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Category: 'Gender'
I am a Crow issue Unknown
A boy's father reincarnates as a girl to spend time with his son.
I Became my Teacher, by Tebra
Age, Gender
A teenage boy ends up stuck in his sexy teacher's body during astral projection. How he handles it and his confronting her in his body is the plot. There is a second story in the book Shirley Solution, Where a middle aged scientist goes back in time to trade bodies with his crush when th ...more
I Dream Of Farrah
When Farrah the sex-starved genie is released from her bottle, by a wanton womanizer.He still gets 3 WISHES. You're gonna love what he WISHES. At the End He becomes a Female genie
I Dream of Jeannie episode Unknown
Jeannie helps Tony copy a Rembrandt so well he's accused of forgery. The picture's not pretty when Jeannie transforms Tony's donated copy of a Rembrandt painting into the original, highly valuable self-portrait. When the NASA charity calls for assistance from an art expert, Tony has only 24 hours t ...more
I Hate My Body
A deranged ex-nazi mad doctor transplants a man's brain into woman's body.
I Heart Huckabees
Jude Law's head sits on a nursing woman's body as Jason Schwartzman's head sits on a baby's body sucking milk from the nipple.
I Must Be Dreaming commercial Unknown
Saw this one running on CNN. Guy asks directv technician if he's dreaming. "I must be dreaming because all of a sudden carmen elektra hitting on me but she has the body of my old gym teacher." Cuts to a clip of him in bed with a 40+ year old guy with carmen's head. Well done too.
I My Me Strawberry Eggs episode entire series
(Note from the Editor: this item will be pulled in one week unless I can get further conformation) The main character becomes female to get a job as a high school teacher.
I Want to be You: Deep Reflections
Blake is a young man with a broken heart, trying to find a way to move forward without the love of his life, at least until he met Emily. She offers him the impossible: a chance to escape his life for a month by living as a woman. What starts as a chance meeting propels Blake onto a journey beyon ...more
I Want What I Want
The fictional story of a British man getting a sex change. It begins with him as a man and follows him though transition and the SRS surgery.
I'm Gonna Get You Sucka'
A parody blaxplotation film, along the lines of 'Airplane!' In one scene, the hero's mother is fighting a bunch of guys in a bar. She changes into a burly, mustachio'd white man in a dress (her stunt double), then changes back when the fight is over.
Gender, Inanimate, Female
I.L. is a two-volume 1960's manga from Astro Boy creator Osamu Tezuka, which was translated into French (unfortunately not into English, yet). Filmmaker Imari Daisaku is given a gift by the mysterious Count Alucard: a woman who, by spending a few minutes inside a special coffin, can transform hers ...more
Iain Banks book The Wasp Factory
It's almost impossible to describe this book without damaging it.
Iain Banks book Excession
One of the characters becomes female in order to bear a child fathered by the other, who becomes male to do so.
Iain Banks book Unknown
In the series universe, sex changes are a routine process that takes several months of genetic reengineering and surgery.
Ian Wallace book Croyd
Croyd is traped, sharing the mind and body of a positute.
Ian Watson
Father gradually possesses daughter through modeling clay.
Ian Watson book The Lexicographer's Love Song
This is the first poetry collection from groundbreaking SF novelist and A.I. Artificial Intelligence screenwriter Ian Watson. Ranging in themes from sexuality and death to quantum physics and alternate universes--and sometimes combining all of these--the 21 poems collected in The Lexicographer's Lov ...more
Ian's Gallery
A gallery by the artist Ian with many images, most of them tributes to games or comics. TG transformation is a common theme.
Ice Angel
Made for TV Movie. Heaven can wait type plot. Macho hockey star killed before his time accidently by an angel is sent back in the beautiful body of America's best female Figure skater to have a chance of winning a gold medal. He is not very happy about being a girl! But he learns to skate like the ...more
Identity Addict
He can change his appearance and powers at will. Has a couple of his female identities include, All-Tied-Up, the Incompetent Mother, and False Memory. The False Memory was a female form he used and became a member of the Doom Patrol in #69.
