens and human minds are transplanted into perfect female bodies (apparently the aliens haven't worked out how to make male clone bodies). In this first book a Scottish fish ...more
Jennifier's Transgended Story Pages
Stories, recaps, and gif animations.
Jerry Olson
Scientists are exploring the effects of body switching through a new machine. Beautiful young woman and large man switch for a week as well as a man and a female Chimp.
Jerry Shelton
A man answers a classified ad our primary character placed in a newspaper when he was a bit tipsy. "Wanted, business association with the devil or kindred demon. Interested party willing to trade one slightly used soul for favor granted." what does this man, a professor want from the demon who h ...more
Jerry Springer Show ad commercial Unknown
Jerry is jogging in the park, being hounded by odd people trying to get on his show. An attractive black woman says "I had a sex change, then had it reversed, then had it done again!" (which would make her a man originally, I guess). Jerry curtly says "I'm sorry, we've already done that episod ...more
The Jersey episode Cheers, Jeers, and Tears
Hillary's crying over her responsibilities as being cheerleader captain so she jumps into football player Tim Couch and she/he gets advice and lessons from professional cheerleaders on new cheers to the shock of the coach and the other players. (Female to Male possession)
The Jersey episode Willa Jumps
Animal, Gender
gs: Sam Garnes (Himself) Willa tries the jersey for size by exposing it to the whole school. But first she jumps into a football player, Amani Toomer (Himself. Then she tries to sell rides to others at school and a male nerd winds up in the body of a little girl on a store rocking horse. Af ...more
Jessie, "To Be Me or Not to Be Me"
Animal, Gender, Male, Female
Part of Disney Channel's Freaky Freakend stunt. Ravi gets a magic bell from India in the mail that has body swapping powers. Jessie switches with Zuri, Emma switches with Luke and Ravi switches with Bertram. Later, after everyone seems to have switched back, Jessie switches with Mr. Kipling the gia ...more
In Part One of CBS's epic movie "Jesus", Satan appears before Jesus Christ in the desert as a beautiful woman in a red flowing robe. He switches back and forth between this form and that of an older gentleman in a black suit throughout the scene while tempting the Son of God with promises of power i ...more
The Jetsons issue Switch
An accident with a new device switches George's mind into Elroy, Elroy into Jane, Jane into Astro, Astro into Judy, Judy into George. All the character's are oblivious to the change.
After a displaying the product as a lubricant and a water-repellent, the ad then claims that it "helps with the tax-man". When the product is then sprayed onto the male tax-collector, he is transformed into the stereotypical German bar-girl.
Jim Butcher book Grave Peril
Mythical, Gender
A male spirit is out to get revenge on Harry Dresden, PI wizard, as if he didn't have enough troubles. Twice the spirit possesses females, and each time seems to be enjoying the experience. Those parts are rather briefly described, but enjoyable, and the entire book is well worth reading. The third ...more
Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Come Back to the 5 & Dime
A reunion of female members of a James Dean fan club includes one who used to be a guy.
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode Trading Faces
Do not follow the show, but the basic plot seems that Jimmy Neutron is a genius. He invents a Mind reading device and uses it at show and tell. However, Cindy makes a fool out of him. So he goes and upgrades the device. To test it he calls her and starts to listen to her mind, when lightning strikes ...more
JLA #99
Throughout most of the series, Superman is under the control of the vampire Crucifer. At the very end, after Superman beats Wonder Woman (under the instruction of Crucifer) and Crucifer tries to suck her blood, it is revealed that Wonder Woman is not Wonder Woman, but is in fact, Martian Manhunter. ...more
JLA #27
The Martian Manhunter assumes the form of a Japanese business woman in order to have a business lunch about the JLA with Superman and Batman in their civilian identities in Tokyo.
JLA: Heaven's Ladder
A typical JLA adventure except when it's over "The Fat Lady Sings" who actually is Plastic Man. Only one page.
