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Category: 'Gender'
"A Change of Face" episode of Ben 10
Gender, Female
When trying to switch souls with Ben, Charmcaster swaps with Gwen. Female villian Charmcaster uses a magic spell to swap bodies with Ben's cousin Gwen. When Gwen in Charmcaster's body finds the group and reveals the switch Charmcaster in Gwen's body casts another spell and more body swaps oc ...more
A Cheeky Angel
This new anime based off a popular manga series by the same name has just started showing in Japan back on October 5th. A boy was given a magic book by a mysterious old man containing a genie of some kind, and wished to be the manliest man alive, but the evil genie instead changes him to a beautif ...more
A Chinese Odyssey Part Two
This is listed at the IMDB and a number of other sites offer reviews. has used copies on occasion. This is a copy of a review that explains the body swapping. "The subtitles can kill you here, more so than in the first film. They flash by so quickly. In addition to the obtuse subt ...more
A Darkness On Diamondia
(Spoiler Text)
A Girl's Life
Questioning his religion, a teenager invokes an unknown demigod and demands proof of its power. But when he tries manifesting the girl of his dreams, he ends up becoming her instead.
A Permanent Turnabout Intruder
What if the last episode of the original series went differently and Kirk didn't get his body back from Janice Lester?
A Scanner Darkly
Female, Gender, Male, Race, Age
Movie trailer, with some really interesting stuff. Age, gender and race shifting. Looks like it might be a good movie too.
A stranger from a Foreign Ship
Gender, Male
Short story about man with paranormal power in vague near future setting. (Spoiler Text)
A.I. Love You issue Volume 4
A nerdish, lonely student who is able to make amazing A.I. programs, has them come to life after a freak lightning strike. One of the later A.I's is named "Forty". Forty is an A.I. that Hitoshi developed after he is able to bring A.I.s to life at will. Saati and Toni (two earlier A.I's that c ...more
A.M. Homes book Things You Should Know
Age, Gender, Animal
Two of the short stories in this collection - "Raft in Water, Floating" and "The Weather Outside is Sunny and Bright" - feature a shapeshifter who takes a number of different forms. (Spoiler Text)
A.N.T. Farm episode "idANTity Crisis"
Gender, Female
Part of Disney Channel's "Freaky Freakend" stunt. Principal Skidmore installs a frozen yogurt machine for the school, but the machine actually extracts all the students' personalities. Chyna decides to keep the personalities safe by eating the yogurts. The students all have fun controlling Chyna. L ...more
Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show episode Run Like Hell
In one segment of a show a woman verbally emaculates her date with one humiliating remark after another. Just when it can't be any more degrading she tears her outer appearance in two, revealing Mr. Hell.
Aaron Stone episode Face-Off
Gender, Male
Mr. Hall is kidnapped by someone who looks exactly like Charlie/Aaron, but turns out to be the shape-shifting mutant U. In the episode, U also mimics Hall and a homeless man. Late in the episode, U has a brief fight sequence with Aaron as his friend Emma a.k.a. Dark Tamara.
ABC 'After These Messages' Saturday Morning (circa 1989) Bumper
Female, Race, Gender
During the ABC cartoon blocks, there is a short bumper before the cartoon went to commercial. On one, there are three singers who bump their heads. After that, their heads fall off, and roll around each ending up with a different head. In the end, there is a white male singer's head is on a white f ...more
Abstract Gender
Two friends get transformed into girls as part of some type of experiment, when they go poking around a haunted house. ===Current Staff=== Writer: Rayne Artist: TBD Colorist: TBD Site is going to be Revamped, Comic is on temporary Hiatus.
Abyss - Hell's Sentinel #1
In this one shot tie in to Underworld Unleashed, Deadman possesses Zatanna's body.
The Accidental Babe
A phony film trailer about a man given a sex change by accident.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
The police Lt. turned out to be a former football kicker that determined to get revenge on Miami Dolphin's quarterback Dan Marino before Super Bowl.
Act Like Nothing's Wrong (1976 album)
On the album cover, the singer's head (Al Kooper) is attached on a naked woman's body.
Action Comics #20
Before Lex Luthor, Superman's biggest foe was "Ultra Humanite", a typical scientist type with enhanced intellagence. In this issue, A crimial character who later calls himself the Ultra-Humanite transfers his mind from his dying body into a healthy replacement. Much to his surprise, his new body be ...more
Action Comics #383
In the back-up story Chameleon Boy assumes the form of his girlfriend in order to confuse an attacker prior to disarming him. Two panels.
Action Comics #609
Deadman takes over the body of Raisa Gorbachev and has a fight with Nancy Reagan who is possessed by a demon.
Action Comics #610
Deadman takes over the body of a female CIA major.
Action Comics #674
Shapeshifter Matrix turns from Superman's twin into her default form (Supergirl, in this issue).
Action Comics #725
The Evil Wizard Talos uses the body of a female Apokolips warrior that he uses in fighting Superman.
Action Comics #774
Superman and Martian Manhunter chat in civilian identities at the United Press Club in Washington after a battle. Manhunter is in the guise of journalist Betty Nehring, who exhibits rather unladylike table manners when it comes to a certain chocolate sandwich cookie.
