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Category: 'Animal'
K.A. Applegate book Animorphs Book Series
Teens are given the ability to morph into any animal by touching a blue cube given to them by a crash landed alien. The alien, an Andalite, tells them that evil alien parasites known as Yerkes are bent on controlling the Earth. An entertaining mixture of Invasion of the Body Snacthcers, V:The Mini- ...more
KAMILLIONS is a low-budget fantasy/sex romp flick featuring a creature from another dimension who sneaks into ours disguised as a normal-looking adult male. Actually, "he" is an undisciplined child from the other side who uses his advanced powers to punish people who displease him (just like in Gor ...more
Kanon (2006) episode Whole Series
Baby Fox is changed into a girl and tries to live as human. Because of that change she lost her memory and soon will lost her life.
Kassai and Leuk
26-part TV series about a boy and a hare who tried to rescue his country from the curse by assembling the magical artifact. Based on African folklore, so I suppose many TFs. Definitely, there is a girl (Princess Marana) who was cursed to change into a gazelle during the day.
Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Animal, Inanimate
Katy Perry plays an Egyptian Queen who is dealing with an endless line of suitors (Spoiler Text)
keroro episode 99 (3/3)
Main heroine of the show changes into dog by cursed dog collar. This episode wlii come out on March 3, so pls catch it, who can. (japanese, but could be tF into English by babelfish)
Kevin Andrew Murphy
Gender, Animal, Gender
Newest Wild Cards book. In the last short story Jerry Strauss makes an appearence in female form. Not totally sure if I got the title right. Only seen it in the bookstores. A lot of transformations in this one. Beads which are supposed to protect people from sorcery have been cursed so they c ...more
Keystone Beer commercial Rachel Hunter Potion
Animal, Female, Gender
Ralf invents a spray that turns ordinary beer into keystone and anyone into Rachel Hunter. He uses it on his dog, his nagging boss, and his neighbor Burt.
Kim Harrison book Dead Witch Walking
Rachel Morgon, a young witch, turns herself into a mink to sneak into her old office and the estate of a drug-runner. In the second case, she gets caught and put in a cage in the guy's office for a few days.
Kimagure Orange Road episode I'm a Fish I'm a Cat
Animal, Gender
Kyosuke, his sister Kurumi, and his grandfather switch bodies between the three of them. Brief. As you might have guessed by the title he also body swap with a fish and later a cat.
Kimono's Townhouse
Furry, Inanimate, Animal
A photographic comic about two quirky roommates. One is a neat-freak who enjoys art and classic literature. The other is a hyperactive geek who loves comics, action figures and sugar. They happen to be My Little Ponies.
King Kong roaring kong. commercial Hasbro
It's an advert for one of the toys available in the king kong range- a king kong figure that stands up and roars like a real gorilla- at the end- the kid who is playing with it's hands become gorilla hands and he beats his chest and roars like King Kong.
Kingdom Hearts II
Animal, Mythical
===Animal=== In Kingdom Hearts II the main character Sora and friends Donald Duck and Goofy travel to Disney's "Pride Rock" (based on The Lion King movies). When Sora and company enter some of the Disney Worlds, they transform into characters from that world. In the Pride Rock level, Sora become ...more
Kiss That Frog
Gender, Animal
A frog wants to get kissed by a girl to turn into a prince. She doesn't want to kiss him. When he tells her he will turn into a princess instead she agrees to kiss him.
I can't believe that this isn't in here yet. A common creature in Japanese mythology is Kitsunes. Kitsune means fox. Most of the Kitsunes in the myths have mystical powers and the most common is the ability to transform into anything. A Kitsune's number of tails is a reflection of how powerful ...more
Kokak is a Philipino fantasy show about a girl who is cursed to turn in to a frog. Also at the end (Spoiler Text)
Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode Bad Medicine
An evil Shaman (Richard Kiel) is able to transform himself into both a Coyote and a raven in order to steal from and murder people.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode The Devil's Platform
Tom Skerrit guest stars as a slimy politician who begins winning elections when his opponents all wind up dead. In reality, he's made a deal with the devil and is able to change into a "devil dog/hellhound" (sort of a pit bull on steroids) whenever he needs to in order to kill off whomever he wishe ...more
Korean Folklore
At this time, there lived in a cave a bear and a tiger who wished to become human. They prayed to Hwanung to grant their wish. Upon hearing their fervent prayers, Hwanung called them to him and gave them 20 cloves of garlic and a bunch of mugwort, and told them that if they could remain out of th ...more
Age, Gender, Animal
Kronk's New Groove
After being stuck as a cat in the first movie, Yzma returns with a mostly human body, but cat ears and tail. She even turns herself into a rabbit by accident after drinking a potion.
Krypto: The SuperDog episode Dog-gone Kevin
In this episode, Kevin is going to his nieghbor B-day party. (Girl who owns Streaky) He & Krypto would love to trade places & such. When Kevin looks in to see what girt his mom picked out for her, finds a necklace, which happens to be Red Kryptonite, which ends up Swapping Kevin & Kryto. Funny ...more
Ashokan, Kottara Gopalakrishnan Children of a small village in Southern India are changed into dogs by a mysterious holy man in this fetching children's fantasy. One boy is taken in by a young girl from a wealthy family and is ostracized by the other dogs for being a mongrel. The dog-boy makes ...more
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode Shifu's Ex
Gender, Animal
Master Shifu and Mei Ling swap bodies by the Zhou Deng Soul Gem.
Inanimate, Age, Animal
Also goes by the name of Mahou Tsukai Kurohime. The story revolves around Zero, a young boy who is saved from death by Kurohime who is well renowned for being the most powerful witch in the world wielding a magic gun. His admiration and love for Kurohime leads him on the path of a gunslinger an ...more
Explanation of the category 'Animal'

A person changes completely into a different species of natural animal.

So, a change into a catgirl (furry) or a Pegasus (mythical) is not an animal transformation.

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