JLA #104
In an attempt to get away from things, J'onn J'onzz goes off and starts working as a process server as John Jones. In one scene he serves a guy divorce papers by turning into the guys wife. Lasts a couple pages. Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz) does some investigative work as one of his many a ...more
JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1
Plastic Man singlehandedely fights off dog-faced aliens from outer space, morphing into parodies of other JLA members - including a voluptuous Wonder Woman.
JLA/Spectre:Soul War #1-#2
This two-part mini series features the Spectre(Hal Jordan) helping the JLA defeat an alien threat. To help defeat the first wave, Hal merges/links with individual JLAers to utilize their powers/abilities to fight off the invaders. On one panel, when he links with Wonder Woman, he becomes a female ...more
JLA: Foreign Bodies
Male, Gender
Several members of JLA get switched around by the villainess Psykosis. Auqaman ends up in Wonder Woman's body.
JLA: Year One #8
It is revealed in issue #8 that, since the very first issue of the series, Martian Manhunter has been assuming several human identities to spy on his fellow Justice Leaguers and pry into their private lives. He has been keeping tabs on Green Lantern in the guise of a woman, an FAA inspector named ...more
JLA: Year One #11
To fool a bunch of evil aliens, the JLA change costumes and bodies. Martian Manhunter becmes Black Canary, Flash becomes Aquaman and Aquaman into Flash, Balck Canary becomes Green Lantern and Green Lantern becomes Martian Manhunter. I think I got that right.
Joan D. Vinge book Catspaw
There is a passage that exactly describes Bonnie Tyler's Rock Video "If You Were a Woman and I Was a Man", including the male to female transformation segment.
Joan of Arcadia episode Silence
Helen Girardi, while dreaming she's in a church, talks with a teenage boy who is one of the many incarnations of God who've spoken to her daughter Joan. After two lines, however, Helen looks again and God is in the form of Joan, but still talking with the boy's voice. Brief.
Joanna Russ book The Female Man
Jael, the main character, takes a trip through Manland, where men live without "real" women; rather, males selected to fulfill female social and sexual roles undergo sex-change operations.
Jockey Television commercial "Out of Line"
Male, Female, Gender
Normal looking people are put through a conveyor belt factory with a large machine chamber that turns them into nearly identical, "perfect" clones. It removes tattoos and any body piercing. The resulting male clones are all dressed alike, as are all of the females. Spoiler below (Spoiler Text ...more
Jody Ayers book A Changed Man
Dr. Frank Arthur has discovered the secret of transmutation, how to be someone else. Eventually, so many people are switched around that even the individuals involved sometimes despair at getting their own bodies back.
Jody Scott book Vampire I
A young vampire is shown how swap bodies and has a few pages of how she was put into the body of Mr. Spock.
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninjas
The final boss is a winged demon. When he loses, a cave woman comes onscreen and kisses you, just like when any other boss is defeated, but this time she turns out to be the demon in disguise, who then reverts back and the real final battle begins.
Joe Haldeman book All My Sins Remembered
In a short segment we meet a Otto/Josha, who has had his sex changed to flee religious persecution.
Joe Haldeman book Camouflage
Animal, Inanimate, Male, Gender
Two shapeshifters who have spent millions of years on Earth are drawn to the Samoan Islands after a mysterious artifact is found on the ocean floor. The primary shapeshifter, the alien "changeling", can shift into male, female, animal and inanimate shapes, with some effort. The changeling spends ...more
Joey Negro
Near the end of the video, the student turns all the scientists into sexy young women. You can watch the video here:
John and Spector, Craig Skipp book Dead Lines
Male villain in the story returns from dead and takes over body of female character. Towards end of book.
John Barnes book Mother of Storms
XV allows user to experience the body and emotions of the stars.
John Brosnan book The Opponax Invasion
A master thief changes himself into a woman to escape detection.
John Carter
Gender, Male
Leader of the villains disguises himself as numerous people including the hero and heroine
John Collier
A demon and an angel, both male, descend (or arise, depending on who you're referring to) to Earth and take on the forms of beautiful young women, and end up living together.
