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Category: 'Female'
R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned
Gender, Race, Female
Set in 1876, Sheriff Roy Plsipher is is shot and killed, but given a second chance after joining the R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department). He and his partner, Jeanne, are tasked with stopping a literal gateway to hell. However, when sent back, no one sees Roy as a white man anymore, instead both ...more
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, episode "Ghostly Stare"
Female, Male
Older sister and younger brother were left home alone, they went to nearby cemetery to copy headstones. The younger brother fell into a fresh dug grave site, and a male ghost took over his body and replaced his soul. The older sister figured it out when the younger brother keep saying he's cold, an ...more
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, episode "Scary Mary" Part 1&2
A girl taken into the mirror space/dimension of Scary Mary after using Scary Mary's hair brush, where Scary Mary able to take all other trapped girls' face and became their mistress. The girl's face was taken and Scary Mary wore it to try to trick the girl's boyfriend that went inside the mirror di ...more
Rachel's Haven
Age, Female, Furry, Gender, Male
A website developed by the captioner Rachel, devoted to various topics on transformations related to Gender, Furry, Age, Male and Female. Includes many captioned images, as well as various Role-Play Topics. Also, as of Oct 2008, it now includes a story archive. *** Registration required to ac ...more
Radiata Stories
Age, Female
In Radiata Stories, an RPG game,one of the characters you can recruit to help you is a young girl named Cornelia. During the day she's a kid, but at night she casts a spell on herself to become an adult, named Rachel, so she can work as a singer. You don't see an actual change. You can recrui ...more
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) episode Whatever Possessed You?
Female, Gender, Male
Towards the end of the episode, Jeannie Hopkirk (Emily Fox) is shown entering a room. She then talks in Marty Hopkirk's (Vic Reeves') voice. Apparently Jeannie's soul was placed in a dying man's body whilst Marty possessed Jeannie's body to protect it. You briefly see the "depossession", where J ...more
Ratt hone ko hai episode "ateet"
In the episode of a indian horror show called "Raat hone ko hai" four episode which form a single story called "ATEET" there are multiple female possessions and which is easily available on youtube uploaded by the channel itself
Ray Bradbury
A young boy in in bed with the fever. He starts loosing control and feeling in various body parts. He theorizes that bacteria are joining together and making themselves into a replication of him, slowly taking him over. In the end is has been totally replaced, and it's implied that the condition ...more
Regular Show, episode Benson Be Gone
Female, Gender
Benson, the park manager, gets replaced with Susan, a strict overbearing presence who proceeds to overwork the other employees of the park. As they work, their bodies gradually turn into copies of Susan. Benson later manages to gradually turn them back to normal by getting them to slack off.
Repo manor
Female, Female
Its starts which what you think are charmed ones fighting a demon but they morph into Demons. They've been working for years to 'become' the charmed ones. Its a more than shaping shift or an iluusion - more like a duplication since they also have their powers. eventually the replace the sister who ...more
Resident Evil 6
Enemies known as "J'avo" in the game occasionally become cocoons when damaged. The cocoon eventually bursts to reveal creatures resembling lizards, crows, swarms of insects, and crystallized gorillas. Body parts of damaged, humanoid J'avo will also mutate into insect-like appendages. A certain f ...more
Gender, Male, Female
Jericho Way, an architect-turned-burglar, is The Maker. Thousands of years ago, he was Tao, whose job was to build tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs. When he was betrayed, Tao joined a group of grave-robbers known as The Resurrectionists. The members of the group have been reincarnated throughout h ...more
Roar episode Tesh
A series from down under starring a young Health Ledger. He leads a collition of Celtic tribes against an evil roman - their armys are ledby an evil Queen Diana she has a 400 year old wizard who was the soldier who stabed Jesus with the spear & he can not die. The series has been shown on the Sci ...more
Robert McCammon book Bethany's Sin
A man hating woman brings back the statue of the Amazons to a town. The spirits of the warrior Amazons possess the women of the town. The amazons don't arrouse suspicions right away because they possess not only the bodies, but the memories of the woman's those bodies they steal. The husband's of ...more
Robin Schone book Awaken, My Love
haven't read it but its listed at amazon! From Literary Times Stuck in a marriage that lacks passion, thirty-nine year old Elaine Metcliffe wakes up one morning in a different country, a different time and a different body. At first, she assumes she must be dreaming, but when she awakens the nex ...more
Rog Philips
Good story. Eventually it is revealed that evil female sorcessess is trying to steal a beautiful young woman's body. She is apposed by good Sorcerer. The villian can also possess other's bodies briefly to rob or kill or steal. She succeeds. But they are able to reverse the switch.
Rowling, J.K. 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'
Female, Male
Several characters magically transform into other people, though no cross gender/species transformations.
Ruby Jean Jensen book Dark Angel
Poor crippled young woman envies beautiful, rich and very sweet girl. Reads a book on the occult, kills herself hoping to possess the young girls body - she does but becomes an evil spirit doing so. Downer of a story, but some powerful parts.