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Category: 'Female'
Tales from the DarkSide episode Deliver Us from Goodness
A housewife leads such a selfless life, she becomes a saint. This apparently entails that everything she wishes for becomes true. When she catches her teenage daughter using forbidden makeup, the daughter tells her that she's auditioning for the role of Cleopatra in the school play. "Well, I wish ...more
Tales from the Darkside episode Going Native
An alien is sent to earth as a human female to observe human interactions.
Tales from the DarkSide episode Payment Overdue
An uncaring woman whose job is to pester people into paying delinqunit loans, scares a Latin immigrant into killing her self. The immigrant's gaurdian angel comes and changes the woman into the immigrant. There is no phycal change but the apartment, her clothes, hair and accent changes and she g ...more
Tales From the Crypt episode Judy, You're Not Yourself Today
Played mostly for laughs with some horror. Carol Kane is funny as the vain, silly wife. A old woman comes to the door of a be an exclusive cosmetic repretative. She's a witch who then swaps bodies with the young wife and leaves to take a plane to Las Vagas. The husband tricks the witch pretentious ...more
Tales of Terror
Three stories based loosely on Poe staring Price. The first one has the transformation. The dead evil wife Morella Possesses her innocent daughter''s body at the end.
Talmage Powell
A very nice, if plain 45 year old wife with health problems is murdered during a 'mugging' and her Ghost wonders why and seeks revenge. Good story, well written Spolier Her husband did it as he invloved with a beautiful, sexy 20 year woman. The wife ends up possessing the woman's body and plan ...more
Teen Titans episode "Lightspeed"
Madame Rouge briefly poses as Hive Five leader, Jinx, in order to catch Kid Flash off guard.
Teen Titans episode "Switched"
A villain switches the minds of the two female characters "Raven" and "Starfire" in the others body and they must try and learn each others powers to save the rest of the Titans.
Supergirl (Matrix)
Female, Mythical, Gender
Note: Supergirl/Matrix is not to be confused with Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El and Post-Crisis Kara Zor-El, or Cir-El, all who also were Supergirl characters. Supergirl/Matrix is an artificially created protoplasmic being created in an alternate reality "Pocket Universe", who was originally designed b ...more
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Male, Mythical, Age, Female, Animal
This is the sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament and the storylines for the following characters have transformations involved: Heichachi - The opening story has him drink a serum that makes him younger and also stronger and the ending has him drink a serum that transforms him into a bear. Jun - ...more
Tekwar: The Movie episode Unknown
Dr. Bethancourt undergoes a radical experimental surgery to change her looks and avoid detection by a TekLord. After the surgery, she then appears as a beautiful young blonde!
Tenchi Muyo GXP episode First Paycheck and Presents
(spoiler) In this episode one of the main characters is acctually another one of the main characters. The character Ryoko Balta (space pirate) is acctually another character named Erma (Galaxy Police Officer/ Space Pirate Spy) who is a dog/cat alien. When she confronts Seina to kill him she can't b ...more
Terminal Invasion
Female, Male
Low budget TV movie with Bruce Campbell playing an escaped murder. Sort of like The Thing set in a very small out of the way Air Port Terminal. Alien invaders have taken on the shape of various human beings there, including a woman, a man, etc. Campbell gives his usual good performance. The Mov ...more
Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines
Gender, Mechanical, Female
In this movie, a new terminator arrives in the past. It is a T-X, and has the default form of a young, blond woman (Kristanna Loken). She possess polymemonic abilities, which allow her to copy the form of anyone she touches. The takes the clothing and the car of the first woman it encounters. W ...more
The 3rd Birthday
Female, Gender
The 3rd Birthday is the 3rd game in the Parasite Eve series, but is more of a spinoff. In this game, the main character Aya Brea has the ability to "body jack" her teammates so that she can control their actions.
The ABC Afterschool Special episode Through Thick & Thin
Overweight girl swaps bodies with her thin sister Leslie hibbard was one of the girls, I think. I saw it in TV Guide, but missed the show, sad to say.
