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Category: 'Furry'
Accidental Centaurs
Web Comic
Alice in Wonderland
Furry, Male
(Spoiler Text)
Babe in the Woods
Female, Furry, Animal
Park rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee are really intelligent animals from another dimension. Their job is to keep humans from finding the portal to that dimension within the park, or else their existence would be erased. One unlucky teenage boy, Cody, stumbled onto the ...more
The Batman episode The Joining: Part 1
Male, Furry, Gender
Batman sneaks into detective John Jones' apartment, and he catches the Martian Manhunter changing his face to match those he sees while flipping TV channels, including men, women, and even a cartoon dog. His body (human male) remains the same, however. Later, the Manhunter briefly disguises himse ...more
Beauty & the Lutung Kasarung
Indonesian movie about a man who turns into a monkey man.
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Furry, Inanimate, Mythical, Size, Animal
An apprentice witch, three kids, and a cynical conman search for the missing component to a magic spell that would be useful for the defense of Britain. (Spoiler Text) Excellent movie but not for it's transformations.
Black Mask 2: City of Masks
A group of wrestlers is genetically altered and become more animalistic and less human. Iguana becomes an iguana, Chameleon becomes a chameleon, Snake becomes a snake, Wolf becomes a wolf and Claw (WWE's Rob Van Dam) becomes a spider. Later in the film, Black Mask (Andy On) becomes a panther.
Black Tapestries
This webcomic features mostly furry material, but there's also straight animal transformations. The main character is a rogue cursed to change into a fox woman, seemingly at random. The sorcerer who curses her enjoys doing stuff like this to people he doesn't like, and there's no shortage of mater ...more
Bleach episode 41 - Reunion
Youicjiro a cat turns herself in a woman. Yoruichi the cat tells ichigo that he rescue him after the battle. Ichigo asks how could a cat lift me and carry me all the way to a hidden room under the mountain. Yoruichi tells him I have never shown my true form to you and your friends. Yoruichi dec ...more
Bob "Anthrocoon" Nelson net fiction Furry World
A man wakes up one day and notices everyone in the world has become an anthropomorphic animal. Even his co-worker/ girlfriend is now a vixen. He feels out of place as the only human in a world of "furries", although they think he's an animal (fox) as well.
Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo episode Gasser up! I'm ready to drive!
Don't even try to follow the storyline or figure out what is going on in this bizarre anime fresh from Japan, you will wind up in a room with matresses for walls. I will try and set it up. Giraffes are coming out of Bobobo-Bo's hair and nostrils. Don Patch whirled in a typhon trying to take a te ...more
Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo episode Mortal Match! Fist of Nose Hair vs Fist of Rice!
This episode is just as fantastically bizarre and random as the other ones, but the transformation is involved when the main villain of the episode (a rice-loving teen who uses attacks centered around rice named Rice) trapped Beauty in a giant bowl of sticky rice. Rice then explained that there is n ...more
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Animal, Furry
This is a Game Boy Advance game, the sequel to Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. In Boktai 2, at a certain point you are bitten by a vampire and as a result, gain the ability to turn into a mouse, a bat, and a wolf. The mouse and bat are for getting into small openings, and the wolf form, when us ...more
Booster Gold #36
Animal, Furry
Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, is left on a planet with the queen, and tells her that he is the leader of the party that saved her planet. She shows her appreciation for his efforts by sharing her bed with him. After several rounds, Ted is getting ready to leave, but the Queen informs him that he is her ...more
Booster Gold #8
Animal, Furry
Green Arrow reveals that Pantha, one of the "Freedom Fighters" was once a woman named Rosabelle Mendez. Maxwell Lord, as head of Checkmate, changed her into a Panther/Woman hybrid. The change is not shown, just the result, of her being a Cat Woman.
Boy into Buster Bunny for Tiny Toon Game Ad
For an ad for a Tiny Toon Adventures game, most likely Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts loose, a boy has various parts of his body change into animated parts of Buster Bunny. Each transformation is reverted after scenes from the game. Transformations include: Growing ears like Buster Bunny, ...more
C. Francis Carnicelli book Something's in the Forest! And Other Tales...
Furry, Mythical, Size, Animal
This book is a compliation of several short story's meant for younger readers, probably early teens. The main story Something's in the Forest has two characters in it that are able to transform from people in to giant birds which resemble eagle's but "are as large as a house". Other stories deal ...more
Cardcaptors episode The Switch
Our Cardcaptors are chasing The Change, which looks like a large blue iguana with spikes. It jumps up into the air and Sakura tries to catch it, but it lands on her head and leaps off into the air again. This time Li catches it as it falls to the ground and Kero leaps onto it. The Change struggles t ...more
available from Pioneer (DSD, VHS), japanese animation Banipal Witt is a world in another reality inhabited by cat people. Two children are transported there to stop the ravages of their pet dog (that has been transported there earlier by an evil sorceress). Due to the effects of the other rea ...more
Catprog's site
Animal, Gender, Mythical, Furry
This is a story building site with a furry transformation theme. Protagonists turn into both real, fictional and mythical animals, and there is also a fair amount of gender swapping.