"Identity Crisis" by Kevin J. Anderson
In a Future where people can voluntarily swap bodies, the protagonist makes a living by becoming people who require unpleasant or unwanted things to happen to their bodies. The major TG involves an old woman switching with the male protagonist before some major surgery which she may be too fragile ...more
Identity Theft
Gender, Male, Mechanical
Set on Mars in the future, when people can become Transfers(their minds are transfered to robot bodies, while the originals are killed) to travel, a woman hires the only private investigator on the planet to find her missing husband, who disappeared when they were both transfering from Earth. ...more
Identity Theft Commercal commercial Unknown
In another commercal a sufer guys voice comes out of a Chinese dentists.
Identity Theft, 2009
If Bush Was a Girl net fiction Unknown
Ok, it's really, really creepy, but it should be on here.
IF I KNEW THEN.....A Nightmare becomes reality
It's very TG. I have just skimmed through it so far and it had some comments on what happened to some men who tried to escape being guinea pigs for this mind transference project. One was swapped into a 500 lb obese woman and sold to a freak show, one was sold to a Turkish brothel, and one was sole ...more
If I Were You
Mal and Jill Rodale wake up in each others' bodies in this new 2007 play by well-known comic playwright Ayckbourn.
If Only Life Was Predictable
You upload a picture of yourself or others, and it will show you what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex, or what you will look like in 10-40 years. It's pretty cool.
If Wishes Were Changes
Serious piece about gender roles and identity. Husband and wife swap bodies.
If You Were a Woman (and I Was a Man) - Bonnie Tyler
This entry marked for deletion - it is a duplicate of entryid 6048 In this 1986 video, the setting is early 21st century in a war-torn country. Bonnie performs the song at a night club. About two minutes in, a Rambo-like soldier swings in on a rope and lands on the stage. Bonnie, and the people ...more
If You Were a Woman and I Was a Man
Climaxes with a muscular Rambo-type guy transforming via "An American Werewolf in London" style special effects. Finally exploding into a Marilyn Monroesque glamor girl. In this 1986 video, the setting is early 21st century in a war-torn country. Bonnie performs the song at a night club. About ...more
Iggy Azalea song Money Comes
In the music video for Iggy Azalea's single, Iggy and a bunch of ladies go to an all male office and turn the office workers into hot babes by blasting them with pink rifles.
Ikkitousen episode Episode 12 and 13
The heroine Hakafu is possessed by Toutaku's dead spirit in order that he can lure his arch enemy Saji into a battle and kill him.
Illyra's Blog
Blog entry about a 35 y/o man who woke up as a Suicide Girl style "hot" chick, after stumbling upon a too-good-to-be-true website that granted wishes.
A student play presented on stage at a secondary school. Kheleev, a top male athelete and Sara, a cheerleader obsessive about staying thin and attractive A wish made by both causes them to switch bodies. Both awaken to find that their genders had changed. There was another play mentioned ...more
ImagineTV commercial Unknown
New commercial for Mercury Cougar. Has a man dressed in a black suit driving a Mercury Cougar. He drives down the road and then acting surprised, notices a roadblock. At the road block, an army official with a bad German accent comes to the car and says, "We are looking for a man driving a car ju ...more
The Immortal
A body hopping demon that able to take over several human, include a woman.
Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular issue Unknown
Impossible Man turns briefly (one panel) into Black Cat... well green.
In the Flesh net fiction Unknown
Hank tells the story like looking in a mirror, of how he body swapped with his girlfriend's teen aged daughter. What it is like and what he is now faced with in his new life.
In Deep With The Devil
The devil gives a guy a mirror that will allow him to turn into anybody. He turns himself into a woman to get his secretary into bed.
In Living Color episode Unknown
In one sketch, a group of prisoners are broadcasting a show from the jail. One of the guests is a Marilyn Monroe look alike. She used to be a man until she had another prisoner perform a sex change on him, using a laundry press.