The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Job"
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the episode The Job the dad gets a job and it upsets the universe so much a bunch of things get changed around town as he goes by. (Spoiler Text)
The Butterscotch (1997) - episode "Power Flower"
Female, Gender
In episode 2 a genie which fullfills wishes like worded transforms gabriella hall into a man and back. some more transformations occur in this series, most female/female. french film, also shown in USA. NOTE: According to our research, this is both a television episode, and a movie.
The Coconut Chick
Race, Female
A casually racist white girl who learns what it's like from the other side when she inexplicably changes her ethnicity into a Filipino girl. THE COCONUT CHICK - Full Short Film (2017)
The Flash episode Subject 9
Gender, Female
Team Flash finds the 9th meta from the bus, Izzy Bowin, Fiddler (Miranda MacDougall). Clifford DeVoe is inside Rebecca Sharpe's body, but her body is breaking down to fast. He tracks down Izzy (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode Who Is Harrison Wells?
Age, Female, Gender, Male
A woman robs a bank, but swears she was with her husband at the time it happened. Later, a man is seen trying to sell the jewelry that was stolen from the bank. On his way out, he touches a woman, and (Spoiler Text) A new metahuman is on the loose. (Spoiler Text)
The Gates, Episode: Surfacing
In the new episode "Surfacing" the spirit of Teresa -who was killed by Dylan and Nick in an earlier episode- is brought back from the grave by Devon (whose agenda is still not fully known). Teresa proceeds to haunt Nick to exact her revenge for Nick killing her brother in a backstory to the series. ...more
The Good Place, Janet(s)
Gender, Female
Team Cockroach enter Janet's void. Unfortunately, the humans' (Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason) bodies dematerialize and reform in the form of Janet's body, giving D'Arcy Carden a chance to showcase her acting abilities! At one point, Eleanor-Janet pretends to be Jason-Janet in order to talk to C ...more
The Hunger episode "Week Woman"
A man marries an unattractive lesbian in order to avoid deportation. Later, he discovers that his new wife can transform into a new woman each week.
The Hunger episode The Double
In this episode, a woman has lived for centuries by inhabiting the bodies of various people. However, she encounters her "double" who wants to reclaim her old self. Very good scene when the thief possesses her double's lesbian lover.
The Inheritance
At the end of the episode Adalind Schade, her full hexenbiest powers restored, uses a hair sample in a potion to transform herself into a copy of Juliette. This story-line is continued into the next episode, "Blond Ambition".
The Joys Of Jezebel
In order to exact revenge on the man who killed her and sent her to Hell, Jezebel strikes a deal with Lucifer to send her back. To do this, Lucifer needs another soul to take her place in Hell while she's gone. So he arranges for the wanton Jezebel to temporarily switch bodies with her virginal f ...more
The Legend And The Hero, episode 2 part 4
Thousand years old female fox spirit/demon sucked the soul and then possessed the body of a beautiful woman that was requested by the imperial court for the Chinese emperor's royal harem. The thousand years old fox intend to seduce the emperor to the point that he won't care about other things but ...more
The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
BBC adaption of Fay Weldon's novel. It has more than a few hints of the supernatural. But basically an unattractive housewife, who is big & somewhat fat has her husband stolen by a pretty romance novelist. She vows revenge. The TF part involves incredible plastic surgery in which her height is sho ...more
The Mephisto Waltz
Female, Male
Alan Alda's character is a music journalist whose career as a piano player came to an end when his debut concert received undeservedly scathing reviews. Spoilers Duncan Ely is a older, rich man who befriends Myles (Alan Alda). Duncan Ely is a former famous piano player. He has a daughter, Ro ...more
The New Adventures of Zorro (1997) episode "Night of the Tolchen"
Female, Animal
An old wise woman named "Grey Owl" first appeared as a bear and then transforms back magically into an Elder (Old) Native American wise woman.
