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Category: 'Female'
E. Hoffman Price
A lovely young blond french girl who rejected a devil worshipper suddenly finds that each night while asleep she is in the body of an Arab slave girl and beaten. The Slave girl is in her body and welts are somehow also transfered to the french girl's body. The man doing it seeks to revenge himself o ...more
E.C. Tubb book Kalin
A scientist invents and steals a unique way of stealing bodies while working for an evil organization. Dying,He uses it for his wife who has a terrible illiness and she takes over the body of her beautiful nurse and runs away. This starts a series where the evil organization(the Cyclan) pursues the ...more
E.C. Tubb book Technos
Another in the Demarest series. He is on a high tech world of Technos which has conquored a farming planet. Secretly they use some of the young of that planet for body transpants. Well written and exciting.
Edgar Rice Burroughs book Mastermind of Mars
Beautiful young Princess has her body bought by Evil, ugly ruler from a cold, master scientist on Mars. A earthman assistant to the 'Mastermind' want to get the woman's body back. There are many body swaps in this story. Including one of ape & man.
The Education of Jennifer Parrish book Russell Martin
From a review by JR PARZ... You cannot run. You cannot hide. Satan knows the way inside. Welcome to Spencer Academy, a coed boarding school that caters to the teenage children of the very rich. You think you've been lucky to get in, but you have been selected by the Organization that controls t ...more
Eerie Cuties, Sisterly Love
The young vampire girl Nina uses a magic vase to switch bodies with her older popular sister.
Eight Crazy Nights
Right at the start just before the film it shows Edna (one of the characters) positioned like the woman of company logo then she changes into the real woman who is sposed to be there, i dunno if this counts but it's quite funny to see
Elder Scrolls Online
Female, Male, Were, Gender
In the MMO game, there are multiple instances in which the player character's form is transformed. At the begining of the game, the player chooses which race they will be. Aside from your typical human races you have multiple elf races, the Kahjiit (a feline race), Orcs and Argonians (a reptilian r ...more
Electrawoman and Dyna Girl episode The Spider Lady (2)
When live action Batman was popular this female version was put on. ALana's funny story with pictures on FM reminded of it I saw it as a kid. The evil Spider woman impersonates the beautiful super heroine with her duplicating machine while holding the real electrawoman captive. Good show and funny ...more
Elefanter p loftet
here's a movie description from IMDB. Unbelievably cheap, stupid farce about two aspiring actresses, who switch bodies thanks to a small jade elephant with magical powers. Chaos ensues. Filmed in Denmark, mostly on the same, barren set, with grating performances by its two female leads. Danish co ...more
Elizabeth Chater book Elsingham Portrait
Plain Librain Kathy swaps bodies with sexy, beautiful, wild Lady Elsingham.(we do not see Lady E story). Well written Romance Novel with a touch of Horror.
Ellen Jamison book Stone Dead
Eerie, well written complex story. Magical Dolls can be possessed by a human spirit and then do in enemies. A woman's spirit becomes trapped in a doll because of her brother. A beautiful young actress gets the doll and at the end the woman's spirit in the doll tricks the actress out of her body a ...more
Emilie Richards book Once More With Feeling
Middled aged woman envies beautiful, sexy Gypsy Dugan, TV star. After a car wreak she founds herself in Gypsy's body. Romance Novel.
Emmanuelle 2000
Gender, Female
It is the beginning of the various movies played by Holly sampson, the main topic of all the series is the transferring the mind of a person with a device (Headband), while the other one is in "stand by" in the body of the other one. In this series: Emmanuelle pie; emmanuelle is a corresponden ...more
Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters
aka Emmanuelle 2000 - Intimate Encounters Emmanuelle in Emanuelle 2000 is played by Holly Sampson. "Emmanuelle 2000" is a seven movie series that deals with mind control, body swapping, and manipulation. 'Intimate Encounters' is the first of these films available on video (VHS/DVD), but all se ...more
Empire Earth III Trailer
Female, Gender, Mechanical, Inanimate
The trailer on the website's main page shows a transformation from an armor-clad warrior to a woman running through a forest, who transforms into a futuristic female warrior, finally growing metallic armor and transforming into a giant robot.
Enter the Demon
Gender, Female
Paige (Rose McGowan) makes a major blunder when carelessly mixing potions for Piper (Holly Marie Combs) while secretly wishing she could be in Phoebe's (Alyssa Milano) shoes training for combat, and ends up actually switching bodies with Phoebe. While the two sisters try to reverse the spell and ...more
Eternal Darkness
Gender, Female
Eternal Darkness was an excellent psychological horror game for the NGC. The plot revolves around a women called Alex who (to simplify the plot) must learn defeat an evil god. First the player plays through 11 chapters as various characters who have been preparing for her fight (they were record ...more
Eureka episode Your Face or Mine
Deputy Lupo stands in as the Acting Sheriff, but she's not acting like herself. Someone is slowly stealing her identity Eureka-style.
Eureka, Episode "Omega Girls"
Beverly's dastardly plan springs into action when she fully takes over Allison's body. Wasting no time, she has Fargo transfer control of GD over to her so he can concentrate on training for Astraeus.
Eureka, Episode "Up In The Air"
Allison is losing periods of time, and finding herself in places she can't remember getting to, and hearing the tail ends of conversations she can't remember having. Attributing it to stress, she doesn't think much of it until she gives herself a brain scan. She discovers the neural implants in ...more
Everybody Hates Chris episode Everybody bates Keisha
The show follows Chris Rock as a 13 yr old in 1982. In the 2nd episode Chris is in love with a girl next door so much that the next day that every person he sees is her. One is really a man, an old woman, a mother, etc.
Morgan uses a spell to appear as Gwenyver and has sex with Arthur.
Excalibur #5
Female, Male, Gender
Arcade uses mind switching device to swap all of Excalibur with their villainous counterparts. Female Shapeshifter ends up in a man's body.
Excel Saga: Episode 26 Going Too Far
In this aptly-named epilogue, an aborted attempt at making a musical version of Excel Saga is replaced by an exercise in pushing the boundaries of good taste for even Japanese television. As a small sampling of the insanity, Excel and Hyatt (the former more deranged than usual, the latter more si ...more