In My Shoes, by Adrian Stephens
Brilliant, beautiful 17 year old girl and very smart, good looking 17 boy swap bodies the morning after she insults him when he asks for a date. She mistaken thinks hes a clown and not serious about her. The rest of the book more or less follows them trying to help each other adjust
Inari, Konkon Koi Iroha
Gender, Female
Inari Fushimi, a middle school girl in Kyoto, is given part of the divine power of the goddess Uka-no-mitama-no-kami, allowing her to turn into anyone she wants. She first discovers her power when she accidentally turns into her pretty classmate Akemi Sumizome. (Spoiler Text)
Male, Gender
During one segment, the "Forger" (Tom Hardy) (Spoiler Text)
In the 70s' thriller "Incubus", a shape-changing demon is responsible for various murders throughout the city. One of the men investigating the killings begins to fall for an attractive female reporter who is revealed at the film's end to be the demon! The sex of the demon isn't necessarily revealed ...more
Incubus (2005)
Being known as "The Sleeper" has the ability to take over your body when you sleep. Takes over a couple male and female bodies. (Spoiler Text)
Indian Rug Market Woman commercial Cost Plus World Market
There's a commercial where there's a couple shopping for a rug, and they appear to be in a market in India. They start talking to an Indian woman, speaking very slowly the way people do when they are speaking to foreigners. When the woman starts talking, she has the voice of an American male. The sc ...more
"Down Deep" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
Seven of Nine is possessed by the minds of victims of the Borg. Includes a male Klingon and male Vulcan.
The Infinity Charade issue Unknown
Wartlock splits and his 'good' side is Shddess, a woman. When he absorbs her back into himself, at the end of the comic, he gains quite a womanly figure.
Infinity Inc. #3
A Man named Erik has a strange power, based on the fact of some psychosis of him wanting to castrate himself, which he feels very uneasy about. He and his friends confront a woman with a replication power, and she replicates a pair of man's boxers, that belong to the man who was involved in a murde ...more
Infinity Inc. #4
Gender, Male
A continuation of the story from Issue 3. There's a longer sequence with Erika and more with the shape-shifter Persona. (Spoiler Text)
Infinity Inc. #50
At the end, a magic spell switches body parts of most of the heroes.
A website that caters art and comics to those who enjoy gender changes.
The Inhumans issue Part 4 of 4
Compelled by Kree overlord Ronan the Accuser, Inhumans leader Black Bolt assassinates Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra during a treaty ceremony. But the "Lilandra" he kills turns out to be Hobgoblin the Shape-Shifter, a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who changes back as he dies.
Inmu 2 - Flesh Dreams Episode 2 Third Night: The Shadow Card
In THE THIRD NIGHT, a man takes his chances with a game of cards and some questionable wishes and desires. When he finally defeats the queen of all cards he decides to have sex with her. Finally after he gets done with her, he decides to seal inside the very card he defeated her with. But, the mast ...more
Furry, Gender
In the new storyline in the ongoing Youtube cartoon series Inside Ursula Hitler's Head, a "furry flu" breaks out and it changes people into various cartoon animals. A man becomes a mermaid, a girl becomes a "cow-taur," and more.
Inside Ursula Hitler's Head: Invasion of the Posh Spice Zombies
Inside Ursula Hitler's Head is an animated Youtube series featuring the continuing adventures or Sweetie and Mr. Meany, the sexy party girl and the grouchy old man who live inside the mind of Ursula, a dirty-minded cartoonist. In this story Mr. Meany is infected by the Posh Spice virus, transformin ...more
SPOILER (Spoiler Text)
Instant Sex Change
This is a spoof ad for a product called Instant Sex Change. It has a Male to Female and a Female to Male transformation. The transformation isn't actually seen. It's a "flash transformation" which only shows the before and after of the actual transformation.
Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts! issue Unknown
In the bonus story of Volume 2 the lead female character(Natsumi) and the lead male charater (Asuma) switch bodies after eating two nuts that came from a heart shape shell. In the begining it's a shock, but Asuma enjoys Natsumi's body especially after it gets older. Natsumi however does not enjoy ...more commercial Unknown
A man with a broken arm discovers a web site that make anything he types into it, instantly better. He fixes his broken arm, brings his dead gold fish back to life, makes his apartment into a dance club and turns a staute of a gnome into a real gnome dancing in his new disco apartment. Finally whe ...more
Interflora commercial Morphing on Radio
First broadcasted on Classic FM (2005), this radio commercial is by the flowersellers, Interflora. It starts off with a woman talking about how it is good to send flowers to anyone. But as you continue to listen, the voice pitch changes and goes deeper and deeper, morphing and finishing into a man's ...more
Gender, Mythical, Animal
A television series based off of a Japanese manga of the same name. I cannot believe that nobody has bothered to even hit the message board to offer suggestions for a better description of this series. TLDR; This entry needs a better description. Contains several episodes with transformati ...more
Inuyasha Manga Volume 39
Shippo tries to help a cute demon girl whose father was murdered. It turns out there was no father, and it was actually a male Raccoon demon in disguise.
