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Category: 'Animal'
Packages from Planet X episode "Mind Licorice"
An alien licorice is intended to switch minds with a smart girl to pass a test, but accidentally swaps minds with a raccoon instead.
Paco Rabanne Ad: Woman transforms man into a dog
An ad for the "Lady Million" series of perfumes by Paco Rabanne. With a snap of her fingers, a woman magically transforms her arrogant boyfriend into a dog. Available on Paco Rabanne's website at
A flash series beginning at involving a guy getting turned into a cute little panda by an evil wizard. There are other, minor transformations, and maybe more on the way. That wizard's kind of crazy.
Pangeran Lutung
Indonesian mini series featuring a boy who can turn half-monkey and his half-goat friend protecting a teenage witch. In episode 1 another ugly teenage witch turns beautiful and loses her nice appearance again in episode 12.
Manga webcomic/graphic novel about four teens who can transform in four cats--a lion, a tiger, a leopard, and a jaguar--and use powerful elemental abilities.
Paper Mario
After the end of Chapter 6, Princess Peach uses the sneaky parasol to change into the one of the guards, a hammer brother, and a Tubba Blubba. She changes back at the end of this segment before being sent back to her room by Kammy Koopa.
Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door
This is a duplicate entry, it has been merged and is now marked for deletion - cj 2007aug04 The fourth chapter of the game revolves around a town where the inhabitants are being turned into pigs (interestingly said swines are 3D while every other character is flat). It turns out the boss of ...more
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Animal, Male, Female, Size
One of the bosses has a unique power Spoiler - (Spoiler Text) MAJOR SPOILER. DON'T READ ON UNLESS YOU'VE COMPLETED THE GAME. (Spoiler Text) The fourth chapter of the game revolves around a town where the inhabitants are being turned into pigs (interestingly said swines are 3D while e ...more
"Parental Bonding" episode of Danny Phantom
Danny meets the new hot girl at his school, Pauline. He wants to take her to the dance but is afraid to ask. Suddenly, when he least expects it, she turns into the Dragon he fought a minor time ago and now he has to fight her all over again. But this time it's personal when she reveals to Sam she o ...more
Patrice Kindl book Goose Chase
An orphan girl who lives with geese recieves a special enchantment from a begger woman with whom she shares some food. Through her adventures she learns that the geese she was living with are actually her older sisters. At the end of the book they are returned to human form.
Paul Gallico book Jennie
This is one of my all time favourite books when I was younger. A boy called Peter, who was denied a cat by his parents, wakes up one day as a cat. His first day finds him lost and alone, bewildered by the laws of the cat world. He meets another cat called Jennie who carefully guides him to the th ...more
Paul Jennings book Uncanny!
Animal, Animal
In the short story 'Mousechap,' a boy's uncle creates a new mousetrap which causes the uncle and a mouse to exchange minds. The boy switches them back, but not before permanently switching his mean aunt with a dung beetle. A collection of nine quirky, and frequently funny stories--all told by a yo ...more
Peggy Bacon book Magic Cookbook
There were 3 (?) children (I believe there were two boys, one very small, and a girl) who lived at a house on a beach for the summer. I think this was a European setting. Their parents may not have been there. They had a (new?) cook named Fanchon who delighted in cooking rich, fancy foods, which ...more
Penyihir Cantik
Indonesian mini series (18 episodes) about a teenage witch and some not so friendly other witches. In several episodes an older witch turns herself into a cat, but also a raven, and in episode 11 into a bat and a giant snake. In episode 13 and 17 the young witch also changes herself into a raven. E ...more
Pepeng Agimat (1973)
Size, Were, Animal
Old Philippine fantasy horror movie that contains werewolves and a witch owning a cage full of shrunken men.
"Perfect Day(40)" episode of Ben 10
Animal, Furry
While inside his mind, Ben turns Gwen into a superhero anthro rat in order to escape. Ben 10 is trapped school in a dream world where he, grandpa, and Gwen are left to fend off multiple villains led by Enon. (Spoiler Text)
Perkawinan Nyi Blorong (1983)
In one of longest TF scenes that has ever been shown in a movie (more than 4 minutes) a man turns slowly into a crocodile. Then he kills a woman and quickly turns back, while the dying woman changes into a crocodile herself.