Action Comics #850
This issue marks an anniversary of Action Comics, and features some events tying the Legion of Superheroes to the 20th Century. (Spoiler Text)
Action Comics #862
Gender, Inanimate, Size, Animal
===Animal=== This issue continues Chameleon Girl facing Earth Man. (Spoiler Text) ===Inanimate=== The Legion send in reinforcements, in the form of the Legion of Substitute-Heroes. One of their members is Dag Wentim of the planet Zwen, Stone Boy. (Spoiler Text) ===Gender/Size=== The ...more
Action Comics #880
Gender, Male
At the end of this issue, Flamebird (Thara Ak-Var) and Nightwing (Christopher Kent (Lor-Zod)) are following the Kryptonian criminals (similar to Bonnie and Clyde) that were hiding on Earth, Nadira and Az-Rel into a tunnel, where they are ambushed. It is revealed that (Spoiler Text) This story ...more
Adam issue Unknown
Has a few days where Adam exchanges bodies with his wife, Laura.
Aden & Mary Romine book The Eternity Stone
Male caught in Psychic trap must use girlfriends body to escape. Happens very near the end of book, but integral to plot.
This entry marked for deletion - the information is incorrect, there is no transformation - 2007aug06 cj served Apollo as a girl.
The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide
Adventure Comics #303
Chameleon Boy changes into a girl so he and Cosmic Boy can pose as a honeymoon couple to ferret out a possible traitor in the Legion of Superheroes.
Adventure Kid issue volumes #3&4
In the last part of the third volume the male lead gets turned into a woman. In the fourth volume he explores his new female body and eventually returns to normal. These books are availible in english from
Adventures in the Emerald City: Princess Ozma
Gender, Age
A little boy transformed back into a beautiful teenage girl named Princess Ozma A Russian Animated Cartoon (2000)
The Adventures of Jerry Lewis issue Many Lives Of Jerry Lewis
Jerry uses a chromosomal altering machine to escape some bad guys who are after it. He changes himself into a little girl.
Adventures of Sinbad episode Unknown
Sorceress captures Sinbad and then becomes him so she can ruin his reputation and steal a magic object. She also becomes the king near the end of the episode.
Adventures of Superman #467
Chiller disguises himself as Cat Grant to distract Gangbusters, the person protecting Ms. Grant. Very brief.
In book VI of the Aeneid, by Virgil, Aeneas goes to visit the underworld. There he sees Caeneus changed into "her original form."
Afforest issue Unknown
Girl transforms herself into a boy.
AFK: The Webseries
Age, Race, Gender
AFK is a web series that follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their online characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world.
The parents are clueless, refusing to believe any attempt to convince them of what happened. They have to live in each other's home and learn to get along with strangers who are now their new parents, all the while learning to cope with living as the opposite gender and trying to blend into new liv ...more
Age of Mythology
In the age of mythology game by microsoft, one viking god (balder, i think), grants you the power called ragnarok, which turns all your non-soldier human and dwarf units into male heroes, even the female townspeople
Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion
In certain chapter of the campaign you arrive at Mount Olympus with your hero Castor. There are several temples with a different statue in the entrance, each one represents a mythical unit. Your soldiers can morph into the chosen unit when they approach to the temples. One of the statues transforms ...more
Ah! Megami-sama issue Unknown
Keiichi takes medicine that he shouldn't, and ends up with long hair and breasts.
Ah! My Goddess episode Ah! Save the Goddess and Show You Are a Real Man!
In Episode 20 of Season 1, Skuld plays a prank on Keiichi by putting a sex-change potion in his flan. He is turned back into a complete male at the beginning of the next episode.
Akai Hayate episode Unknown
A man goes into hiding, by putting his spirit into his sister's body.
Akane-chan Overdrive issue Unknown
Takashi's soul is taken prematurally, and he returns in the body of a girl who was in a coma.
Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, Episode 5 "The Queen and the Prince
The Bastard Magic Instructor of the title, Glenn Radars, transforms himself into a copy of one of the main female characters, Rumia, to demonstrate a spell and instill confidence in one of his students. Hilarity ensues when he attempts to take advantage of this to eat the lunch prepared for Rumia b ...more
Al Kooper
The cover shows Kooper's head very professionally retouched onto his girlfriend's naked body on the front of the album. The back cover her head is on his body, again naked and in the same modest position.
Ala... Dina!
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Size, Were, Age
Spanish tv show about a female genie and a family... episodes of possible interest: ===Season 1:=== 01 - "Genio y figura parte 1" - Animal - boy into pig 03 - "Mascota familiar" - Animal - woman into parrot; man into raven 07 - "El estreno" - Age - boy into man 09 - "Cumplesiglos feliz" - ...more
Animal, Male, Gender
Gender The dictator finds a genie of his own and ask for his help seducing the princess. The genie proposes trying to make her jealous of the dictator's attention by transforming into a woman played by Noemie Lenoir. Male To infiltrate the palace Aladdin played by Kev Adams needs to disguise a ...more
Aladdin #8
Aladdin and Jasmin get into an argument about who's better, boys or girls. So Genie switches them around. They are stuck in this state for most of the story, while try to find and rescue Genie.