The New Titans #95
Dick Grayson and the female shapeshifter Mirage return from a date while she is in the guise of a blonde. It is revealed she that did this in an earlier issue for the reason of giving off the impression of Grayson being a "Playboy" to the media, by her changing into a different woman for each date ...more
The New Titans Vol 2 #90
The doppelganger of Starfire is revealed to be the shapeshifter Mirage.
The Other Sex: A Collection of Five Original Sci-Fi/Fantasy Gender Transformatio
Female, Gender
Includes five original sci-fi/fantasy transgender stories: SECRETS AT MYSTIC LAKE Five friends go camping in the mountains and discover a secluded lake – only to mysteriously transform into the opposite sex after swimming in it. VOYAGER 7 Trapped aboard an interstellar starship millio ...more
The Outing, aka The Lamp
An ancient genie is released from a lamp when thieves ransack an old woman's house. They are killed and the lamp is moved to a museum to be studied. The curator's daughter is soon possessed by the genie and invites her friends to spend the night at the museum, along with some uninvited guests. The ...more
The Power of Three Blondes
At the beginning the Charmed Ones race up into the attic after escaping a demon who they claim fire it's teeth out of it's mouth. They go to cunsult the Book of Shadows but it runs away from them. The three women are revealed to be three blonde sisters seeking to steal the real Charmed One's identi ...more
The Return of Chandu
On the Island of Lemuria, the warlocks plan to resurrect their high priestess, Ossena, by bringing Princess Nadji to the island and forcing her to undergo a ritual by which her soul is transferred back (?) into Ossena's body. Her lover Frank Chandler, aka Chandu the Magician, is forced to go to ...more
The Secret World of Alex Mack Episode The Switch
Alex's mother steps into her when she's in liquid form and they switch places.
The Sex Files 2: A Dark XXX Parody
Female, Gender
Be warned. This is a XXX hardcore porno parody of The X Files. Mulder & Scully travel to Eastern Virginia to investigate a series of murders that they think may be connected to the 'Black Oil'. A male to female possession and female to female possession by way of the black oil, plus a lot of hardco ...more
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Female, Gender, Male
Several brief TFs in this movie — The most notable of which are: (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
The Sub-Mariner episode Spell of Loralie
A rivalry develops between the very evil Loralie and the beautiful Lady Dorma, Subby's girlfriend, with whom she swaps bodies in this 6 minute segment of a Sub-Mariner marvel cartoon from 1966
The Succubus and Other Stories
Female, Male
a short story anthology In the 16th story a man testing a personality splitting experiment winds up in several bodies, most notably his wife. But someone is out to get rid of him... here is a brief sample Water flowing over his thighs, his flanks, his breasts. An interesting dream, this ...more
The Tomb/Ligeia
Ligeia seduces an engaged man, Jonathan. His fiance, Rowena, finds out and breaks off the engagement. Ligeia cast a spell on Jonathan and he is uncontrollable attracted to her. Ligeia is fatally sick and ends up killing herself. Ligeia then possesses the young girl, Loreli, who lives on her estat ...more
The Vampire Diaries
===Season 5=== Episode 11 - "500 years of solitude" = End of the episode Katherine hops into Elena's body Episode 12 - "The Devil Inside" = Katherine is in Elena's body but she doesn't have complete control yet so Elena does gain back control of her body occasionally. They do a spell to giver K ...more
Theodore Cogswell
A man makes a deal with the devil so he can marry the beautiful woman he killed for but an evil fat, replusive mentally and physically middled aged woman loves him and wants him to kill the girl and marry her. The devil tricks him - he thinks he is getting rid of her, but she is put in the body of h ...more
Thirteen Steps
Animal, Female, Were
Semi-pro baseball player Justin Ullrich has a lousy part-time job, was dumped by his girlfriend, and to top it all off, turns into a Lon Chaney-like werewolf during the full moon cycle. He enjoys it but feels guilty about feasting on ordinary humans, so his succubus ex-girlfriend refers him to a se ...more
Thundarr the Barbarian episode Island of the Body Snatchers
An old witch steals Areil's body.