Peter Beagle book The Innkeeper's Song
Animal, Gender
There is a character who changes back and forth between being a fox and a man. It seems he is primarily a fox who changes into a man rather than the other way arround. It also implied in one sentence he may be something else altogether primarily. When he is in human form, he acts kind of fox-like ...more
Peter Dickinson book Eva
A thirteen-year-old girl gets into a car wreck. Her scientist father saves her life, by transplanting her brain into that of a chimp.
Petite Princess Yucie episode The Evil World is Full of Cats
Yucie and most of the inhabitants of the demon world are transformed into cats by a fiendish cat bent on world domination. Sadly the transformations are the "poof" variety.
The Pig My Brother
Parents leave on a vacation leeving their son and daughter with a Mexican babysitter. The babysitter has her grandmother's voodoo kit with her as she's a practicing Voodoo Priestess. The boy, who is rather slovenly and likes to eat alot, accidentally turns himself into a pig while snooping through t ...more
On Pleasure Island, kids are given everything they want, then they pay the price when they make "Jackasses" out of themselves and turn into donkeys, including their brain, after which they are sold into beast-of-burden labor. The morality of the situation seems wrong on many levels, but the change ...more
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
Size, Animal, Mythical
Several transformations in this movie: (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Pirates of the Carribian: Dead Mans Chest
This film is stunning, for a Disney sequal is amazingly done! Even though it's never really shown there are half fish half men on Davy Jones crew so they've been tranformed at some point, they all look really nicely CG'd lol
Pirates of Dark Water episode The Dagron Master
Onda, the Dagron (Yes, Dagron) Master tricks Ren into wearing a Dagron skin armor than supposedly will protect him from them, but instead truns him into one. The rancher later sells him to Bloth.
Pixel Pinkie
Size, Animal
Austrailian animated series about a girl named Nina who has a phone with a genie liked Pixel named Pixel Pinkie. ===Animal=== "Trick or Treat" -- Nina turns into a cat and her friend Anni into a dog. ===Size=== "Tall Stories" -- Nina wishes to be taller but turns into a giant.
Plastic Man issue The Hamsters Of Doom
Dr. Forklift, the Cyborg Centaur, has been switching the minds of his trained hamsters with those of the city's prominent citizens, and making the hamster-humans do his bidding. (Definitely written for laughs.) Reprinted in the Plastic Man Lost Annual, 2003.
Playstation Ad for Ratchet and Clank Video Game commercial Unknown
In this "home movie" style live action ad for an upcoming Playstation 2 video game, a group of guys is demonstrating a makeshift morphing ray in their backyard. The narrator, presumably holding the camcorder, introduces Jerry, the test subject and mentions that the "morpha" ray "changes your enemies ...more
Pokemon Master Quest episode Hocus Pokemon
In the episode "Hocus Pokemon", Ash and the gang meet up with a Murkrow-toting witch who is making a potion to allow trainers to read their Pokemon's thoughts. The final ingredient she needs is the tear of a Aipom. Predictably, even though she's been searching months for one, now that Ash and the o ...more
Pokemon Movie 5: Heroes
During the movie we discover that the female legendary pokemon has the ability to transform into anything though she only changes into a human girl, good tranformation
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon episode Team Go Getters: Out of the Gate
Animal This was a Pokemon TV special based around the story of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The story is about a boy who's been turned into a Squirtle. It begins with a boy (whose name wasn't a ...more
Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
Animal, Gender
Team Rocket touched a heart swap where James, Jessie and Meowth swap bodies with each other where Jessie is in Meowth's body, James is in Jessie's body and Meowth is in James' body. *Body Swap 1
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Fire Red/Leaf Green
In this game, you meet a scientist named Bill. In his cottage, he was tinkering with an experiment, then accidentally transformed himself into a Pokemon. The character you're playing as has to change him back by activated the machine that morphed him in the first place. You don't see the tran ...more
Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon
I know what ya'll are thinking, but It's not completely like the other Pokemon games. This time you wake up in a strange place & find yourself as a Pokemon, Depends on something like a survey or something. Your in a world only inhabited by Pokemon as well you can understand them & they can under ...more
Polar Bear commercial Winner Taco
This was aired in the late 90's and was promoting a new ice cream shaped like a taco, hence the name Winner Taco. The clip features a young man eating said ice cream and slowly transforming into a polar bear. First he gets furry ears, then a big black nose, then his face gets furrier and furrier the ...more
Pound Puppies episode Kid in the Doghouse
This entry is marked for deletion - no TF content in episode - cj 2008 july 23. There was possible dog TF in the series, "kid wakes up as a dog". I found this reference in gorpus archive and not sure about this.