Aladdin Comic in "Disney Adventures" Magazine
A short comic featured in the Australian (International?) magazine "Disney Adventures." It features the character Aladdin from the film of the same name. The basic premise of the comic is that while Aladdin's friend Genie sleeps his magic runs wild transforming several things. At one point Ala ...more
Aladdin episode Black Sand
A villain attempts to take over the kingdom by substituting his zombie slaves for the Royal Family. When Aladdin struggles with 'Princess Jasmine', 'her' arm comes off and the illusion fades to reveal the (male) zombie. The zombie then puts the arm back on and the Jasmine illusion is r ...more
Alan Barrie book A Woman's Passion
The enchanting memoir of a man who spends a fascinating, edifying, romantic, and sexy week as a woman.
Alan Dean Foster book The Paths Of The Perambulator
When a freak of supernature called the Perambulator enters the world Jon-Tom, Mudge and Clothahump deal with all kinds of freak transformations. In one short section they change sex.
Alan Dean Foster book Parallelities
Max, the main character, meets his alternate self in another parallel world, who turns out to be Maxine, a female version. Of course you know what happens next. Average book.
Alan Dean Foster book Star Trek: Log Ten ??
A transporter mix-up leaves Spock in Uhura's shapely body. He remains like that for some time.
Alan Freidman book Hermaphrodeity
Strange book where the protagonist changes sex almost every chapter - more about sexuality and gender perception than dual sexuallity as the perceived gender role is acted out each time. The transformations are self induced and richly detailed.
Alan Yates book Coriolanus, the Chariot
A troupe of shape-shifting actors accept a new apprentice. As part of his training, he is given the drug which allows the shape-shifting, then is unwillingly transformed into a woman for some of his roles.
Alex Manson net fiction One Week Incognito
A (seemingly temporary) blog fiction about a male journalism student who has transformed into a female for one week. It alludes to the Medallion of Zulo from Jennifer Adams' "Altered Fates" series, but never mentions it by name.
Alf #4
Alf switches bodies with Kate, the mother
Gender, Mythical, Size, Animal
Indonesian Harry Potter-like tv show. ===Episodes with Transformations=== Episode 3 & 4 -- Swans to Women to Swans Episode 5 & 6 -- Mermaids Episode 9 -- Size (Boy and Girl are shrunken) Episode 14 -- Gender and Body Swap Episode 31 -- Wizard to (CGI) Hamster
Alfred Dyer book The Symbiotic Mind
A dying man ends up in the body of a girl in a hospital. At the end, she gets spontaneously pregnant and he moves into the female baby (no Y chromosomes available).
Alice Alfonsi book Lizzie McGuire #15: Freaked Out
It's a book based on the episode we're Lizzie and Matt switch bodies. There is also a photo comic style version being released. I myself have not yet read, had no time to find it and I can't find it on the net (only the first 3 or 4 pages). If you do find a copy, throw a link down.
Alice on Deadlines issue All chapters
This whole manga is about a shikigami (death god, grim reaper) named Lapan who comes down to Earth, ending up in the body of a schoolgirl named Alice instead of a skeleton. Shikigami aren't allowed to come here in their own form. Alice's soul ends up displaced within the skeleton. Lapan is supposed ...more
Alien Arena issue Heavy Metal
Alien shapeshifter first impersonates a not very superhero, then impersonates the hero's mother to get him to throw the fight.
Alien Encounters issue Another Man's Shoes
A woman is trapped in a virtual reality machine, loaded with male sex fantasies. At first she's horrified, but then she can't shut the thing off and she keeps living as a pirate, a barabarian, a spy, a gunslinger over and over until...
Alien Encounters issue Dave's Dilemma
The handsome hero and his loyal sidekick crash land their spaceship on a planet inhabited only by beautiful women. But they find out too late why there are only woman on the planet.
Alien Flesh
The name and purpose of this site is inspired by the book Alien Flesh by Seabury Quinn. In here you will find captioned pictures of men who have gained their greatest dream or worst nightmare; namely becoming women. Also a listing of recommened books and stories centering on this theme will be cont ...more
Alien Love Triangle
Steven finds out aliens exist and that his wife, played by Courtney Cox, is a male alien trapped in a female body. NOTE:The film is not generally available, it was exhibited at a special screening February of 2008. It is rumored to have appeared on UK TV once before this. There is a mention o ...more
"Aliens Go Home" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
In a flashback episode Brian Johnson tries to convince Mel he and Sophie are good aliens by secretely morphing into the kids social worker, Mrs. Reece, and telling her how nice their new foster parents are. "Especially the man." he/she says, raising Mel's suspicions.
Aliens vs. Predator 2
This isn't much of a TG TF, but if you open the chat menu (Ordinarilly used only in Multi-Player)during Single-Player and type " mpmorph tamiko" (remove the "'s) you'll turn into one of the game's main female characters. This also works with "Pulseriflegirl", "femalelabtech" and "femalelabsynth". Th ...more
Alignment You! You!
A Demon Girl has vored (or sucked) a teenage boy in her mouth and swallowed him all the way down in her stomach and then she started dancing by doing a body dance and shaking her bottom. After that, she vomited the boy out her of her mouth and the boy turned into a girl.
Alison Tyler book Tiffany Twisted
When exclusive party planner, Tiffany Mitchell wakes up in her boyfriend's body, she thinks she's having a bad dream. But no amount of espresso can wake her from the growing nightmare of being trapped in Kurt's 6-foot tall figure, and locked into his disorganised life. Due to this off-handed wish m ...more
"All Hallows Eve" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
A demon possessed 3 different people, able to "move" between any of the three people in great distance.