Catscratch episode Lovesick
In this episode of the funny cartoon Catscratch that is about three rich cats- the scottish one (Gordon) gets a gift of brocolli from Human Kimberly but unfortunately he is allegergic to brocolli and this allergy to it gives a really strange allergic reaction (He changes into a furry monster cat if ...more
Changing Workplace
Web Comic
Age, Female, Furry, Gender, Male, Monster
Some players of a game called 'Chaotic' can become anybody in Perim, a magical world
Chestnut tree
Furry, Age
In a dream, aduld lady recalls her childhood and becomes a girl, then plays with a cat and changes into cat. Then her mother changes into bear. When the dream ended, she becomes a grown-up again. A festival hand-drawn Korean movie 4 minutes long.
Class of 3000, "Funky Monkey"
The Upperclassmen are putting on a musical version of King Kong called, "The Kong and I" and Sunny Bridge's class has to help out. Little D has been given the task of helping out the actor that will be playing the role of King Kong. Little D points out to the tempermental star that he is short ...more
Monster, Size, Were, Furry
Claymore, the anime series, is based upon this manga series. The yomas, claymores, awakened beings, and demons of the abyss are capable of partially or completely transforming to human or monstrous forms. In some cases, the transformations are irreversible. (Spoiler Text)
Coca-Cola commercial Birdman
Furry, Race
A plain guy has a Coke bottle with two straws in it and shares it with everyone he sees. However, after he has done so, he receives one of their features until he is no longer recognizable. This is a list of what he receives. Gothic Girl - Hair/Boots Black Gangsta - Dark skin/T-Shirt Mexican ...more
Code: LYOKO episode Unknown
At first glace, this would appear to be an anime. But further research indicates that it is actually a "Franime," that is, an anime produced in France instead of Japan. Weird. Anyway, the show is pretty cool. It's about a group of boarding school kids that discover a supercomputer with a ...more
Colbert Report episode Threat Down: Pooh
Believe it or not, I am a fan of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. In this bit, Stephen Colbert reports on the major threats to the nation. His number 1 threat is Pooh as in Winnie the Pooh. Colbert's number one threat is normally bears ("I don't know what a 'Pooh' is but it looks a heck o ...more
Comic Mischeif
The main character is turned into a half-squirrel at the beginning of the comic. He is like this throughout the comic and he cannot talk while he is half-squirrel. EDIT: DEAD LINK
Craver Commercials commercial Honeycomb Cereal
From 1998 until recently, Honeycomb cereal commercials featured kids who crave the cereal transforming into a furry creature named the 'Honeycomb Craver".
CSI episode "Leapin' Lizards"
Several key characters transform from human to lizard-like alien beings. Most are full transformations, but there is at least one partial transformation. (Spoiler Text)
CSI episode Fur & Loathing in Las Vegas
Although this episode of CSI doesn't actually have transformations, it does have a LOT of furries and plushies. The episode focuses on the murder of Rocky Raccoon. The CSI crew goes to a furry convention and interrogates several furries, including Sexy Kitty (a scantily clad, blue cat). They even ...more
Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud is a Playstation 2 action-rpg game. Throughout the first half of the first dungeon, your main character continuously encounters a cat. Eventually, your hero encounters a mysterious man, and after a short duel, he fires an energy blast at your character. Your character notices the cat beh ...more
"The Dauphin" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Enterprise was to pick up and escort a future leader of a planet, along with her governor/guardian Anya. In couple of scenes, Anya transformed from a old governor to a beast. One other time she appear as young woman. The female future leader also transform to a beast once and to her natural sta ...more
Dean R. Kootz book Dark of the Woods
ace double 13793 1970 On another world after a war, humanity is colonizing the planet after wiping out the indigenous winged inhabitants. A man falls in love with the last native, a beatiful winged woman and they become lovers which is highly illegal. When they are discovered, they flee into ...more
Demon Eater
Monster, Mythical, Furry, Size
Webcomic about a demon that eats other demons to grow bigger and stronger. Starts out as a spawn. Evolves into a lizard, bird and later a human-like form. Seems to be slowing changing into a human as the story goes on.