Iphis and Ianthe
Iphis, a women, is raised a man. She is betroved to a woman, Ianthe, but on her wedding day Iphis is turned into man.
Iron Bru - UK commercial Unknown
The advert opens with a typical scene of a 1950's nuclear family, the father, daughter and son are standing round a piano while the attractive mother is playing and they are singing a stupid song about how great Iron Bru is. They then sing indivdual parts and the mother starts to sing how about how ...more
Iron Man Annual issue The More-or-Less Return of the Molecule Man
Inanimate, Gender
When anyone touches the wand that holds the spirit of the Molecule Man, the villain overwhelms the victim's mind and takes over his body; that body also reforms to the muscular, jagged-tooth form of Molecule Man. When a little girl picks up the wand, her body becomes muscular and jagged-toothed, but ...more
Iron Man Annual issue Unknown
Molecular Man's Spirit is in a wand that possesses whoever holds wand. Wand found by little girl Shouldn't this entry be removed since there is another entry for the same issue that's far more detailed?
Isidore Scheider book Doctor Transit
Husband and wife exchange sexes with help of mad scientist.
Isolation Chamber commercial Unknown
Cindy goes into isolation chamber without Pepsi. When she emerges she's transformaed into Rodny Dangerfield.
"issue Unknown - marked for deletion - (entryid 6810)" issue of Bakeru-kun
I haven't personally seen this one, but according to a Japanese web page... Bakeru Kun is descended from aliens, where if they push the nose of a doll, they get the doll's form. There's a story where he gets his mother's doll, and one where he gets his sister's. The author (if I'm read ...more
"issue Unknown - marked for deletion - (entryid 6829)" issue of Bakeru-kun
I thought I'd mention this because its so unusual and original. At the electric morph gallery there's a scan from a comic about a boy who can adopt the form of any doll in his collection given to him by an alien. He can turn into a full sized human version of the doll he chooses while his own body ...more
It's A Boy Girl Thing
Duplicate Entry for entryid=1642 - marked for deletion - 2007mar25 - cj A football jock and a bookish girl who have been bitter enemies all thru school find themselves in each others bodies after a heated exchange in front of an ancient Aztec statue in science class. Film is currently "in pro ...more
It's A Boy Girl Thing
Nell (Samaire Armstrong) and Woody (Kevin Zegers) go to the same high school, live next door to one another and have parents who used to be friends – but now they are sworn enemies. Nell’s basically a big dork and Woody’s the football champion until something freaky happens at a m ...more
It's in the Jeans
A couple swap bodies with the aid of a monkeys paw.
It's Walky! net fiction Anomalie
Another webcomic swings onto our radar. Unexpectedly, two of the main characters (Walky and Joyce) have swapped genders while attacking an alien wielding an experimental weapon. Could be more on the way. Excellent comic.
Italian Style commercial Pepsi
A little girl and enters a Pizzeria and orders a Pepsi. The guy at the counter gives her a Coke instead, and then the girl starts talking like the Godfather. Just type in "Italian Pepsi" on the search engine on Youtube and you should find it. Link to copyrighted material removed
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi OAD (Yami no Kao)
In this episode. Mirai a girl who is a demon, drink a potion which will exchange bodies with several of the cast, first with Taito (Male) then with Himea (Girl), then Haruka (Girl) and finally with Geeko (Male). This episode is an OVA from the BD
Iya! Kaerenai!! Watashi no karada wo kaeshite
Man and Woman switch bodies after car accident. Apparently similar to" Rendez Moi Ma Peau " but takes itself more seriously.
Izuna issue Unknown
Shunsuke casts a spell that enables him to inhabit the body of his cute classmate, Hisako Asaba.
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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