All My Children episode Upcoming season
Hold onto your hula hoops, soap fans. Apparently, according to the New York Times, a character named Zarff (Jeffrey Lyons) will undergo a sex change.
The All New Atom #16
Gender, Mechanical, Size, Age
Time Related Changes In this issue, there are several time related changes. A man calling himself Swami Vedah of the Center for Transcendental Consciousness is using the power of music to change people from normal people of the year 2007 to a hippy version of themselves from the 1960's. A morph pa ...more
The All New Atom #17-18
Gender, Size
===Size=== This features both the Atom, Professor Ryan Choi of Ivy Town University, shrinking during a fight, and Professor Doris Zeul, the villain Giganta, growing at several points, as well as resuming her normal size. In one panel, she is shown to be shrinking in an action shot. Most times sh ...more
All New Doop #2
The first two issues of All-New Doop have shown the "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" storyline from Doop's perspective. In this issue Doop discovers a fact that was revealed in the main storyline... (Spoiler Text)
All of Me
Gender, Animal
A dying woman's soul is accidently placed in a man's body, which she has to share with the original owner. Spoiler: (Spoiler Text)
All Screwed Up
Two High School teenagers, a jock and a science nerd, switch bodies during a freak accident.
All That episode Dru Hill
In the opening sequence of this episode, Lori Beth and Kenan are playing table tennis when their ball goes on the floor. When they both go to get it, they bump their heads and their voices are switched. When Josh comes in, he tells them both to ram into each other head-first to switch back. Once ...more
All That episode Unknown
This was one of the older seasons... back around 1995-1997 before Amanda Bynes went to the show (pretty sure, sorry if i butchered the names) In one of the episodes during the opening scene Lori Beth Denburg and Keenan Thompson bumped heads and switched voices. One of the other members observes ...more
All That episode Unknown
Halloween Episode: opens with a guy dressed in a tutu and then discovering that the rest of his fellow cast members are dressed up as one another. Done using voice-over work.
All That episode Unknown
A machine turns the producer into a little girl.
All That Glitters episode Unknown
The corporate spokesmodel is discovered to be a transsexual; later, she is kidnapped and the company is hesitant to pay her ransom.
All-New X-Men #27
Gender, Male, Female
The future Brotherhood of Mutants attacks the All-New X-Men, and there are some revelations about Raze, Mystique and Charles Xavier II... (Spoiler Text)
All-New X-Men #3
A new mutant shows up, displaying his power for the first time. (Spoiler Text) The scene only lasts a page.
Alles Atze episode Der Teufelskerl
In German. Atze has been duplicated and changed into a woman by the devil. She still has Atze's real voice though. A little later, the female Atze pressures the devil to increase the size of her butt and her breasts.
Almasheol book Eve Bade Adam Eat
I've just finished reading a story about a lawyer who meets a woman and falls in love with her--but he finds out she's lying about her past. It turned out that she's really this guy the lawyer got fired back when they were in college together, and his life kind of went down the toilet after that. So ...more
Alpha Flight issue Unknown
Through a complex series of events, Walter Langowski, who can turn into the huge beast Sasquatch, becomes trapped in a woman's body.
Altered Image #1-#2
At the end of issue number one Majestic and Witchblade merge together into a single being. In the second issue the merged characters appear. Also in issue #2 they are seperated just to have Witchblade and Shadowhawk merge.
Alvaro & Jetfire "Guest List"
By the use of a computerized VR helmet, an overweight bearded fat guy briefly transforms into a hot woman at a nightclub. *Alvaro & Jetfire - Guest List (Official Music Video)
AM Radio
The video features a whole slew of "body swaps" where the band's faces a placed on other people's bodies via cgi. Pretty good effects. The tg effect enters where they show three musicians' heads on the bodies of dancing girls. Very well done. There are about 5 quick cuts where they are shown through ...more
Amanda and the Alien
Male, Gender
Amazing Adventures #1
A man is made to relive his rape, but this time as his victim.
Amazing Heroes #33
In this parody, X-Men Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine are women, no explanation as to how.While the other three are horrified, Wolvie seems to enjoy it and is striking a seductive pose.
The Amazing Spider-Man #343
Having just failed with another plot to kill Spidey, the Chameleon flees the area in the form of the Black Cat. One panel.
The Amazing Spider-man Vol.II episode Seven Little Super Heroes
From Goldstar Video. The episode has the Chameleon assuming the forms of Shanna the Jungle Queen (twice) and Firestar.
The Amazing Spider-Man #203
Lightmaster takes over Dazzler
Amazing Stories episode Gershwin's Trunk
A female medium channeled the spirit of Gershwin, and physically turned into him.
Amazing Strip issue 2
In one issue a man gets some wishes from a genie and wishes for a beautiful girl to have sex with. Then he wishes he knew what it was like for a woman and he swaps bodies with the girl. During Sex his old body expires and he is stuck as a woman for three years.
Ame Nochi Hare (Clear up after rain), あめのちは&#
Amagai Gakuen, a prestigious school for boys, was hit by an unusual spring storm during the entrance ceremony. Four boys - Hazuki, Toma, Yusuke, and Junta - were all caught in the storm's violence and were affected by a strange phenomenon. All of them were transformed into girls!! Inevitably the ...more
America: Judge Dread Magazine issue Unknown
In the end, a boy betrays a girl and she is killed by the judges and because he loved her all his life, he has his brain transplanted into her body.