John D. MacDonald book Wine of the Dreamers
Dying colony of men and women send their minds out and take over bodies of other humans. The hero takes the beautiful queens mistress for a day, and a woman doctor.
John Irving book A Son of the Circus
One of his less popular books, it deals with a transsexual serial killer.
John Irving book The World According to Garp
MAJOR SPOILER: Roberta, an professional football player named Robert, is a major character in this book. She's apparently sort of cute, as she has several lovers. But the part I liked the most came at the end. Garp's adult son is in a motorcycle accident and is in the hospital for months. Rob ...more
John Lyly book Gallathea
Late sixteenth century play where two young women, both disguised as men, fall in love. At conclusion, goddess promises to turn one into man, and they marry.
John Rackham
Disembodied brains operate remote bodies. Nephew of one the scientists takes over the female body.
John Robert Russell book Ta
Girl is Astral Traveler; can take over other bodies including males.
John Shirley book Splendid Chaos
A chaotic story (but you knew that from the title) about a group of people who find themselves a in strange world where people's mental problems become physical realities.
John Stockholm book Succubus
Atmospheric horror set on a small island. Peter visits a childhood friend who has been researching occult matter. Peter suspects his friend's wife is not what she seems; meanwhile, Peter's cousin Mary is dealing with the wife's brother. As I read, I began to suspect there would be a change, but ...more
John Varley
Gender, Gender, Gender
In a world where bodies are made to order, Fox's friend decided to become a beautiful girl. Fox from "Picnic at NearSide" appears as a female. Involves a woman changing into a man in a Lunar society.
John Varley book The Golden Globe
The story of actor Kennith "Sparky" Valentine. In the beginning of the book we find that he has the ability, through various implants, to change shapes. He is playing Mercutio in "Romeo and Juliet", when the actress playing Juliet can not go on, he does. In this future acting has to be more graph ...more
John Varley book Steel Beach
The main character in the book starts off male and changes sex approximately half way through. Various other characters have had sex changes too.
John Wyndham
in "The Best of John Wyndham." Publisher Star books (?)I haven't got a copy handy. Young English couple on holiday find a dying man lying in the middle of the road. Husband goes to get help; leaves wife behind. While he's gone, the dying man takes over the wife's body. He then uses her body to ta ...more
Johnny Bravo episode Unknown
One of Johnny's dates turns into a werewolf, than into a nerdy fan boy. Brief at end
Johnny Bravo episode Witch-ay Woman
Jonny makes a gypsy mad so she curses him to be a woman until he figures out women. Not bad but it was on cartoon network.
Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard
A boy who dreams of being a great magician is given Merlin's magic ring. He uses it to accidentally make his sister disappear, and then to transform his buddy into her form to cover for him while he goes back in time to help Merlin. Also a small transformation of a girl into a male soldier.
Johnny Test : Johnny to the Center of the Earth
Johnny Test is turbo charged kid with a flaming head of hair, a talking dog (that drinks coffee), and genius sisters use him for wild experiments. What else could you want? In Episode 1, Part A "Johnny to the Center of Earth" Molemen (Referred to as 'The Thieves of the Earth's Crust' by Jonnhy) ...more
Johnny Test episode "Roller Johnny"
Johnny and his dog are turned into roller-derby women to enter a contest.
Johnny Test Episode: Johnny Susan Susan Johnny
In this short episode, Johnny is forced into swapping bodies with his sister Susan via a body swapping machine. As in most animated kids shows they retain their own voices in the other body.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Episode 02
Gender, Monster
In the second episode, a man named Kakyoin uses his Stand (a sort of ghostly manifestation of a person's psyche), Hierophant Green, to possess a school girl in an attempt to kill JoJo. The possessed girl (who looks and sounds rather zombie-like when possessed) manages to stab JoJo with a pen befor ...more
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, various chapters
Gender, Male, Female
In this series, there are a couple of transformations. In chapters 136 and 137, a man named Rubber Soul uses his Stand, Yellow Temperance, to impersonate Kakyoin in an attempt to kill Jotaro. That fails and in chapter 138, while in a cable car, he's disguised as a fat woman and tries once again ...more
Jolt Cola commercial Unknown
A high-school-aged couple are alone in a convertible overlooking the city (Lovers' Lane?), drinking the product (a soft drink). The girl asks the boy whether, when they kiss, he fantasizes that the girl is actually someone else. The boy looks at the girl, who morphs into a sultry older brunet ...more
Jonas Brothers "Paranoid"
Gender, Male
In the beginning of the Jonas Brothers music video you see kevin morph into joe and joe morph into kevin,but when kevin looks at Nick he morphs into a girl!!