Thundarr the Barbarian, "Island of the Body Snatchers"
The ancient sorceress Circe is trapped on an island that was once part of the city of London, where she lives in the clock tower containing Big Ben. Because she is under a curse by which she will turn to stone if she leaves the island, Circe uses her magic to kidnap Princess Ariel and switch bodie ...more
Time Heist
Gender, Female
Mutant human has ability to shape-shift. (Spoiler Text) Link to trailer with relevant scene:
Time Trax episode Perfect Partners
Selma, the hero's holographic computer assistant changes her appearance from a prim, schoolmarmish type to an attractive blonde.
Tin Man
Female, Inanimate, Mythical, Animal
This three-part mini-series is a creative adaptation of Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". There are a few different transformations that appear in the movie. ===Animal=== (Spoiler Text) from the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz". ===Inanimate and Mythical=== There are tatoos on Azkadellia ...more
Tina Wainscott book Second Time Around
Sweet, crippled Jennie dies thinking I never told Sam( a detective)I loved him. She wakes up in the sexy body of Sam's Ex wife. There she has to slove a mystery and win Sam.
Tina Wainscott book Shades of Heaven
Average looking young woman is murdered and wakes up in the very beautiful body of model and Socialite Hallie. In addtion to stating a new life she most solve two mysteries including her own murder! Romance type novel, but well written.
Tom B. Stone book April Ghouls day (Graveyward School#11)
Roller blading 12 year old runs into the terrifying evil, ugly Principal Dr MorthHouse and they swap bodies. For a while the girl enjoys bossing teachers and kids around. While the principal is furious. They end up swapping back in the end.
Tomb Raider #19
A time traveler named Caroline disguises herself as Laura Croft using Holographic imaging technology from the future.
Torchwood episode Cyberwoman
Mechanical, Female
Spoiler Alert: The half robot and woman later did a brain transplant in order to be with her lover. Brief, at the end of the episode A woman appears to have been brought back to life as half human and half robot, though due to a malfunction she is now on the loose threatening those around her ...more
Totally Spies episode Boy Bands Will be Boy bands
Face switcher switches the faces of guys with the members of a boy band. Also, towards the end, the spy in yellow's face is switched with a wrinkly older women. All swiches are resolved at the end
"Trading Faces" episode of Kim Possible
Female, Gender
Kim is searching for the truth behind several famous teen girls who are stealing valuable items around town. It turns out that Camille Leon is the chameleon behind the robberies, using an experimental Nanobite beauty treatment to replace her lost fortune. Camille imitates several of her wealthy f ...more
Trancers 2
Gender, Female, Age
This sequel to the movie Trancers takes place six year later and brings back the original cast members. Art LaFleur once again portrays the gruff older (male) cop, and Alyson Croft reprises her role of McNulty in 1991 Los Angeles -- but this time she's all grown up into a healthy young teenage girl. ...more
Female, Male, Race, Age
Movie about an elderly German couple that transfers (hence the title) their minds into two young African bodies. Not only has the couple to cope with going from white to black, but they are also not in full control of these new bodies. Because each night when they go to sleep, the minds of the orig ...more
Turney book The Other One
A mother brings her daughter's spirit back - and she possessed the new wife of her husband. The sister of the new wife tries to fight save her. Pretty good book, it was made into a bad movie.
TV Magic Video Captures
This site has one of these illusion categories that show, "Double Sawing". Two females has been mixed up their body swapping part by magic cabinet for illusion show. Check out for several click on double sawing vidcaps.
Twilight Zone episode Number 12 Looks Just Like You
In a future world where teenages pick their adult bodies from a catalog, a plain girl wants to remain unchanged.
Twilight Zone episode Persons Or Persons Unknown
Man wakes up to find no one remembers who he is, not even his wife, and all evidence of his past existance is gone. This proves to be a nightmare that he wakes up from. Then, he discovers his wife has inexplicably changed appearances, and is a completely different woman. Brief, at end of episode.