American Dad - Blonde Ambition
Stan Smith considers moving to a gated community and takes his son Steve to visit. To convince Steve, Stan shows him that his room could have a jacuzzi outside on the deck. Steve then fantasizes about throwing a huge party with women in bikinis who all love him. At the end of the row of women his f ...more
American Dad episode Helping Handis
Stan decides to give his son steriods and Steve gets breasts. Steve becomes "Popular" but Stan decides to crash the party with bigger breasts! Roger tries to blow up the house. Stan and Steve pose washing a red Jaguar in skimpy tops with their big breasts.
American Dad, episode "Bully for Steve"
In order to avoid Stan from bullying him, Steve disguises himself as a little old lady. (Not a true transformation, but make-up/disguise).
American Dad, Season 10 Episode 14 - "Stan Goes on the Pill"
After having an argument with Francine about him never listening to her, Stan takes an experimental drug called 'Esterocillin' which will make him willing to listen. However, he takes more than the required dose, (on account of him not listening to the female scientist who explained the drug) an ...more
American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Switcheroo"
An enchanted mirror switches the bodies of Jake and Haley (his sister) for a day, and forces them to comically experience life as each other.
American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Shapeshifter"
When Jake gets shape-shifting powers for a dragon mission, he misuses them to get out of doing chores and doing boring things. Jake Long is given the power to transform into anyone, but is only supposed to use it to disguise himself to look like a troll to fool the huns clan. However, a normal sc ...more
American Dragon: Jake Long episode "Dragon Breath"
It's at the very end. After everyones souls are returned(you have to watch it), Jake comments that he is glad everyone is back in their right bodies, then it shows his best friends in each others bodies, still with their original voices. My favorite comment: "dude, I could have sworn I was a dud ...more
American Flyer Funnies issue Unknown
Dr. Ozone pisses off his lab assistant, who transplants the Dr's head on to the body of a beautiful girl. (Hippie counter-culture comic, might be hard to find)
American Idol: Ford Music Video
I didn't see all of this, but I saw all the American Idols from the Top 8 morphing into each other. Check them out at
American Nightmares
A male radio host is transformed into a woman in order to learn a lesson about picking on women on his radio talk show. *American Nightmares 2018 Movie - M2F Transformation
Amityville II: The Possession
A disfunctional family moves into the famous haunted house. The oldest teenage son becomes possessed by a demon from the house and ends up killing his family. Towards the end of the film, the priest confronts the son up in the attic of the house. There's a moment where the son turns into his teen ...more
Amy J. Benesch book Remember Me to Paradise
Gender, Male, Animal
An alien shapeshifter from the planet Paradise is told to go to Earth and find other shapeshifters who might be stuck in the forms of Earth creatures. The shape-shifter can change into any living thing, and takes animal and later human forms on its mission. But there's something about being on Ea ...more
And What I Wore
I now own all rights to this previously published personal memoir. Although it is a true account of a crossdress experience, it has a couple of fantasy scenes within it that are distinctly transformational which Metamorphose readers should find intriguing. The link is to a 3.5MB PDF file on a f ...more
Andrew Niederman book The Need
A being has two forms, one male the other female. Either one has the memories of the other.
Andrew Sugar book Steel Trap
Secret organization has found way to transfer minds into clone bodies this is only book in series with clone of a different gender.
Andromeda episode Twilight of the Idols
The Patriarch is really Admiral Constanza Stark, who has had her mind transferred to a succession of bodies over the years since the ANDROMEDA and her captain, Dylan Hunt, disappeared.
Andy Richter Controls the Universe episode We're All The Same, Only Different
The secretary misses out on the finder's reward for finding a new employee. She had promised her grandmother vein sugery with the money. She then signs up for drug testing and the inhaler the drug company gives her changes her voice to that of a man. She then uses the voice to push people around ...more
Angel episode Birthday
Cordelia's astral self is separated from her body and she briefly possesses angels body in order to write a message.
Angel episode Just Rewards
Gender, Male
A necromancer performs a ritual on a dead young woman and a male demon, channeling the demon into the woman's body, allowing the male demon to use a human body. Later he tries the same trick with the ghostly spirit of Spike, putting him into Angel's body. However, Spike refuses moving into Angel ...more
Angel episode Lonely Heart
Gender, Gender
A demon frequents one club and changes bodies between male and female. It first seduces the victim, then has sex with them. After having sex it "spoons" up behind the victim in bed and bursts from the chest of one into the back of the other. One change is shown (quite graphically), while the other ...more
Angel episode Room with a View
First season episode where Cordelia's ghostly room mate Dennis is introduced (we have yet to actually see him). He very briefly possessed her body in order to break open a wall to reveal his remains.
Angel of Darkness III
A male demon/teacher takes the guise of a girl in order to tempt the school nurse. Ends up having sex with the nurse in this guise.
Angel On Fire
This film centers on a man who does not treat women well. A woman who loves him gets pregnant and he kicks her out of his apartment - telling her that he doesn't want to see her anymore. He later gets hit by a VW Bus and goes to heaven. An angel says that he has to go back to Earth as a woman to ...more
Angela Carter book The Passion Of New Eve
A man is surgically changed into a woman against his will.