Jonathan Carroll book Voice of Our Shadow
Impossible to describe without completely ruining the book. There are no detailed transformations described, but there is some very definite gender switching going on.
Joseph H. Delaney book In The Face Of My Enemy
Kah-Sih-Omah is a God-like being who changes himself into a woman twice in the process of adapting to the cultures he lives in through the ages.
"Joshferatu" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
In this episode Sophie tries to help Mel by askin Trent out for her by morphing into Mel. She is rejected then to make the real Mel not to feel rejected Sophie morphs into Trent and Mel asks him out.
Journeyman Episode The Hanged Man
The main character, Dan, is somewhat unstuck in time. He has a wife and son and his involuntary trips back in time often cause problems in his relationships with them. In this episode Dan accidentally leaves a camera from 2007 with a kid in 80's and as a result technology progresses at a much faste ...more
Joyce Carol Oates book A Bloodsmoor Romance
Woman escapes from marriage disguised as a man, eventually becomes a man.
JSA Classified #20
Female, Gender
The issue opens with a brief history of the Ultra-Humanite, detailing his switching of brains with Delores Winters. (Spoiler Text)
JTHM issue Dicrectors Cut
In one panel the Devil called Senior Satan (aka Mr Satan) at first is a giant horned man with glowing eyes. In the next issue he's a chearleader with a 16 year old personality. He doses this to disturbe Jhonny.
Jubai Crimson Change issue Unknown
A girl channels a male spirit into her body.
Judith Tarr book A Fall Of Princes
In order to resolve a war, one of the leaders is transformed into a woman so she can marry her rival and unite the two realms.
Jughead Comics Volume 2, #30-33
Jughead and his friends happen upon experimental brain transfer research using soybeans. Jughead briefly gets switched with Sara, a pretty business woman, and Big Ethel changes with her blind friend Jeffrey for a longer portion of the story.
Magical MtF Transformations ( Transgender / Transformation stories centering magical, SciFi gender changes, comics, pics, discussions, dating, chat ) The introduction is available in English, German, and Russian, but most of the site is only available in Russian.
Jumanji episode Who Am I
In an episode of this cartoon the boy and girl switch bodies.
Jumanji: The Next Level
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Race, Gender
A few years after the events of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, everyone has gone their separate ways. While home for Christmas break from college, Spencer gets overwhelmed and decides to try and rebuild the console, but it is not working quite right. The others (Becky, Martha and Fridge) go to ...more
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Female, Gender, Male, Race
In this sequel of the 1995 Robin Williams film, Jumanji is updated from a board game to an 8-bit video game where the players transform into the avatars they choose. Originally it is found by Alex's father on a beach (passing on from the first movie). One night Alex starts it up, but is never seen ...more
Posed as Diana.
Just Desserts episode Unknown
A Twilight Zone meets Fantasy Island-style series pilot starring Joel Grey. In one thread, a womanizer is made female as punishment. This also appeared in an the ABC special called 'The Best TV shows (That never were)' a pilot was shown for a potential series called 'Whispering Pines' starring J ...more
Just Follow Law
Lim Deng Zui (starred by Gurmit Singh) is the subordinate of Tanya Chew (starred by Fann Wong) who holds a high-ranking position in a government statutory board. A car accident causes them to swap body with each other. This movie will open in Singapore theatres at the next Chinese New Year, tha ...more
Just Grin & Bear It issue Unknown
A boy and girl switch brains.