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Groups of artists that feature transformations in their Art.
Digimon episode Season 4
Aparantly the final season of the Digimon show has a new story where a bunch of children get transported intot he digimon world....but the catch is they become the digimon themselves
Dilbert issue Seven Years of Highly Ineffective People
Dilbert tells a marketing guy that he's going to reprogram his computer so they radiation will alter the guy's DNA and turn him into a weasel. Since marketing people believe anything, the guy begins to change, growing wiskers and a rodent nose. In another issue, Dogbert aquires magical powers. H ...more
Doctor Who
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Size
British science-fiction television program about the adventures of a Time Lord and his companions, who travel through space and time in what appears outwardly to be an old, blue, police call-box called a TARDIS. ===Actors who have played the Doctor=== First Doctor - William Hartnell (1963&#821 ...more
Doctor Who episode Vengeance on Varos
The Doctor visits the planet Varos to obtain supplies of a rare ore called zeiton 7, vital to the functioning of the TARDIS. Varos was once a colony for the criminally The Doctor and Peri meet two rebels, Jondar and Areta. Peri and Areta are captured and almost reshaped into beast-like creatures ...more
Doodlez episode Wolf (The Halloween Episode)
Doodlez is about a cartoon boy that always gets bullied by a thing called hand- in this one he turns into a furry wolfboy.
Doraemon episode Transformation Biscuits
animal crackers transforms Nobita into a Cat but things gone way out of hand when he gave his Mom the 'Animal Transomation Biscuits' as a snack for her guest the guest turns into a horse, a chicken, a ape and a frog and when dad comes home Nobita's mom ate one of them cookies and she turned into ...more
Doug episode N/A
I remembered something! In one episode of Doug, Doug Funnie is accused of cheating off of Chalky Studebaker's English Test, because they both got the exact same answers. Chalky is the school jock / popular kid / all around talented guy. Doug knows that it must have been Chalky that cheated off of ...more
Drawn Together episode Mexican't Buy Me Love
Ling Ling and Toot go to Mexico and end up accidentally killing a hooker, in order to stay out of jail, they need to raise 500 Billion Pesos (12 American Dollars), they enter Ling Ling in a cock fight over seen by the King of Mexico (Carlos Mencia) and has very great success in his battles. Jose Le ...more
Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy episode "Dueling Eds"
Eddy dishonors Rolf's heritage and Rolf seeks vengeance. Eddy is challenged to a duel against Rolf and loses. At the end of the duel, as part of his culture, Rolf pours pockets of eels into the Eds' pants. Ed has some kind of allergic reaction to the eels and turns into a fish person. Brief at the ...more
Erased eBook by Daniel Gilmore
Oliver wakes up to find himself transformed into a cartoon otter and that reality is rewriting itself, his old human self dissolving from history. Along with others who have also been transformed into toon animals including a rabbit, raccoon, rhino, elephant and others.
Family Guy episode n/a
Peter complains about his marraige to Lois and somehow ends up talking about gene splicing, the next scene shows him as a moose man.
Fanboys "Sweet Tooth"
Sylvia notices Lemmy eating a bunch of marshmellow peeps, 5 cases to be specific. Lemmy offers Sylvia one of them, but she refuses and warns him that he will turn into a marshmellow peep if he keeps eating them like that, but in a twist of irony she is turned into a peep instead.
Feel Human Use Tools commercial
In a time that time forgot, in a modern world controlled by Apemen, one monkey does the unthinkable and uses a tool to discover the mysteries of life. That is right by the simple act of using an search engine in a local cafe an Apeman was able to rapidly evolve into an upright, thinking, re ...more
Final Fantasy Tactics
Monster, Furry
In FFT, your characters can be turned into a frog or a chicken and your monsters can be turned into a Marbol. Also some of the bosses turn themselves into powerful monsters to obliterate you.
Fox in the Mirrior
A somber and kind of depressing hand drawn flash movie. Beautifully done by any standards. In it the vixen shifts back and forth from animal form to furry form. It teaches a lesson about facing the person in the mirror, which is one of the hardest things to do sometimes.
Fur-Morphed: Where Dreams Become Reality. A website that is dedicated to transforming people into furries with the use of hypnotism and other such practices. There have been some responses of positive results. *FurMorphed Website
(Fictional) website which proposes furry TFs for real. :) Prices are very high.
Explanation of the category 'Furry'

A human takes on animal-like qualities or features, such as a tail. Also used for an animal with human-like characteristics, such as a raccoon able to speak English, or a fox that can walk upright in bipedal fashion like a human.

Also known as Anthromorphic or Anthropomorphic

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