Angels & Aliens
A webcomic where a man is recruited into an organization called the Angels without his permission. This involves a transformation that grants superhuman abilities. However, all the Angels are female, so he also has his gender changed.
Animal Man #8
Mirror Master turns Animal Man into a "living reflection" which causes him to become a duplicate of his wife.
"... a site dedicated to the sex changing and cross dressing individuals from the world of Anime, Manga, and Games."
Animorphs book Book 3
As you may or may not know, the Animorphs series is features 5 human kids and an alien who have the power to morph into different animals to fight an invading parasitic race. In book 3, "The Encounter" the animorphs have to become wolves. There are 3 boys and 2 girls (before the alien) and one of t ...more
Animorphs episode The Message
Near the end of the episode the gang rescue a crashed andalite from V3. Andalite then acquires each member's DNA and makes a random body for itself. It morphs into Rachael, Marco, Cassie and Jake in that order while making new morph. Only full tf's were when it shows Marco turn into Cassie and t ...more
Animorphs, Face Off(2)
Gender, Animal
Rachel and Tobias need to infiltrait a Yeerk base. In order to get past the scanners, Rachel morphs into a Yeerk, and she crawls into Tobias' head. A Yeerk is a alien bug that crawls inside of the brains of other animals/beings and controls them. Because Rachel becomes a Yeerk, she could take cont ...more
Anjawana's TG Manga and Anime Page
There is a new website with informations about comics and animes, my friend anjawana is the webmaster.
Anne Fine book Bill's New Frock
Bill, a British grade school boy, wakes up one morning to discover he is a girl. Everyone (including his mother and father) treats him as if he is, and always was, a girl. His mother gives him a pretty new pink frock to wear to school that day. The conflicts occur as Bill tries to do the things he e ...more
Anne Rice book Pandora
In the novel, Pandora speaks of several past lives before her present one. The main life she speaks of is as a male Egyptian Vampire in the past. As this Vampire she refused to drink from the Queen and was outcast. She had this dream before she became a Vampire as Pandora and she spoke of the ...more
Another Heaven
Major Spoilers Included. Another Heaven is a Japanese version of The Hidden. When dead people start showing up with their brains missing, a pair of tough cops are assigned to the case. The villain of the piece is sort of a sentient virus from the future which passes from person to person as a liq ...more
"Another Mother" episode of Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into a divorced mother of three.
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Size, Gender
===Gender/Possession=== Scott Lang is under house arrest following his involvement in the events of Captain America: Civil War. One night he has a weird dream where he sees a little girl hiding in a wardrobe, and when he looks in the mirror (Spoiler Text) Scott contacts Hank, and later Hope and ...more
Anthony W. Durrant
A corrupt governor has his brain transplanted into the body of a female smuggler named Cassandra in order to kill a recently reformed crimelord.
Antisocial - Gender Swap in Virtual Reality
Aussie comedy duo Luke Gooddall and Marc Gallagher asks the question "What would it be like if there was a virtual reality game that let you experince life in the body of a different sex for the day?" *Gender Swap in Virtual Reality
Man's soul enters a doll then a woman
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Two girls reject two homies (guys) trying to pick them up (goes for about the first five minutes). Suddenly, a white limousine crashes the black guy's car, then a pimped-out version of Aphex Twin gets out of the car and does a dance sequence. At some point during the sequence, the girls' faces morp ...more
Apocalypse, CA
With only a few days left to live, John goes on a mission to find a childhood crush before it's too late. Instead, a genie of sorts grants him a wish and he body-swaps with the girl from his childhood. What results is an interesting tale of sexual identification set amongst the landscape of a pre ...more
Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode Dickasode
When their Neighbor Carl wins a strange contest where his Dick is to be ripped off by little creatures Frylock gets a "real bad idea" to help him by giving him a sex change, turning him into a very ugly woman, after which his dick is quickly stolen. After they manage to get it, or another one back ...more
Gender, Mythical
Aquaria is an indie computer game featuring a young mermaid/fish-girl creature, Naija. Significant portions of the gameplay and plot are about her acquiring the powers of various (extinct) undersea races, and gaining alternate forms with alternate sets of powers. Eventually she finds a boyfriend, a ...more
Animal, Age, Were, Gender, Mythical
the artist Arania from transfur homepage that has alot of transformations that are not seen on
Arc the Lad I
Gender, Mythical
When the party goes into the lab under Palencia castle, the head scientist, upon finding the party having infiltrated the lab, drinks a liquid from a test tube that turns into a wyvern. When you meet Changara's summon, Odon, He appears first as Chongara (a man) before turning himself into Kukuru (a ...more
Archibald Clavering Gunter book A Florida Enchantment
Woman, disappointed in love, swallows seed from Tree of Sexual Change and becomes man. Later tricks or forces maid and ex-boyfriend into swallowing seeds also.
Archie Comics #636
Archie Andrews and his friends from Riverdale High head to their favorite hangout, the Choco'Lit Shop, as does Sabrina Spellman and her cat, Salem. Salem gets upset when Reggie Mantle refuses to open the door for Sabrina, and decides to teach Reggie a lesson. Overhearing the conversation between ...more
Archie's Weird Mysteries
In the episode "Me Me Me", Veronica unwittiingly wishes that everyone were just like her in the presence of a magic idol her father acquired. As a result, the citizens of Riverdale -male and female alike - slowly transform into exact copies of her...starting with Pops.