Just Like Heaven
Reese Witherspoon is a recently deceased doctor who haunts her former home. In the preview of the upcoming film I caught, she clearly possesses the new, and male current occupant of her home at a bar, making his body do things like throw a drink at a woman for example.
Just Like You Imagined
In this Matrix-like film from Kuwaiti filmmaker Zeyad Alhusaini, people called "gender shifters" are people who can smuggle outlaws through their own bodies. Shifters can also apparently change their appearance to those whom they are "carrying." The male shifter first eludes changes to a female t ...more
Just Shoot Me episode Brandi, You're a Fine Girl
Finch's old friend, Bert, is coming to visit. Finch is shocked to learn that Bert has become Brandi, a sexy young woman. He manages to overcome his shock and the two start to be friends again. Then, Finch starts to have feelings of lust. When he tries to act on them, Brandi rejects him and says tha ...more
Just To Feel Something Different
A man and woman swap bodies in this short TikTok. *Just To Feel Something Different
Justice #4
In this issue of the mini-series Clayface assumes the form of Dinah Lance(aka Black Canary) in order to get close to Oliver Queen(Green Arrow) as part of a coordinated attack on the Justice League by the villains.
Justice League 3000 #4
Female, Male, Gender
We learn the truth on how the Justice League was revived in the future from their "mother" Ariel Masters. (Spoiler Text)
Justice League Action episode Abate And Switch
After the Brothers Djinn use the power of their names to briefly remove both Wonder Woman's and Superman's powers, 4 of the JL members switch costumes and appearances (with Constantine's help) in order to confuse the Djinn. Plastic Man uses his shapeshifting ability to pose as Wonder Woman. He deve ...more
Justice League Action episode Mxy's Mix-Up
Male, Gender
While on a mission to stop Gorilla Grodd, the Justice League team is also attacked by Mister Mxyzptlk. He decides to make things interesting and swap members of the Justice League team into different bodies. (Spoiler Text) Later, they call in the Bravo team who also get switched around.(Sp ...more
Justice League Action episode True Colors
In this short, Pink Kryptonite briefly turns Superman into Superwoman but keeps his own voice.
Justice League Adventures #33
Clayface is committing crimes disguised as various members of the Justice League. For a couple of panels he's disguised as Wonder Woman.
Justice League Adventures #4
The Amazons go to war and Superman dispatches Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and the Martian Manhunter to deal with them on Thmyscira. Superman orders J'onn to dress appropriately, as Supergirl. The Supergirl is Kara In-Ze, who wears a white top, blue skirt, and red boots. It turns out that Athena or ...more
Justice League America #105-106
As part of a simultaneous murder for the demon Neron, shape-shifting assassin Chiller takes on the appearance of an un-named Madonna-like singer in order to move through the crowd at her concert, and get close enough to burn her with an acid gun. When that attempt is thwarted, he assumes the shape ...more
Justice League Dark #2
Male, Gender
This new series deals with the more Occult portion of the New 52, the new Reboot DC Universe. In this issue, Deadman (Boston Brand) is at a bar meeting his girlfriend Dawn Granger (Dove), but he is in the body of another man so that he can be seen. Later, while in ghost form, he is asked by a w ...more
Justice League Dark #9
Steve Trevor recruits John Constantine to get the "Justice League Dark" back together to stop Felix Faust. He also makes Constantine add an agent from A.R.G.U.S. to the group. Black Orchid. During the first fight, John is about to be attacked when he has (Spoiler Text) Later, when trying to t ...more
Justice League Elite #2
Twelve issue maxi-series about the unsanctioned covert ops arm of the Justice League. In a sting operation Vera Black is using highly advance holo camo to impersonate Wilson Slade(Deathstroke) since issue #1 (shown on the last page there). She also(for one panel) becomes team mate Major Disaster.
Justice League episode Unsold Live Action Pilot
Unsold Pilot available through conventions. There is about a 2 minute scene where the Martian Manhunter becomes the Green Flame to help protect her identity.