Pound Puppies episode Peter Pup
In a fantasy episode loosely based on Peter Pan, pound puppies Whopper and Bright Eyes and three kids looking to adopt pups are turned into pigs after eating enchanted candy. After admitting he lied, a lot, Whopper turns back into a puppy onscreen with the children shown as having been cured lat ...more
Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode The Makeover
Animal, Gender
A new Sporix beast Boneswitch has the ability to swap the people's bodies. He first uses this power to swap the bodies of Mucus (a female mushroom monster) with Slyther (a male monster), and after a few minutes at the insistence of Void Knight, swaps them back. While swapped, the new body retains ...more
Power Rangers Turbo episode "Cassie's Best Friend"
On this Episode of the Power Rangers Turbo, a monster named, "Mr. Goorific" has turned two of Divatox's Pirahnatrons into a mouse and a turtle with his tube of goo (which he uses it to aim at his enemies to put a mask on their faces and turn them into animals). Then when he used it on the Terror Zo ...more
Powerpuff Girls episode Doggie Do Monkey See
Mojo Jojo uses the Anubis jewel to turn the citizens of the world into dogs, including the Professor and the girls themselves. When they beat him, he turns into a dog.
Powerpuff Girls Z episode Girls,the Bond of Family
Mojo makes hat that when put on to a human, the human is turned into a monkey link to copyrighted material removed
Primal Rage
If you perform Vertigo's "La Vache Qui Rit" Fatality she turns her opponent into a cow.
Princess Knight episode Heckett to Cat
I found this on youtube. Some girl named catgirlriana posted a clip of a girl turning into a cat. It looks like it's from the 70's and is real good. So here is a link to the clip.
Princess Lucinda #0
Inanimate, Size, Animal
This comic has two stories revolving around a bratty princess named Lucinda with vast magical powers. I have to admit I brought it for the TF's but stayed for the great art and well written /dark/clever stories. Lucinda can best be described as the Anti-Sabrina in that she doesn't have any of th ...more
The Process
Animal, Gender, Size
Lorekeep's process webpage is back, and better than ever. The process has returned again. This time, it appears to be a collection of art by one artist, as apposed to an expansive collection of art from a multitude of sources. As it is now an independent site, the updates are somewhat slow as th ...more
Professor Creeps
A real rarity, this black-cast fantasy/comedy stars the great Mantan Moreland and deals with magic spells which turn various characters into animals. Watch for it.
PSP: Octopus
Animal, Female
Press ad, subtle photomanipulation suggesting a beautiful young girl is hiding an octopus alter-ego.
Psycho Fox
Sega Master System - 1989 Ah, another little known Master System classic. In this game, the main character "psycho" fox (who is a fox) can pick up wands during the game and at anytime transform into 3 other animals - a monkey, a hippo or a tiger. Each form has different skills, for example as the ...more
When her son is killed in an accident, a woman uses occult powers to bring him back from the grave. Unfortunately, he returns as a murderous and now invulnerable zombie and soon his entire motorcycle gang joins him. Repentant of her selfish actions and unable to bear the fact that her son is now k ...more
Punky Brewster episode Unknown
Punky dreams she exchanges minds with her dog, Brandon.
Purti Cantik
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Monster, Size, Age
Indonesian television series featuring an evil witch who can change her appearance, turn people into animals or shrink them. 20 episodes. episodes of interest: 01 - age: old woman becomes younger, animal: woman into turtle and back 02 - inanimate: woman into waggon and back 03 - animal: woman ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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