Archie's Weird Mysteries episode Me! Me! Me!
Veronica, not feeling that people understand her, wishes that everyone would become just like her. Of crouse she does this while holding on idol that grants wishes. The transformations for the main characters are never complete, leaving them mainly acting like Veronica. The rest of the town is af ...more
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? episode "The Tale of the Night Shift"
A vampire lures victims to it by appearing in several guises, sometimes seen in the form of a female intern. The vampire in its natural form appears to be male.
Armageddonquest issue Unknown
A demonic being, called a "reluctant antichrist," and his angelic counterpart both change from men to women and back several times. At one point, the demon plays with his powers and turns a dozen men into women, then has his way with them. Ambitious story trying to be an epic, bu ...more
Armand Van Helden
A play on the classic John Carpenter sci fi movie "They Live". But, instead of putting on the sunglasses and seeing people as aliens the glasses makes most men look like hot bikini-clad girls. In the end the main character takes a long look at himself in the mirror with the sunglasses on.
Armer, Karl Michael, 'On the Inside Track'
A seventy-year-old widower is temporarily possessed by a female alien who needs his body to conduct business on earth. Their relationship moves from master/slave to deep friendship to unrequited love. 1986
The Arrival
Radio astronomer Zane Zaminski (Charlie Sheen) looks on from his hiding place in an alien base as one of the aliens uses a machine to turn itself into a female human (uncredited role). I count this as gender since the alien is not obviously female, so I'll count it as a neuter -> female. Not ...more
Arthur Byron Cover book An East Wind Coming
Sherlock Holmes traps the Riper by tempting him with a woman - Holmes himself, and this is not a disguise but a mystical transformation. The scene of the murder is watched and recorded by Dr. Watson and lasts about a chapter near the end.
Arthur episode "Buster's Best Behavior"
Male, Size, Gender
In the preview episode before the actual episode arthur imagines what it might be like to be some one else wither if theyr in trouble, need to be grown up, or have to do something thats too hard
Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur
Gender, Animal
Early in the game, Merlin gives the player character, Arthur, the ability to change into five different animal forms; the owl, the eel, the badger, the turtle, and the salamander. Each of these forms are necessary to solve the game's puzzles. In this text adventure, the male demon Nudd attempts to ...more
Surya's chariot driver visited Indra's court as a woman.
Asian Treasures
This Filipino series about treasure hunters features numerous TFs on a few episodes. In one episode all of the enemy henchmen are magically disguised as bikini clad girls. Another ep has two of the female leads possessed by male warrior spirits.
Ask a Ninja - Episode 39: "Mirrors"
An interesting internet video series. In this episode the ninja discusses mirrors and gets into an argument with his reflection over who is real. The ninja then turns his reflection into a woman to show that it is the reflection.
Ask Harriet episode Unknown
This was a short lived sitcom about a macho sports writer who is fired and is forced to pose as a female advice columnist to make ends meet. In one episode he dreams he actually becomes his female alter-ego. Contains the obligatory 'It's gone!' line.
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Multiplayer)
In the Multiplayer section of this game (set to be released on 16th November) eight players are assigned a player to assassinate by showing them a picture of them and their rough location (there are up to 140 non-player characters who look identical to the players plus civilians to make it harder f ...more
Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
Loki disguises himself as Freyja and gets kissed by the Builder. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Loki Disguising as Freyja to trick the Builder
"The Assignment" episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
O'Brien returns from a vacation to find his wife Keiko has been possessed by some alien entity (seemingly male). The entity basically uses his wife as a hostage to force O'Brien to help in his plans.
Astronaut's Wife
The alien creature which possesses the Astronaut (Johnny Depp) for most of the movie takes over the wife's body near the end of the movie. (Sexy Charlize Theron)
Atashin' chi
Mikan and his Mom were simultaneously struck by lightning and switched bodies. In the following days, while his Mom enjoys being a student again, Mikan fights with difficult house chores. Meanwhile, his sister, Yuzuhiko, and his dad are busy looking for a way to switch them back.
Atop the Fourth Wall & Spoony Experiment Review Warrior 2-3
Gender, Inanimate, Male
A crossover between the comic book reviewing web series "Atop the Fourth Wall" (hosted by "Linkara") featuring Spoony as his "Dr. Insano" character (both series can be found on That Guy With The Glasses). The "plot" of the review sees Dr. Insano's counterpart from another universe travelling int ...more
"Attack of the Killer Garage Sale" episode of Danny Phantom
Male, Gender
After being zapped by a ghostly TV Remote, Danny Phantom is turned into a cowboy, a blonde bombshell, and Mr. Spock.
Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls (Goosebumps), 1998
Animal, Male, Gender
A middle school boy and girl must fight ghouls who are trying to steal their bodies. They boy ends up possessing another boy while the girl ends up possessing a dog. The book ends with the ghouls defeated, but the boy is now in the girl's body and vice versa.