Justice League of America #10
In order to fool 3 demons Green Lantern uses his power ring to change the JLA into each other. Wonder Woman becomes the Martian Manhunter and Batman becomes Wonder Woman.
Justice League of America #2
Gender, Male
In the backup story, the Martian Manhunter adopts several guises as he trails an assassin into the White House: a black man in a suit at the front gate; a dark-haired woman at the metal detector; a young black-haired boy, then a man with Hispanic features wearing casual clothes in the hallways. Fi ...more
Justice League of America #4-5
It appeared at the end of Issue 4 that Catwoman had been recaptured by the Secret Society of Evil and that their leader had gone and blown her brains out. (That cliffhanger might sound a bit familiar to some longtime Catwoman fans...) We discover early in Issue 5, however, that it was really... ...more
Justice League of America #166-168
Female, Gender, Male
Zatanna, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), all members of the Justice League of America, are body switched with members of the Secret Society Of Super-Villains. Zatanna ends up in the body of Star Sapphire. Wonder Woman switches bodies with Floronic Man. Gr ...more
Justice League Quarterly #6
The JLI must battle a evil Toymaker. Its focus is on Elongated man. (Spoiler Text)
Justice League Task Force #7-#8
The Martian Manhunter turned himself into a woman for one adventure. The teams mission is to save a relief, plane crash survivor, agent Haggard, who was taken hostage by a tribe of female warriors, known as the Daals. Categories:Gender, Comic Book Issues 7, 8 ===Description=== origina ...more
Justice League Unlimited #33
Age, Gender
Stargirl and Crimson Avenger are both arguing about the fact that she's young and brash, and he's old and careful. They both get caught up in a spell Morgaine le Fey is doing in order to make her son Mordred young again, and get their bodies switched. So they are forced to walk a mile in each oth ...more
Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue
In a flashback to the Justice League's final battle with a new Royal Flush gang created by Ace of the last gang, when they are defeated and turn back to normal the Queen changes into a man. It's on screen for less than a second, so it's hard to really tell.
Justice League Unlimited #14
Deadman pays the Justice League gang a visit, but to talk to them he has to borrow a body, which just happens to be Wonder Woman's. It starts off with him checking herself out in a mirror, and he sure likes what he sees. The WW possession lasts for about six pages. The cover shows Deadman poss ...more
Justice League: The Nail #2
Martian Manhunter poses as attractive blonde female applying for a job at Lexcorp.
Justice League: Doom
During the animated movie there is a scene where Martian Manhunter's opponent, Ma'alefa'ak, poses as an attractive blonde woman in a bar where "John" is with his co-workers. This alien is presented previously as a male alien and eventually reveals himself, though only to J'onn's Martian vision. ...more
Justice League of America Pilot
The unsold live action pilot of the DC Comics book has the Martian Manhunter transformed into Fire for one scene. This was done in order to confuse a male that had accidentally stumbled onto her secret identity (he then saw "Fire" and Bea together, thought he was wrong...).
Justice Society of America #2-#5
Body-swapping villain the Ultra-Humanite returns. He's in a male body this time, but there are references to his old (often female) forms. Ultra seems to be getting more mentally unstable after all the switches, and Wildcat and The Atom exploit this by teasing him about his old feminine forms.
Justice Society of America, vol.3 issue 27
Male, Gender
An energy made out of ghosts leaps from a man on the street into Stargirl. It then uses her Cosmic Rod to break Obsidian's darkness cloak on the JSA's headquarters so it can get inside. After leaving Stargirl's body, it transports JSA members Wildcat, Green Lantern, Flash, Liberty Belle and Hourm ...more
Justice: Four Balance #2
It's revealed near the end of the issue that a shape-shifting supervillain, the Hate-Monger, has been posing as Janice Ian - the assistant to billionaire Anderson Gaulthing - since Issue 1.
Justin Leiber book Beyond Rejection
The mind of Ishmael Forth is transfered into the body of the deceased spacer, Sally Cadmus. Sequals include "Beyond Humanity", and "Beyond Gravity".
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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