ATV Offroad Fury 4 - Gary to Sally commercial PS2 "ATV Offroad Fury 4"
In this commercial for PS2's ATV Offroad Fury 4, Gary angers the Dirt Gods by cleaning his ATV, and as punishment is transformed into a woman in pink frills from the neck down (and his ATV is turned pink as well). Video:
"Aurora" episode of Stargate Atlantis
***Beware - Spoiler*** The Atlantis team finds a derelict ship called the Aurora built by the ancients. Inside they find thousands of the ancients in pods plugged into a virtual reality (ala the Matrix). After entering this VR themselves they find a male Wraith has al ...more
Austin & Ally, "Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction"
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Size, Female
Part of Disney Channel's Freaky Freakend. Dez buys a magic typewriter that falls into the wrong hands. Body swaps occur between Ally & Trish and Dez & Austin. Then Dez swaps with Ally. Later, Dez is transformed into a cactus, a goldfish, and Ally's father in a chicken suit and during Ally's speech, ...more
The Authority #2
The US Army is less than thrilled with the actions of the superhero team Authority, so they send in a small army to arrest the team. The Doctor turns all of them men into women, telling them they need to get in touch with their feminine side. It's short, and only one relatively small panel, so it ...more commercial commercial Unknown
In a new commercial from, a person looking over one person's used car is constantly morphing into a series of people, both male and female. The message the ad tries to convey is the number of people who can look at a particular used car on that site.
Autumn Bay
Age, Animal, Gender
There are a number of transformations in Autumn Bay. Many of them have to do with the cosmic trickster entity known as Nesariel. (Spoiler Text) Andrew Chapel is changed as part of a "fantasy" into a cat The author has promised that transformations of various types will be a recurring ...more
Avalon High
Female, Gender, Male
In the Disney original movie Avalon High the main charter's are the reincarnation of people from the Authorin cycle. Male (Spoiler Text) Female (Spoiler Text) Gender (Spoiler Text)
The Avatar episode Season 2 Episode 5: Avatar Day
Seen on Nickelodeon. The Avatar is a person who has mastered "Bending" (as in bending to their will) for all four elements and is reincarnated. Aang, the current avatar, is a twelve year old boy (technically 112, but for appearance and mentality, he's 12), but occasionally he can summon forth his ...more
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Gender, Male
Aang, one of the heros of this animated series is a reincarnation of a long series of heroes termed "Avatars". In his subconscious mind, he had the memories of all his previous lives, going back for countless generations. He perceives them, in a meditative state, as other people. In particular ...more
Avenged (2013)
Spirit of an Apache warrior takes possession of a young woman who has been murdered by a gang. Starring Amanda Adrienne
Avengers Academy #14
The Avengers Academy students and Tigra travel to a lab in Paris in an attempt to stop the Sinister Six from stealing something stored there. (Spoiler Text)
Avengers Annual issue Citizen Kang
The female Sersi swaps shapes with a male caveman named Raa to fool the Avengers enemies.
Avengers Assemble episode "Valhalla can wait"
Loki, the god of mischief, spends the first six minutes of the episode as a blonde, female newscaster.
Avengers issue Master Plan of the Space Phantom
Madame Hydra is revealed to have been the Space Phantom an apparently male space alien.
The Avengers issue Unknown
The Super Skrull reveals himself in Captain Marvels presence after having disguised himself as Carol Danvers since at least issue 92.
Avengers West Coast issue 81
Captain Atlas thought he was being rescued from the Avengers by his girlfriend, the Kree scientist Doctor Minerva, but he was tricked by a male Shi'ar Imperial Guardsman shapeshifter who captured him by taking her form.
Avengers: The Initiative #5
Male, Gender
Due to the Hulk's actions, Henry Peter Gyrich forms a secret sub-group called the Shadow Initiative consisting of Bengal, Constrictor, the Scarlet Spiders, Mutant Zero and Trauma. (Spoiler Text)
Avengers: Back to Basics #3
Gender, Female
A baseball game Iron Man and Captain America are watching at Yankee Stadium is interrupted when Captain Marvel crashes onto the field. Another Captain Marvel was the one who knocked her out of the sky. At first it seems clear who the impostor is when one appears to be a Skrull, and the other demo ...more
Avengers: The Initiative #17
Male, Gender
As Skrulls take over Camp Hammond, the Shadow Initiative goes on alert to repel the invaders. Also Skrull Queen Veranke, as usual in the form of Spider-Woman, makes an appearance. A couple of TFs... (Spoiler Text)
Avenging Spirit
This is a game where "your" spirit has been summoned by a scientist/ghost researcher to rescue his daughter. At the beginning of the game, he lets you choose one of three bodies to possess, a male gunman, a fire breathing dinosaur, or a female fighter to start out in. While in-game, you can press S ...more
Awfully Generic
A group of friends living in a nameless town have various adventures of a magical nature. One of the girls in the group is actually an alien disguised as a human to study earth culture (and a MALE alien, at that).
AWOLNATION "Burn it Down"
The lead singer turns his male lawyer into a sexy female lawyer who seems pretty happy with the change. AWOLNATION - Burn it Down (Official Video) - YouTube
AWOLNATION Music Video - Burn It Down
Male, Mythical, Gender
Lead Singer is in court and apparently has the magical ability to transform people around him at will. Initially changes security officer into man in spacesuit and female court transcriber into mermaid. Eventually he changes his male lawyer into a blonde women (who appears satisfied with results). ...more
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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